Champagne is definitely a great way to raise a toast of celebration, but wedding cakes have always been special.  Don’t you agree? And, now when the wedding cakes are so popular at weddings, we thought of bringing you some amazing wedding cake designs and ideas.

We came across some of the most beautiful and extravagant wedding cakes that can make any wedding extra special. If you haven’t finalized the design of your wedding cake yet, then you are really in for a treat. We have a special cake for every special couple. Brace yourself because there is a delicious journey ahead:

1. The Opulent and Grand Wedding Cake

This wedding cake is a dream come true. We bet that even Cinderella and Prince Charming cannot do better than this. With so many layers and such delicate fondant work, this cake can easily pass as the best wedding cake we have ever seen.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: anngri_photo

2. Vintage Delight

Vintage themed wedding cakes are a favourite of a lot of couples.  A classic 3-tier white wedding cake with beautiful flowers can make a simple and classy statement. The leaves and the flowers are giving an enchanting character to this wedding cake.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy:

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: jasmine_bridal

3. Portrait Of Love

How about proposing your partner once again and through a cake? Isn’t this cake a great idea? This wedding cake has everything you need; flowers and a romantic cake topper as well.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: The Cake Company

4. Raw and Rustic

If you and your partner were born with a wild soul then this wedding cake was made for you. This Bohemian cake design is ideal for all the couples who love nature.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: Daliaayginger

5. Castle of Cupid

This cake is made in the shape of the castle of Cupid which is considered to be the epitome of love. What could be better than this? The delicate detailing and the meticulous work makes it look like a real castle. It has such a smooth finish that at first you cannot even guess that it is a cake.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: Lenovelle Cake

6. Beauty Redefined

Who thought a terrarium can be a part of wedding cake? But, some cake designers are born to experiment. Just like this one beauty we came across. Every tier of this cake is intricately designed keeping it simple with floral decorations. But what caught our eye is the unique terrarium balancing the cake pretty well and redefining beauty. Get a cake like this at your wedding and we are sure everyone is going to gaze it for long.

Image Courtesy: Lenovelle Cake

7. Royal Wedding Cake

Everything about this wedding cake is so rich and sumptuous. Not only couple, but even the wedding guests will be surprised to see how intricately it has been designed. The miniature chandelier, windows and how the rose is making the special appearance is making it so magnificent.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: Lenovelle Cake

8. Rosy Quotation

This is one of the most beautiful naked wedding cakes that we have seen so far. It has beautiful rose work all over it and the dripping caramel will remind you of Guns N Roses. We also loved the unique cake topper with the most heart warming quotation that sums up what love is all about.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: Rose And Co Sweets

9. Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

This is a hand painted cake which depicts the first journey a man and a woman  as husband and wife. There is a gorgeous church in the background, people celebrating and couples riding towards ‘happily ever after’ in a red card.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: Sweet Heather Anne

10. Direct From The Heaven

Couples make entry, but how about a cake making entry? Surprise your guests with a bang on entry of wedding cake for the celebration as a chandelier. Ask your decorator to help you decorate your cake and beautify it more just like this.

wedding cake designs 2018

  Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Image Courtesy: jenroachcakes

11. Life Of A Couple

This wedding cake represents the actual life of a couple after marriage. This is one of our favorites from the list. Cake designer has beautifully designed the bedroom scene which is funny and adorable at the same time.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: lauriesbakery

12. Fruitful Wedding Cake

No matter how much we love quirky wedding cakes, but fruit cakes are always special and have a different place in everyone’s heart. And, a cake like this is something nobody will want to miss.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: lovelycakeinspiration

13. Peacock Themed Wedding Cake

Peacocks have always found some importance in Indian weddings be it outfits and decor, but now wedding cakes.  Isn’t this cake looking real? The way the cake designer has designed it taking the beautiful bird Peacock and spreading it feathers using muffins.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: momlovesbaking

14. Artful Wedding Cake

Who thought any cake designer can create a half cut cake as wedding ceremony? But, this has its own beauty. The partition has numerous flowers flowing out of the cake. This 12 tier wedding cake design is surely work of art.

wedding cake designs 2018

Image Courtesy: cake_incredible_inspiration

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Isn’t your mouth watering right now? Celebrate your wedding with something that is hard to forget. From modern designs to the traditional themes we showed you all.

Well, with such gorgeous cake portfolios, we hope your search for an exotic baker is now over. Also, looking for Wedding Caterers to book for your big day? Find all the wedding vendors in your budget here.

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