Now that your wedding dates have been fixed, you might be looking for some creative save the date ideas to announce it in complete style. From quirky pre-wedding shoot pictures to save the date cards, there are many options for couples to make it official on social media and how.

So, no matter what kind of couple you are, we have got the best of save the date photoshoot ideas for you to make a call. Alternatively, you can send out trending save the date cards which are equally enticing and adorable.

Bookmark these latest save the date ideas for the couples:

1. Digital Save The Date Ideas

Go all fancy and eco-friendly with save the date illustrations which you can send out on Whatsapp or via email. 

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Personalised Save The Date Illustration For Couples Who Have A Story To Tell

save the date ideas

Image Source: Doodle Factory

Quirky And Fun Save The Date Cards For Bollywood Lovers

save the date

Image Source: Oaks And Pines

2. Say It Out Aloud Over A Game!

There’s nothing better than declaring your final wedding date through a playful act. 

P.S. Why fear when you have got some amazing partner games like Scrabble and Pool by your side.

save the date photoshoot

Image Source: DKreate Photography

pre wedding

Image Source: Pinterest

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Balloons To Your Rescue!

Take inspiration from these couples who included balloons in their pre wedding shoot to disclose their wedding dates.

pre wedding shoot

pre wedding shoot ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

4. Include Pets In Your Save The Date Ideas

Let your pet come forward and break the news to your friends and family. Loving how these couples went an extra mile with such creative save the date ideas.

save the date ideas save the date ideas

Image Source: RM Photography

You will also want to know other ways to include pets at weddings.

5. You Are Never Too Old For Chalkboards!

Bookmark such quirky save the date photoshoot ideas if you don’t wanna spend on save the date cards.

save the date ideas

Image Source: Foto Zirve

6. Scribble It Away On Your Palms

Another interesting way of making it official which you can absolutely DIY is this save the date idea.

pre wedding shoot ideas

Image Source: Anne Karalyne Fotografia

7. How Many Votes For This Save The Date Scratch Card?

Let your guests make some effort to know when it is happening!

save the date ideas8. Or A Customized Save The Date Magnet Maybe?

Go HATKE as you surprise your guests with personalised save the date magnets.

save the date magnet

Image Source: Mint Green Penguin

9. Save The Date Ideas For Couples With A Sweet Tooth!

Not getting over this save the date photoshoot with cupcakes.

save the date

Image Source: MIkearick Photography

10. Let Your Shoes Do The Talking!

If you know what we mean….

couple shoot

Image Source: Jeremy Hardwell Photography

11. Unique Save The Date Idea To Unleash The Creativity In You.

Get yourself some personalised wedding stationery and say it aloud like a pro.

save the date ideas

Image Source: Kissaircandles

Aren’t these ideas all adorable and OTB? Well, save the one you loved the most and let your guests praise you for your thoughtful gesture. 

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