Are you getting married soon? Then ditch the usual wedding invitation designs and switch to something that resonates with your and your partner’s personalities. Mubaarak is a luxury invitation brand that curates personalized invitations that are simply amazing. Be it chic, luxurious or quirky, Mubaarak’s collection of invitations will leave you impressed. From weddings to baby showers and birthday parties, Mubaarak ensures that they give you luxury invitations that your guests speak about for years to come!

Check Out Luxury Invitations From Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Collection:

About Mubaarak And Their Luxury Invitation Categories

The word ‘Mubaarak’ itself means ‘Auspicious’ and is deeply rooted in Indian traditions when it comes to wishing auspicious beginnings. Based in Mumbai, the co-founders Sagar & Dhwani Vipani started Mubaarak in 2021 after being inspired by their trip to heritage-rich city of Jaipur.  The beautiful reception hall – ‘Mubaarak Mahal’ in the City Palace of Jaipur built in the late 19th Century left them inspired. This is how Sagar & Dhwani Vipani decided to venture on a project that crafts tales of togetherness with a palette of hues to celebrate moments and cherish memories.

Mubaarak has four categories of luxury invitations that are best suited for various occasions.

1. Nyota

Nyota is a portrayal of the intricacy of hearty invitations. Filled with happiness, Mubaarak introduces ‘Nyota’ as an expression of how beloved bonds are and the intricacy of being present to shower the blessings of love & laughter.

2. Khatirdaari

Khatirdaari is all about how the guests matter. This category portrays how Indian culture is entrenched with the beauty of warm- heartedly welcoming guests and making them feel dearest to our lives. Be it a baby shower, bridal shower, or a birthday party, ‘Khatirdaari’ is sure to impress your guests!

3. Bhent

Bhent is a about a bespoke souvenir that is packed with blessings for a fresh beginning. This category is all about thoughtful gifting, customised to create stories of gleaming eyes unwrapping, moments to keepsake for life!

4. Laad

Laad is a treasure trove of tiny yawns and sleepy sighs. It is a celebration of an infectious smile that brings joy of birth from announcing the platter of tiny feet to the cake smashing and beyond! This category is about celebrating a tiny human for bringing so much of indescribable happiness.

Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection

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Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Collection Is A Navratri Special

This Navratri 2022, Mubaarak launched their latest collection – Celebrating Colours of Strength. Representing every Navratri color, this range of wedding invitations consist of chic and unique designs. So, let’s dive in and check out this amazing invitation collection:

1. Banjara Lok

Banjara Lok is inspired by the spirit of gypsies to celebrate the tribal craft. This design represents the most ancient and colorful tribe of India – Banjara Lok. It is Mubaarak’s effort to preserve an intricate craft by embracing its roots and refreshing its distinctness through their design. The invitation is a meticulously embossed stationary that is categorized in Laad & Shagun ki Bhent which is meant to celebrate bonds and cherish memories.

Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection

2. Anar Bagh

Anar Bagh is inspired by the Royal Paradise Gardens where luxury meets aesthetics. It is a celebration of treasured and cherished conversations in veranda Anar Bagh celebrates the medley of playful Anar arils & flower festooned Chintz, transmuting get-togethers into memorable Khatirdaaris. The delightfully designed ‘Anar Bagh’ gift wrapping paper will bring all the playfulness and some added warmth of belongingness and love! This design is all about sending a ‘Thank You’ note that will warm the hearts and express gratitude personally to each one of the guests who made it to the celebration.

Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection

3. Pichwai Rasaa

Pichwai Rasaa is inspired by the narrow lanes of Nathdrawa and is a celebration of Krishna’s raasa leelas. It portrays the creator of many mirage-like beliefs from a secret forest of bliss. The design captures the attention of the guests with its beautiful gold embellished Jharokha that has intricate motifs of Kamdhenu, Lotus and trees. This nyota is filled with intricate detailing and emotions for your guests to enjoy.

Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection

4. Kalighat Aakar

Kalighat Aakar is inspired by the significant modernist Jamini Roy and is a celebration of developing your voice in a persuaded world. The nyota reflects the indigenous art of Kalighat painting by Kalighat Aakar. This design is an aesthetic fusion of minimal brush strokes with elements of tribal art from Bengal. It is crafted to depict your dreamy story in the realm of artistic beauty. Kalighat Aakar designs is an ode to the intricacy of folk art that is both timeless and alluring.

Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection

5. Vaazhai Pattu

Vaazhai Pattu is inspired by banana pith sarees and is a celebration of artisanship of the weavers in India. The design is a celebration of religious offerings that bring auspiciousness and prosperity to every wedding. Vaazhai Pattu ties a beautiful knot of togetherness on every Nyota wrapped in an evergreen leaf of banana which is considered sacred. The design is sure to leave your guests impressed!

Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection

6. Mithila Varyatra

Mithila Varyatra is inspired by the Madhubani motifs originated from Mithila, Bihar and is a celebration of prosperity in patterns. This design tells a tale of traditional Baraat procession with its intricate patterns and vibrant colors. It perfectly strikes a chord with contemporary Indian art to bring a vibe of celebration to the wedding tradition. This Nyota brings lavishness to the vintage royal affair and revives the majestic culture of inviting guests with every scroll!

Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection

7. Van Mela

Van Mela is inspired by the backbone of our environment and is a celebration of co-existence between all life forms. It depicts how nature has an infinite exploration of lives beyond humans. This Laad invite rejoices in the mesmerizing language of how love is delivered in the form of a tiny human and a new life. Laad Van Mela takes your guests on an adventure trip to cherish the arrival of a little bundle of joy.

Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection

8. Sair Gulabi

Sair Gulabi is an intersection of travel and design – an escapade that finds you. It is a celebration of eyes travelling as much as the soul wants to travel. Sair Gulabi evokes escape in the world of pink hues to depict traveling, exploring the world and finding yourself in the journey. This nyota is a creative and innovative passport-like invite. This tiny booklet that takes your guest through every detail of the D-day. Perfect for a destination wedding, this invitation will leave the guests awestruck!

Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection

9. Haar Jeet

Haar Jeet is inspired by the game of life (here Poker game) and celebrates the winning at life with one roll of dice at a time. The poker game inspired invitation is all about a night of blackjack, roulette, cocktails and games! A night of luck, good or bad doesn’t matter, but it depicts that it is about the togetherness on the table. With detailing of cards and elements of coins, this thoughtful Khatirdaari is sure to leave your guests mesmerized. Haar Jeet nyota is to invite your friends & family over for a poker night and celebrate the most auspicious night of the year with some luck on your side!

Mubaarak’s ‘Celebrating Colours of Strength’ Is A Luxury Invitation Collection

Check out more about Mubaarak’s latest collection on their website and social media handle.

You can also visit their store to check these luxurious invites personally.

Address: 07, Skyline Wealth Space, Premier Road, Vidyavihar, Chatkopar West, Mumbai-86.

Contact: +91 9920974589.

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