Every dream wedding needs a comprehensive wedding planning checklist. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming with so many tasks to take care of and details to arrange. Once you get hitched, your clock starts ticking. But if you give yourself enough time to plan and distribute tasks month by month, with a carefully thought out and detailed wedding planning checklist, planning a wedding becomes less stressful and more of an experience of a lifetime.

By breaking down the wedding planning process in smaller tasks bite-size pieces, you can actually enjoy the wedding planning process.

We bring to you the ultimate wedding checklist.

The Most Comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist:

Wedding Checklist 12 Months Prior to the Wedding

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Set your budget

Time to bring out the age old calculator and start punching in the not-so-fun numbers. Before deciding on anything, setting a budget for your wedding is essential. Figure out who is paying for what, and make a detailed spreadsheet. This will help you keep track of your spending and make it easy to adjust the figures along the way, even when your budget changes as the planning goes ahead. Check out some easy Tricks to Stick To Your Wedding Budget.

Finalize Number of Wedding Functions

Now with the budget figure in mind, sit down with your partner and decide what functions will be there and if there is going to be a theme? All this has to be mutually decided between you and your partner. While deciding keep in mind what’s important to you and why?

Start preparing the guest list

wedding guests

Image Courtesy:  Once Upon A Time – Wedding Tales

This is one part of the wedding planning where everyone has a say. If you could you would invite everyone, right? But you know, in reality, the chances are less. So deciding on the number of guests is as important as deciding on who to invite. Be prepared to simplify your guest’s list, your guest list will undergo rounds of cutting, negotiating and some more cutting before you reach a final number.

Hire a wedding planner (optional)

The question of whether or not to hire a wedding planner depends on your budget. Most brides-to-be prefer to plan their wedding themselves, as they don’t want to miss out on the once in a lifetime experience. If you are a bride-to-be, who would want to plan your wedding yourself, click here.  

Some brides prefer hiring a wedding planner who can help them make the big decisions. If you want to hire a wedding planner, do not Forget to Ask Them These Important Questions Before Hiring One.  

Start Researching On Wedding Venues

One of the most important questions in wedding planning is where to get married? Choosing locations for each ceremony is one of the most important decisions at this stage. Your venue decision would affect other things in planning, like the number of people invited, decor, seating arrangement. Explore all your options, visit as many locations as possible, ultimately select a place that fits your budget, guest count and the theme.

Find the Best Wedding Venues, here.

Start Researching on Wedding Photographers

A photographer is one of the important people in your wedding party? He is the one who will capture all the candid love-filled moments for you to treasure all your life. Start researching on photographers, go through their portfolio and decide whose style of photography best suits you and your partner along keeping in mind the budget you have kept aside for photography.

Find the best Wedding Photographers, here.

Start researching on Bridal Makeup Artist

Research on how you want to look at your wedding and start saving make-up looks of other brides. Explore thousands of bridal portraits here.

bride getting ready


Image Courtesy: Mausam Pictures

Also, start researching on make-up artists here and go through their portfolio. Check on their budget, their availability, whether they are open for make-up trials or not, whether or not you have a comfort zone with her. This will put you at ease while locking down your look for all the functions.

Start researching on the decorators

Based on the functions and theme decided by you and your partner, browse through images online as to what decor best suits you. There are so many details that go into the decor, flowers, lights, tables chairs, etc. See which decorator will be able to provide what you want within the budget, also see which decorator has the best ideas and ability to execute those ideas, look through their previous works and start meeting them.

wedding decor

Image Courtesy: Rani Pink

Find the best Wedding Decorators at the best deal, here.

Start scheduling tasting sessions with the caterers

Some will say that your wedding will be the largest dinner party you ever throw. Then why not make it also the one people will remember? Food is the most essential part of any wedding function, so start scheduling a meeting with potential caterers, go over the menu with them, what are they offering, will it be within your budget. Start scheduling tasting sessions with them one at a time, in order to see how are they presenting the food, the quality of the food and how creative can they go with the menu.

wedding caterers

Image Courtesy: The Indian Catering Co.

