We know what a mammoth task it is to organise a wedding. Especially when it comes to planning one all on your own. Maybe, letting a professional wedding planner step in to make this a smoother ride is a wiser decision. With their experience and dedicated team, you’ll be closer to witness the weddings of your dreams. Once you’ve shortlisted the Wedding planner of your choice, make sure to meet them before finalizing and get their availability. After which, comes the point where you ask these super important questions!

1. What services do you offer?

Be explicit about this. Understand whether the planner will be both designing and coordinating along with creating and producing the whole event on their own? From the tiniest things like guests lists coordination and RSVP’s, to planning the wedding favors and organizing the bridal trousseau, it’s best to get the details on the services that come under the umbrella of the wedding planning services.

2. Who will be the point of contact for everyday things?

Does the wedding planner have a team that will be delegated for different attributes at the wedding? Who will be the person in charge available on call in case of anything urgent. Will the wedding planner be part of meetings, the process and the person who’ll be talking to vendors directly?

3. What are the prices for different packages that you offer?

Once you present your requirements to the planner, ask her/him to give you the details of the packages they offer and understand the budgets behind it. The payment policies are equally important since the wedding planner will be directly associated with the vendors (in most cases), the talk about advance, deposit, cancellations, emergencies etc need to be discussed.

4. Can you also suggest some vendors/venues for my wedding?

You do have a list of preferred vendors that you have shortlisted in the course of time as per your likes and preferences. Make sure to share that with the wedding planner and understand on what basis would they be able to work. Since, a professional will have a much better knowledge about what will work and what won’t, it’s best to get suggestions from them.

5. Are there any other weddings you’ll be handling around my wedding dates?

You definitely want their full attention on your biggest day. Even if they are highly experienced and can handle two weddings at the same time, being completely present mindfully and physically is of utmost importance and will also put you at ease. This will let you feel more confident in the wedding planner and you’ll feel that your wedding is their focus.

6. Can you please share your experience about similar weddings you’ve planned before?

Try to understand the process of wedding planning and how this person is planning to execute your wedding through the experiences they have had in the past. This is imperative in figuring out whether the chosen wedding planner suits your style and how they work along with estimating their capacity.

7. What kind of venues are you comfortable working at?

Organizing a party at a farm house is very different than a palace hotel. The planner should be aware of the differences and the difficulties that may arise at myriad locations. This way, you’ll be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

8. What would you say is your biggest strength as a wedding planner?

Though this may seem like an interview question, this will help you foresee whether you connect with the wedding planner or not. You can even make out their ability to solve problems or uncomfortable situations while giving them a chance to express their feelings adding that personal touch to your wedding.

9. Could you give us a little timeline on how you’ll be approaching the selected concept?

They are responsible for bringing your dream wedding to reality, so it’s better to get a hint of the ideas on their execution plan so you know you are on the same page. Know their vision as it also shows you their creativity. Share your ideas and hear them talk you through the details.

10. What is your team like, if you have one?

Along with the key person being the wedding planner, it’s important to understand the different aspects and personnel that are going to be involved. This will give you an idea of the wholistic approach the planner has and how well equipped they are to handle your wedding!

11. What are the parts in the wedding planning that you will not be involved in?

Once you’ve jotted down the services they offer, it’s almost a mandate to know what it is that they won’t be involved in. This way you know their scope of work and also will be able to figure out whether it’s worth it or not!

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