The extravaganza that we call a wedding can sometimes last for days, spread over a number of functions and obviously comes along with a never ending guest list. So, where do we begin? You might have the budget but want a small cosy wedding. You may also be restricted on the number of guests allowed at the preferred venue. Don’t fret, we are here to make your life easier by helping you prepare a guest list that will make you happy! Follow our lead, here are some easy tips to nail it!

1. Set A Limit Of Number Of Guests Each One Gets To Invite!

The couple should get to invite majority of the guests, the rest divided amongst the parents. This way you’ll only add people whom you want to include in your happy moment. It’s your wedding after all.

2. Last Birthday & Seven Minute Deadline Rules!

Experts say that the best way to device a guest list is by taking the Last-Birthday-Rule. Every year our friend circle evolves, some remain constant through it all. If you didn’t hear from this person on your birthday after the last birthday, you can skip them (unless, of course they called later to apologize). Also, if you do start making small talk with the person after seven minutes because you don’t have any meaningful conversation to be had, they probably shouldn’t be on your list either.

3. Create Categories For The Guests!

The A-list should contain the absolute must-haves without whom you just cannot get married, the B-list are the people whom you’ve been close to, but haven’t managed to make the bond stronger with time. The C-List includes people whom you have to call because of certain social obligations.

4. Tackle With Care, But Not Let Guilt Take Over!

So, they invited you to their wedding last to last year. Or these people are super excited and have been reaching out a lot through the wedding planning process. It’s isn’t possible to call everyone (That’s why you’re reading this article!?) You’ve got to set boundaries and follow the above mentioned second and third point. You do have your own limitations and it’s alright to take some decisions, while making them understand the situation better.

5. Decide What You Want More At The Wedding!

Would you rather have the venue of your choice or the guests are more important? Do you want that intimate wedding that you had wished for or an exaggerated party? Once, you pick priorities, you will be left with no choice but to break down that exhaustive list.

6. Avoid Any Last Minute Additions!

The biggest mistake every person who is getting married is increasing the headcount. Look, if you didn’t add that name while you were making the initial list, it clearly means that the person isn’t on your core people list, so why add on?

7. Make Sure To Send The Correct Invite!

Address the invite to specific people. Instead of saying Mr Sharma & Family, write Mr. R Sharma. Don’t let it be ambiguous. Set the clear intention in the first place. This will ensure that no children, plus ones come along.

8. Throw A Pre-Wedding Bash For People You Can’t Add To The Wedding List!

We agree that sometimes, due to limitations you cannot invite a lot of acquaintances whom you have a good time every time you meet. Office colleagues, ex bosses, your gym gang and many more people whom you cross paths with often, but aren’t too close to personally.  Plan a Youngsters or a carnival to call all these people. It’s another chance for you to celebrate too!
After all, wedding planning is supposed to be a fun ride!

Feature Image: Nick Rutter Photography

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