A verbal announcement of your wedding to your friends and family is not enough without a formal wedding invitation. And, creating one for the first time and without any mistake is actually an uphill task. You and your partner could be confused about what all details a wedding invitation must have. Then you could be confused about the color, copies, fonts and whatnot. The list is endless. But, let us make a few things very clear about a wedding invitation. Firstly, it is “The Wedding Invitation” it needs to have every useful detail about your wedding, the theme, ceremonies, venue and contact details. So, make sure you don’t go wrong with it. Go through this list before you start distributing or even before you start planning your wedding invitation.

We have listed out some common wedding invitation mistakes that couples make while designing and getting their wedding invitations:

1. Starting The Process Close To The Wedding

If you are planning to visit your wedding invite designer 15 days before your wedding day, then you are certainly making a blunder. You cannot begin to imagine the disastrous repercussions that will follow after this decision of yours. Wedding invitation process needs to start at least 6-8 months in advance, by first preparing and finalizing the guest list. In this time period, you can send an informal communication like save the date to your wedding guests. Ideally, wedding invitations should be finalized and ordered 4 months prior to the wedding date. Then, you will be able to think about the design, paper quality of your choice, what kind of font you want colors and everything else. This process is important for you to know as the invitation designers take around 4 to 5 weeks to finalize designs and print invitations. You will need at least 4 to 5 weeks to distribute the invitations. Wedding cards should be sent at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance. So, when 2 months are left for the wedding date you can start sending out the wedding invites.

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2. Not Ordering A Sample:

Not only you, but even your family is excited to see the final outcome of the wedding invites. But, before you order the entire stack of wedding invitations, make sure you ask the designer to send you a sample before moving forward with others. A sample becomes very important as it helps you check the paper quality you asked for, the colors, and fonts. There can be a high probability of getting a different design compared to the one you opted for. And, especially in case of a theme wedding, you must order some free samples.

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Image Source: Ravish Kapoor Invitations

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3. Not Printing Extra Copies

Another common mistake that couples do with wedding invitations, is not printing extras. Make your wedding guest list wisely before starting with the process of wedding invites. Keep a checklist and then go forward with ordering. We would recommend you to keep some extra wedding invites, but don’t over order. You can order at least 25% extra invites so as to make up for last minute additions, lost invites and keepsakes.

4.Not Including The Exact Time:

There are many people who just insert an approximate time in the wedding card. But, let us tell you that exact timings are important. So, people can estimate the time of reaching the venue. Especially in case of Indian weddings, where they have long-lasting wedding ceremonies and functions, the approximate timings tend to go wrong. Giving the exact timings will help your guest plan their arrival at the venue accordingly. Sometimes, a venue can also have two different family ceremonies going around. So, to keep your wedding guests out from any sort of confusion, provide them with the exact timings.

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5. Not Proofreading:

This is another common mistake that every couple ends up doing and repenting later. Sometimes they even have to face embarrassment when their friends or relatives point out silly typos. Tell your grammar nazi friends and close family members to go through each and every word of your wedding invitation numerous times before finalizing it for the final prints.

6. Not Printing Name And Address Labels

One thing we would strongly recommend is, to get all the names and address labels printed beforehand. This will consume less of your time, at the time of distributing invites. Writing each name on your own can not only be a monotonous task, but you might end up missing some important names. The best thing to do in this case is, you can get the address labels designed as per the theme of your wedding and give it a personalized touch.

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Image Source: Sketch A Tale

7. Avoid multi-colored Wedding Invites

You must avoid going multicolored with your wedding invite. Too many colors can spoil the theme of your wedding and make it confusing for your wedding guests. We would recommend you to stick to just one aspect and keep it minimal. Also, make sure you don’t go for a bulky design, as the posting costs for outstation guests add up.

wedding invitation, wedding card

Image Source: The Wedding Minions

8. Not Making A Digital Invite:

After Sonam Kapoor’s digital wedding invitation, many couples are opting for digital wedding invites. So, why not take it forward by ditching the regular paper invites, this wedding season. A digital wedding invite could be an eco-friendly plus cost-effective option especially for outstation friends and relatives.


These mistakes might seem small, but we don’t want you to ignore them. Keep this small checklist before you plan the process of wedding invitations

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