One fine day the ShaadiWish fairies decided to visit the One Fine Meal customer Experience Centre and we surely were in for a treat. From beautifully presented appetizers to the delightful range of homemade ice creams, it was an afternoon full of fruitful conversations and important insights. In this session, we discussed the significance of the food that is presented at weddings. We’re all very concerned about the quality, taste and spread around the food and of course, we’ve also had a lot of questions around how to find the perfect caterer. These simple solutions will help you find the perfect one while making sure that the wedding catering actually becomes the mainstay of your big day after the wedding is long over.
“Afterall, the next conversation you have with anyone is about your last meal.” – Ankur Chawla, Co-Founder, One Fine Meal.

1. Customization is key.

Having the option of being able to create your own menu for the wedding is crucial. Opting from the set menus can come with limitations. Being able to curate a menu that offers a wide variety of your loved dishes will surely be worthwhile. Gone are the days when you needed to offer set types of cuisines. From flying buffets to having just fusion food to only creative mocktails and detox bars, there is a lot that can replace your traditional counters.

2. Adding A Personal Touch.

Your wedding should be all about you. Having your mom ke haath ka Baingan Bharta being served during your Mehendi or just a candy bar that boasts of your childhood favorites at the pre-wedding carnival is a significant way of personalising your wedding and if you are able to find a caterer who takes that into consideration, that’s a bonus.
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3. Food Styling Is Recommended If You Want To Give Your Guests Something Unforgettable!

Serving food in an interesting manner can add a lot of value to your wedding catering. Kebabs being served in tiny pressure cookers or getting rustic jars to pour that mojito at the sundowner will let your guests experience something they won’t easily forget in days to come. You might be serving the best Dal Makhani in town but until you present it a particular way, the thought behind will not be seen.

4. Choosing An Exclusive Caterer For Your Event Is A Must!

Your wedding caterer becomes a core part of your wedding. The importance of having someone there throughout the wedding functions is underestimated. It cannot be time-bound. What if you wish to have scrambled eggs at dawn after the cocktail is over. Your food organizer or the caterer should be able to give you that. This means you need to make sure to select a caterer who is entirely present and isn’t part of any other weddings at that time.
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5. The Decor Needs To Be In Sync With The Food Too.

If you are going by a theme for the wedding and the decor is kept in accordance, it’s imperative that the food stalls also imbibe this philosophy. For a Junkyard them or a travel-based theme, you can add certain elements in your food that has this feature too. Indulge your caterer in making him understand the theme of the wedding to get the most out of it.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment.

You may have a set vision of how you want the catering at your wedding to appear. But take a chance to offer something entirely different and never-seen-before concepts. Discuss the different concepts with your caterer and don’t hold back from trying a new way of serving the same old food or giving teasers of concept foods like a red velvet jalebi or a bhel made nicely in bar shakers at the Bhelpuri bar. 
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7. Find A Caterer Who Understands Your Taste And Preferences.

Matching wavelengths, interesting conversations, and sharing of thoughts is the most effective way of finding your dream caterer. Many times a lack of communication can result in spoiling the most crucial part of the wedding, so indulge in prior conversations and go with the caterer who understands you well and shares the same passion.

8. Don’t Go By The Book!  

As cliched as this may sound, there is no rule when it comes to your wedding catering. You can plan it the way you want. During the initial trial sessions of food when you are still figuring out which caterer to assign the wedding to, make sure to get a taste of the kind of holistic experience you’d like your guests to have. From the taste, servings, outfits of the waiters, cutlery being used, it’s important to get a feel of everything before you decide to go with a fixed menu or plan. So, forget what has been told to you, just ask your questions away! 
Wedding CateringAnkur Chawla is the co-founder of One Fine Meal and has dedicated a generous number of years in delighting the customers in the Food and Beverage industry.  He believes that every couple and family is different and deserves to share this once in a lifetime event in the fashion that is truly close to their heart and thus he ensures that every client is given undivided attention and focus while they are envisioning their special event along with One Fine Meal. To know more about One Fine Meal, click here.

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