A whiff of a certain fragrance triggers your sensory memory and takes you down a nostalgic path, isn’t it? 3003BC is an online brand that steps in stimulating your sensory memory in a way that your life’s most wonderful milestone memory is associated with a signature fragrance. For all those special moments and occasions, this brand lets you have an explicit perfume. Every time you have a whiff of the perfume, you can take a walk down the memory lane and cherish the most beautiful moments. Based in Gurgaon, 3003BC is a luxury fragrance brand that specializes in creating wedding perfumes at affordable prices. This homegrown brand bottles up your signature handcrafted perfume in luxe handcrafted bottles.

Get Your Hands On Signature Wedding Fragrance Range From 3003BC:

All About 3003BC

With 5-years of experience in the business, founders Sushant Panda and Anil Kumar Panda are here to rule the fragrance world. 3003BC comes with a unique approach of giving you a signature perfume that can amplify your wedding day. 3003BC also gives people a chance to not only convert emotions and memories into a unique scent, but also to create new emotions and memories to be associated with the fragrance. These signature perfumes that 3003BC creates for you are your composition forever.

The name 3003BC comes from the oldest known memory of perfumes, that is – Mesopotamia age: 3000 BC. This homegrown brand pays their tribute to the aspect of perfumes being deeply associated with our memories. Therefore, 3003BC focuses on giving each one an ‘inclusive luxury’ by curating a fragrance that suits them in the best way possible. With this, every person who uses 3003BC fragrances can celebrate their fondest memories in the most special way with a single whiff of the hand-crafted perfume.

The founders Sushant Panda and Anil Kumar Panda believe that having signature wedding perfumes is a unique concept in India. As Indian weddings are packed with emotions and happiness, it gives the bride and groom a great opportunity to make their statement hand-crafted perfumes. They can bottle and seal their emotions in the form of perfumes and exquisite fragrances forever. These signature perfumes can be a saga of their love story when they use it a couple of years later too! With 3003BC you can bid adieu to mass produced perfumes and indulge in exotic artisan perfumes that are curated especially for you. Curated by perfumers in Great Britain, all the perfumes are packed with natural ingredients.

This homegrown brand has managed to create a first-ever range of fragrances inspired by the emotions associated with Indian weddings and milestone memories. Apart from their wedding collection – SAA, you can also personalize a fragrance for special occasions. Keep scrolling to read more about how 3003BC personalizes your fragrance and their latest Wedding Collection – SAA.

Get Your Personalized Signature Wedding Fragrance From 3003BC

Create A Personalized Fragrance For Your Wedding

If you are wondering how 3003BC curates a signature wedding perfume for you, here is all you need to know. The brand follows these certain steps to design a scent that is as unique as you are.

  1. Test: The process starts with filling of a scientifically designed questionnaire. This questionnaire gives 3003BC an insight about your personality, fragrance preferences and the mood you want your perfume to create.
  2. Samples to pick from: Based on your answers, the brand’s AI platform analyzes your preferences and curate’s multiple possible combinations. They recommend 3 trial samples at the cost of INR 749.
  3. Pick your signature perfume: After you get these 3 handcrafted samples, you can smell and evaluate which of these samples fit best to your choice.
  4. Get your exclusive fragrance: Your chosen perfume is filled to 100 ml in the brand’s hand polished luxury glass bottle. The handcrafted bottle is then personalized and packed with your name. Cost for this is INR 7,000.

Get Your Personalized Signature Wedding Fragrance From 3003BC

3003BC’s Wedding Collection ‘SAA Has 3 Marvelous Fragrances

SAA is all about ‘Creating Your Wedding Scent Memory’. SAA is India’s first wedding fragrance range that is crafted by French perfumer Philippe Paparella. The collection is a beautiful blend of centuries-old French perfumery secrets and forgotten Indian ingredients. This hand-crafted wedding perfume range has some uniquely combined fragrances specially curated for your D-day. SAA collection includes 3 fresh perfumes for each new phase of the wedding. All these 3 fragrance ranges are further classified for bride and groom separately. Let’s check them out in detail:

1. Pre-Wedding: Cloud Nine

Cloud 9 is for those amazing pre-wedding times that are packed with emotions of joy, excitement and nervousness. This signature fragrance has fresh blossoming notes that express the optimism and unfettered joy of the courtship period.

  •       For the bride-to-be: Cloud Nine Pour Femme

Packed with the lingering fragrance of sweet floral marigold heart is blended with clear neroli. The bittersweet notes of almond intertwine with sweet notes of vanilla and tonka to give you a delicate feminine fragrance.

  •       For the groom-to-be: Cloud Nine Pour Homme

With juniper berry and the soft jasmine heart, this fragrance is further accentuated with patchouli and sandalwood. 

2. Wedding: Radiance

The Radiance collection is for the wedding. It is all about having a sense of luxury and royalty which perfectly fits for the D-day! Packed with blessings, rhythm, bubbling emotions, luxury and hints of tradition – this wedding fragrance range will be itched in your memory.

  •       For the bride: Radiance Pour Femme

Radiance is loaded with notes of bergamot and pepper along with blooming champaca and ylang ylang. It also has deep notes of the nagarmotha and myrrh which adds to the opulence.

  •       For the groom: Radiance Pour Homme

This fragrance has bright opening notes of the pepper, camphor, nagarmotha that are combined with a masculine vetiver and musk base.

3. Honeymoon: Bliss

Loaded with oodles of sensuality, just as the name fits the honeymoon phase. Bliss is all about fun and romance that marks the beginning of your lifetime together with your bae. The fragrance has lingering breezy notes and excitement that you feel for new love and new beginnings.

  •       For the new bride: Bliss Pour Femme

Set your mood with the delicate and warm notes of spices, tonka and sandalwood, and the powdery feel of the iris.

  •       For the groom: Bliss Pour Homme

Packed with a whiff of lemon and grapefruit that are topped with intensely masculine amber, this fragrance is for a man who is not afraid to show his romantic side.

Get Your Personalized Signature Wedding Fragrance From 3003BC Get Your Personalized Signature Wedding Fragrance From 3003BC

Price: Starts from INR 1,400 and goes up to INR 2,750.

Note: The brand also has an introductory offer of 20% off! Now that is something you don’t want to miss out on!

You can head to the brand’s website and social media handle to know more details and place your order.

Contact: (+91)124 44088555

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