Wedding jitters are not exclusive just to the bride, grooms have them too. Planning the wedding and taking care of everything can make an otherwise wonderful experience tiresome for the groom. With this ultimate groom checklist, you will be able to organise your wedding in the best possible way.

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3 months before the wedding

A groom shouldn’t stress out but since you still have three months until your D-day, it is the time to complete all the work that needs you on the toes.

Lock in your honeymoon destination and book flights and hotels. It is always advised to book hotels and flights three months in advance to get the best deals.

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Set up your first meeting with your dermatologist and dentist as some procedures are time-consuming and can take months to complete.

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If you want to get the best of the best for your wedding, you have to finalise the venues and vendors like your photographer, caterer and choreographer now.

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It may be too soon to run to the designer, but you should start thinking about your outfits. Decide what kind of attire you would be wearing on different occasions and from where you would want them to be made. Make your appointments.

If a lot of your guests are coming out of town, you should send your ‘save the dates’ to them in advance.

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3 months are enough whether you want to lose weight or bulk up. So, hit the gym to look dashing at your wedding.

1 month before the wedding

One month before the wedding is the most hectic one. It is the time when most of the things are completed.

You should send all the invites at least a month before the wedding.

If you are having a white wedding, it would be the right time to decide on the dresses and duties of your best man.

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Get your outfits tailored and ready for the events. All your shopping must be done as soon as possible. It is now or never!

If you want to have photography or other trials, do it now. Talk to the vendors and communicate to them what you are looking for.

Cut down on caffeine if you want to flash pearly whites in your wedding photographs. Cut down on oil as well to avoid any breakout on the face.

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Start pampering your hair and skin. Visit your salon every 15 days to take care of yourself. While you are there, discuss your wedding look with your artist.

If you are planning a gift for your bride, it is the time to put the plan in action or else, you will not have anything to surprise her with.

Protect yourself from dust, dirt and sun if you don’t wish to have a dull skin on your D-day.

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Delegate your duties and assign the work to your army to avoid chaos later on. After this, you will not have any time to explain anything to anyone.

A week before the wedding

A week before the wedding is the time when you should relax and take care of yourself. No more running. All you need to do is:

Get your haircut. It is important that you do it a week before so that if anything goes wrong, you can fix it.

Give your dresses one last try and if any alteration is required, get it done.

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Meditate every day. You need to relax or else the stress will show on your face when you will get married.

Give your vendors a final heads-up and give them an emergency number.

Enjoy your bachelor’s party!

On the day of wedding

The day that you have been waiting for forever is finally here. It is the time for you to enjoy the excitement of the day. All you need to do is:

Call the driver or the person who is responsible for taking you to the wedding venue and confirm with them.

From watch to pagdi, put everything that you will be wearing at your wedding at one place so that you do not forget anything.

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Handover your phone and wallet to a responsible person who will bring them to you as and when needed.

Take a nice relaxing bath, take everyone’s blessings and get ready to bring your bride home!

We know that you are going make a handsome groom and an amazing husband too! We hope that your journey as a bachelor to a married man is a delightful one.

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