Check out the Expert Guide Finding The Perfect Wedding Caterer.

Wedding Planning Checklist 9 months before the big day

Finalise dates for all the functions

At this stage of wedding planning, you should be able to finalise the dates for all the wedding functions. This will give you a deadline to work on. This will help you in deciding on the wedding invites and also sending a save the date to everyone. Find the Ultimate List of Wedding Dates for 2019.

Make a spreadsheet with the names of guests for all the functions

The best way to keep track of who is invited to which function is making that spreadsheet. It will help you sort out the invitations easily and keep the headcount in check, which will make your life easy as you go ahead with the planning.

Start researching on honeymoon packages

You and your partner should start looking at honeymoon packages. Decide where you want to go post-wedding, look for packages, create a travel itinerary, from how many days to where all you want to go and what you want to do there.

Check out These Unique International Honeymoon Destinations for 2019 Couples.

Start saving pictures of trending bridal outfits for reference

It’s time to start browsing through bridal outfit pictures to decide what kind of an outfit are you looking for. Browse through all the designer’s bridal collection and see which kind of outfit you envision yourself as a bride.

Bridal wear

Image Courtesy: Vipul Sharma Photography

Get your very own Shopping Card for Best Discounts and Deals on Bridal Wear and Jewellery Brands, here.

Start saving pictures of trending groom outfits for reference

Along with your outfit, start browsing through trending groom outfits for your partner. Also, decide whether you would want to have the same color palette for your outfits or contrasting or the two of you would want to twin.

groom wear


Image Courtesy: Studio A By Amar Ramesh

Start saving pictures of trending wedding jewellery for reference

Along with the outfits, also start browsing through the wedding jewellery trends, that will go with your outfit. It can be anything from traditional heirloom to something new and minimalistic.

bridal jewellery, wedding checklist

Image Courtesy: Camera Waale Baraati

Start saving pictures of trending wedding invites for reference

Remember, the wedding invitation is a guest first impression of your wedding. So put your best foot forward. Decide how you want to invite your guests to the wedding. Start browsing through invitation samples, there are so many types of invitation to choose from the card, box, scroll. What you want in the invitation to go, the kind of paper, colors you want to use, to calligraphy.

wedding cards

Image Courtesy: Srishti Khurana Invitations

Avoid these Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes Couples Make.

Start looking for pre-wedding photography ideas through other couple’s shoot pictures

Pre-Wedding Shoots can be exciting and give you memories to last a lifetime. Find inspiration for your own pre-wedding shoot, look through other couple’s pre-wedding shoot for ideas. Should there be a theme, location, outfits, poses, etc., take these decisions together.

pre-wedding shoot

Image Courtesy: Ministry Of Memories

Also, find out How Much Does A Pre Wedding Shoot Really Cost.

Book the Wedding Venue

It’s time to lock down and book the main venue for the wedding and for other functions. Before booking, confirm the dates, arrangement, backup and what other services you are getting on location once again.

Wedding planning checklist 6 months before the big day

Send ‘save the date’ invites to your guests

Let everyone know when and where you and your partner are making it official. Send those ‘save the date’ invites to your guests. Also remember: whoever gets save the date invite gets the wedding invitation. So before sending those ‘save the date’ make a final run through your wedding list.

The best way to create Save The Date invitations is to create your own wedding website. Through your own wedding website, you can share your love story, your wedding itinerary with your wedding guests.Wedding Website

Schedule and start taking makeup trial sessions

After shortlisting on your makeup artist, schedule makeup trials with your artist to lock down on a look for each of the wedding functions.

