Nowadays Indian weddings are all about hosting the biggest weddings in the world which often results in breaking the set wedding budget. Lavish buffets, grand décor and a lot of flamboyant gestures are putting up couples under lifelong debts. The happiest day of your life doesn’t have to be all about over-spending.  If you plan it smartly, you can have the wedding of your dreams without carrying its burden till your silver jubilee.

So, here are a few tips that will help you to stick to your wedding budget:

1. Have An Intimate Wedding

Gone are the days when the entire long lost family was invited to the wedding. Couples, these days, prefer to host intimate weddings with their close families and friends in attendance. Not only is this a cost-effective way but it also makes sure that you are tying the knot in the presence of the people who are actually happy in your happiness. Invite people and not the crowd.

wedding budget

ShaadiWish Tip: Only invite close friends and family. No need to invite everyone for all functions. Have a smaller mehendi. Here’s a great secret way to filter your guest list and stick to your wedding budget like a pro. Click here to know what it is!

2. Choose Outdoor And Lesser known Venues

We all have heard of a few venues that are usually overbooked and overpriced. These venues cash on their names and goodwill without contributing anything more than just a piece of land. Which is why we suggest you go for lesser-known venues. You will be paying less and there’s generally no waiting. Also, outdoor venues cost a lot less than banquets and hotels. Your poolside wedding will cost you a lot less than a wedding organized in closed spaces. Make sure you resume your wedding planning services much before your wedding dates for effective results.

wedding budget

Image Courtesy: Photographick

wedding budget

Image Courtesy: Photokitch

Also, don’t forget asking these important questions before booking a wedding venue.

3. Be Smart With Your Wedding Decor

Wedding decor can sway your wedding budget in any direction. When finalizing your decor, be very calculative. Vendors will always show you the pricey products. Since nobody will be concerned about the material used, you can opt for cheaper stuff. Focus on designing rather than the material used. You can even go to wholesale markets and buy things yourself. Just ask your gang to help you out and you will have an amazing experience with your friends while saving a lot of money.

wedding budget

Image Courtesy: Once Upon A Time Wedding Tales

4. Do Not Go Overboard With Flowers

Flowers surely add beauty to the wedding decor but we cannot neglect the fact that they cost a great deal and often go unnoticed. Flowers are very expensive, especially the exotic ones. Minimize their number and go for local or artificial flowers to decorate the venue. Also, there are a lot many ways to make your wedding look beautiful without only relying on flowers.

wedding budget

wedding budget

Check out these budget wedding decor ideas which will help you stick to your wedding budget.

5. Quality Over Number Is Key To Wedding Catering

With so many different varieties of food to choose from, often a lot of food gets wasted at weddings. Reduce the number of items that you want to include in your wedding buffet. Concentrate more on the quality and taste of a few dishes.

wedding budget

Image Courtesy: Vows & Tales

wedding budget

ShaadiWish Tip: Instead of opting for a mix of some great and some mediocre dishes, opt for a few great dishes which can be enjoyed by all.

6. Ditch Invitation Cards And Create Your Wedding Website For Free!

Another way to save money is to ditch printable invitation cards completely. These can be really expensive and if truth be told, they go into the bin just a day after the wedding. However, we have got an interesting and unique way to invite your guests to your wedding. Just create your personalized wedding website here and send it to your guests. It will be a really cost-efficient and green way of inviting your guests. There will be no wastage of paper or money. If you still feel that this won’t suffice then follow-up these e-invites with a warm and welcoming phone call!

We at ShaadiWish also offer personalized wedding planning services.

7. Organize Your Own Bar

The price of any bottle of alcohol becomes threefold when it is not directly purchased from the store. However, you will save a truckload of money if you are ready to take the matter into your own hands. Buy alcohol directly from the store and stock the bar yourself. Instead of a flamboyant bartender, hire a person with decent skills to serve drinks to your guests.

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Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

8. DIY Wedding Favors

When it comes to gifts, it is the thought that counts. Create your own DIY wedding favors with thoughtful little gifts and a personalized thank you card. Not only will it touch the hearts of your guests but also help you to stick to your wedding budget. DIY wedding favors are always better than those commercial gift hampers.

Check out these cool DIY Mehendi favors which will not cost you a bomb here.

9. Customize Your Wedding Outfits Smartly

We know that you don’t want to compromise on your wedding outfit and we won’t even ask you for that. Just make sure that you don’t fall in the trap that some designers create for you. They will push you to add a few more layers of can-can or add some useless accessories like belts or latkans. The key to stick to your wedding budget here is not to give into these frivolous temptations. Some vendors also charge a hefty sum for alterations. Keep in mind that alterations are free of cost and you have to put your foot down in these situations. Don’t pay a penny extra than the required amount.

wedding budget

ShaadiWish Tip: DIY your wedding lehenga. Mix and Match your mother’s saree with your wedding outfit and create something offbeat out of it!

Also, check out our curated tips and tricks to buy a wedding lehenga without exceeding your budget here.


10. Move Out Of The Wedding Season

It’s true that a wedding venue will cost you a bomb if you book them at heavy muhurat dates. So, plan your wedding in the offbeat season so as to get a good deal

wedding budget.Check out the best wedding muhurats of the year 2019 here.

11. Try New And Budding Makeup Artists And Photographers

Who doesn’t want to get her makeup done by the celebrity makeup artists? Well, while these makeup artists will cost you a bomb, you can still get that celebrity look by trying the new and young makeup artists in the market. These newer names are equally talented and the best part- you can get a trial makeup before making a final booking. Not to forget booking a budding photographer who will not only be cost-effective but will also give you some of the most memorable clicks of your life!

For easy and affordable wedding planning services, click here.

wedding budget

Image Courtesy: Harleen Deol

Also, check out the best bridal makeup artists in Delhi under INR 30K here.

You don’t have to burn holes in the pockets of your entire family to have a dream wedding. A wedding under budget can be just as beautiful. Keep these points in mind and you will have no problem sticking to your wedding budget.

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