The big fat Indian baraat is legendary and always involves a lot of dhoom and dhamaka. And consequently groom entry is one aspect of Indian weddings that always draws a lot of attention. The groom entry is accompanied by an excited baraat and lot of music and even dancing. Traditionally and typically, Indian weddings see a groom entry on a horse.  However, today the millennial groom is constantly looking for creative ways to enter his wedding to marry the love of his life. While a lot of grooms opt for elephants, boats and even helicopters, as their preferred mode of entry. Click here to see the latest trends of groom entry ideas.

So, dear grooms-to-be, if you want to make a royal and an impactful entry on your wedding day, checkout these groom entries in vintage cars.

Here are some royal grooms entry in spectacular vintage cars you need to see now:

This is a spectacular groom entry in a vintage car at a larger than life destination wedding in Switzerland.

groom entry

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Design Company

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groom entry

Image Courtesy: Poonam Mayank Sharma

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Vintage cars have a classic charm which never fails to make a statement. The most followed monarchy of the world, the British Royals, also use vintage cars for special events. Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Midget, Ford and even Ambassador; the vintage collection of these cars is the right choice for any groom who wants his guests to remember his stylish entry till the end of the time.

groom entry

Image Courtesy: Naman Verma

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groom entry

Image Courtesy: Deepikas Deep Click

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You cannot deny that vintage cars have an unbeatable character. For any groom who harbors to look nothing less than a king at his wedding should hire a vintage car for his entry. Enjoy the comfort and luxury on your special day with the help of these stylish vintage cars.

Further, vintage cars are not only popular for groom entries, they seem to be very apt and a regal choice for couple entry ideas as well. Check them out here:

groom entry

Image Courtesy: Banga Studios

groom entryImage Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

groom entry

Image Courtesy: Sunny Dhiman Photography

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