Getting married is a big step which is why the wedding day is the most important one. As a groom, you feel excited about the future and a little nervous too. When you get married, you get a partner that will walk with you, holding hands, for the rest of your lives. Naturally, on such a special occasion, everyone wants to look perfect but is perfection that easy?

Yes, with our simple list of dos and don’ts, you can have a wonderful wedding with no stress at all. These checklists are specially prepared for the grooms so that they don’t miss on anything and their wedding day is just as beautiful as they had imagined.


1. Rise Early

It’s your day and the earlier it starts, the better it would be. As a groom, you have a lot of responsibilities. So, get up early and go through everything to avoid any last minute rush. Also, if you rise early, you can steal some time for a quick run or some stretching.

2. Meditate

We know that you must be freaking out and to avoid any anxiousness, you should meditate. You don’t have to lay a mat on the floor or light scented candles. You can do it in your bed or even in the bathtub. Just close your eyes for a while and block all the noise outside. Think about the happy moments. This will help you to keep calm throughout the wedding.

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3. Get A Trim

Messy look is all everybody talks about these days, but we are sure that you want to look presentable on your wedding day. Get a neat trim done in the morning so that you can look clean in your wedding photographs.

groom, groom tips, groom wedding planning

4. Check Your Wedding Outfit

This is an important thing to keep in mind. A groom’s outfit is nothing like your regular wear. It has so many elements like safa, turban, kalgi, dupatta and more. Your outfit will look incomplete even if a single item is missing. Therefore, make sure that you have everything in one place. And, cleaning the shoes is one thing that can be easily overlooked. Dirty shoes are just not acceptable. Make sure that your shoes are free from dirt and polished before you wear them.

groom, groom tips, groom wedding planning

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5. Eat Right

Some people eat a lot when stressed and some don’t eat at all. Don’t let tension disturb your diet. Eat properly and at the right time. Stay away from oily food and consume fresh fruits and vegetables. You can keep bloating at bay by doing this.

Boys, while you care of yourself before the D-day with the help of this list, also check this Wedding Checklist That Every Indian Groom Must Swear By


1. Sleep Late

Sleeping late on the night before the wedding is the biggest mistake that any groom could make. Indian weddings go on for hours. You need to be properly rested if you don’t want to yawn throughout the wedding. Also, beauty sleep!

2. Planning Bachelor Party Just Before The Night Of The Wedding

Drinks are an essential part of weddings but that doesn’t mean that you have to get drunk a night before the wedding. You don’t want to wake up with a hangover and a headache that would make you want to pull your hair. And, certainly wouldn’t want to keep your bride waiting for the baraat.

groom, groom tips, groom wedding planning

3. Heavy Dinner

Food at an Indian wedding is hard to resist but it is easier to keep the temptation away than to have a sick stomach at your own wedding. You need your gut to be super strong for the D-day. Steer clear from that spicy and deep fried food to avoid heartburn and stomach infection.

groom, groom tips, groom wedding planning

4. Trying Something New On The Face

DO NOT TRY SOMETHING NEW ON THE FACE! Do not take the risk of doing something different on your face or skin on the wedding day. This can go south and you do not want to show up at the venue with a face full of rashes. Stick to what is familiar.

Weddings can be hectic and stressful but they are also beautiful and special. You can make your wedding the most beautiful and calm day of your life by following these dos and don’ts. Keep all the anxiety away and have a good time because this day has come just for you and your bride.

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