Start saving latest bridal mehendi designs for reference

Also, start thinking about bridal mehendi designs, browse through designs to finalise yours. Decide whether you want on your full arm, half or just minimalistic.

mehendi design ideas

Image Courtesy: Henna by IMA

If you are bride-to-be, you Must Follow These Mehendi Artists On Instagram.

Start saving unique pictures clicked by wedding photographers to finalise some of the mandatory poses for your wedding album

Besides the candid pictures of your wedding, there are some pictures you need to plan for. Start browsing pictures and look for ideas on how you and your partner want to be clicked together for your wedding. Finalise those poses to share with your wedding photographer.

wedding planning checklist

Image Courtesy: White Frog Productions

Make necessary bookings for your outstation guests and also make the arrangements for the transportation

Bring out the spreadsheet again, see how many of your guests are from outstation and when are they arriving, as they would be requiring hotel accommodation and transportation. Start looking for accommodations and talk to car services for taxis, shuttle.

Start researching on wedding choreographer

Start searching for a reputable choreographer in your city, who is available on your dates and in budget. Start meeting with different choreographers and see with whom you and your partner are comfortable preparing for the dance.

wedding choreographers

Image Courtesy: Anoop Photography

Start researching on unique wedding favours

Wondering what to give as wedding favours to the wedding party. Start looking for inspiration and ideas. Whether you want to go for personalised, DIY, it should fit your budget.

wedding favours

Image Courtesy: Le -15 Patisseries

Six months before the wedding, set up a Honeyfund registry account.

Wedding planning checklist 3 months before the big day

Start attending pre-wedding grooming sessions

With just almost three months to go, start with your pre-wedding grooming sessions at the salon. Talk to your beautician and list down the grooming rituals and the number of sessions you would want to cover. Also, check with your salon on pre-wedding grooming packages that they have. Read these Bridal Makeup Tips, No One Tells You About.

Getting your wedding invites printed

With three months to go, it’s time to get your wedding invitations printed. Ask the printer for samples first, so you know how your invite will look once it is printed.

Purchase wedding favours and starts distributing invites to your guests

Also, start purchasing the wedding favours that you have decided upon. Wrap them neatly with different name tags. You can also add a sweet customised message for your guests. Also start with the distribution of the wedding cards, as getting the whole lot out will require time.

Start researching on wedding cake designs

Browse through different cake-inspirations and settle on a look and a flavour that both you and your partner love. Remember, this is your wedding cake as a couple, it should express your story. Once you know the look and the flavour, you need a bakery or a baker of repute in your city. Find a good one who is available on your date, here and is ready to make that dream design into reality at your budget.

wedding cake ideas

Image Courtesy: Cake Design Company

Check out these Extravagant Wedding Cake Designs.

Purchase your outfits

It is time to purchase your wedding outfits, before final purchase, do a trial and get your measurements on point with the designer. If any alteration needed it can be done, before the final purchase.

bridal wear

Image Courtesy: Weddings by Knotty Days

Start trousseau shopping

With less than three months to go, start with your trousseau shopping. Make a list of all that you need to shop for, it will take time and will require several visits to the market. So get on with it so that you are done soon enough.

Reserve flights and hotel for honeymoon

After shortlisting the destination for your honeymoon. Get on to booking your flights and hotel. Check with the travel agent or hotel directly for special honeymoon packages if any.

Start making visa arrangements

Once decided on your honeymoon destination, the best thing to do is sort out your visa and other documentation for travelling. Go through the list of do’s and don’t upon arrival, so that you are well prepared in advance. For some countries you might have to get preventative vaccinations in advance, so get that also sorted.

Get your pre-wedding shoot done

It’s time to get your pre-wedding shoot. Before getting to it, discuss with your photographer the poses you want, finalise the location, outfits and get on with some pre-wedding fun that best captures your love story.

Follow up with vendors to confirm everything going as per the plan

It’s time to follow up with all the vendors to confirm that all the planning and preparations are going as per plan. This is necessary so that you don’t get last minute stress. Reconfirm with each vendor the designs, plan that you have locked with them, so there is no shocker on the big day.

Wedding planning checklist 1 month before the big day

Start the dance rehearsals

After taking trials with the choreographer. It’s time to book one and start with the rehearsals. Plan the function in advance, who all will be performing, on what songs, what will be the sequence for dance performances. Plan your dance with your friends and family and the grooms. Also, plan your couple dance with the choreographer.

Send out wedding invites

Make sure all your wedding invites are sent by now so that the guests have enough time to make arrangements to travel.

Start looking for bridal entry songs and finalise yours

You would want to make a grand entrance for your wedding, start finalising the song you would want to enter on. There are so many great songs available, seek suggestions from friends and family, make a list, listen to the songs. The song on which you can envision yourself making an entry is your song.

bridal entry ideas

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography

Start looking for groom entry songs and finalise yours

Everyone looks forward to the entry of the groom to the wedding. Make sure it’s grand and fun. Pick a song that suits your groom’s personality and will make his entry as grand and memorable as yours. We have a special list of the best groom entry songs for 2019 grooms.

Start looking for bridal entry ideas and finalise yours

Look for bridal entry ideas, it can be as traditional as walking under a chadar accompanied by your brothers to as wacky as entering on a Royal Enfield with your girl gang. What kind of entry you would want, look for ideas, talk to your friends and partner and choose what suits you best.

Check out these Amazing Bridal Entry Ideas, here.

Start looking for groom entry ideas and finalise yours

Want him to enter on a ghodi? Or in a vintage car? Or something out of a Bollywood film. Talk to your partner and look for ideas for his entry to the wedding and choose how he wants to enter to pick his bride up.

groom entry ideas

Image Courtesy: Naman verma

Check out These Unique Groom Entry Ideas.

Assign the duties to your bridesmaids/groomsmen

It’s time to assign bridesmaids and groomsmen duty so that there is no confusion once the festivities begin. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen should know beforehand who is on what duty. Make a list of the things you would want them to pay attention to during the wedding and assign it to them.


Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

Check out the classic job description of Indian bridesmaids, at a wedding.

Wedding Planning Checklist 1 week before the big day

Visit a spa to keep yourself relieved from the stress

All the planning must have taken a toll on you, which could show on your skin and hair. Book yourself a relaxing spa session to relieve all the stress before the functions begin. Enjoy a nice message, so you look radiant and fresh for the festivities

Get dressed and start celebrating with your guests

Start the party early. Get on with your pre-wedding functions and set the stage for the big day. So get dressed and just let your hair down and enjoy these moments.

Wedding Planning Checklist On the Day of the Wedding

Drink a lot of water

Stay hydrated. No one would want the bride to be dehydrated, because there will be lots to do that day, from getting ready to get pictures taken to taking part in all the rituals and festivities. Have a bridesmaid make you sip water every now and then.

Eat light preferably salads and fresh fruits

Eat as light as possible, especially fresh salads and fruits. This will keep you full without risking last minute tummy issues with heavy oily food.

Take proper rest

Stay off your feet as much as possible. The night before the big day try and get a good night’s sleep, so you wake up refreshed and charged for the day ahead.

bridal portrait

Image Courtesy: Weddings by Knotty Days

Get dressed & get set to rock your wedding day

You are here. You did it. Now all you have to do is get dressed, wearing the perfect smile and rock your wedding day like a diva, but don’t forget to thank those who stood by you during the crazy planning time.

couple portrait

Image Courtesy: Weddings by Knotty Days

If you are the groom- to -be, Check Out The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist for Grooms.

Planning a wedding should be fun, less stressful and most importantly it should be an experience for you and your partner to cherish for life. This ultimate wedding checklist will ensure that for you. It will guide you to a less stressful year of planning, negotiating and creating your dream wedding step by step. So, start ticking off tasks in that wedding checklist.

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