Those times have gone when the brides used to enter the wedding hall with eyes down and feeling all nervous. These days bridal entry is fun and much awaited and our brides are on the constant lookout for creative and unique ways to make that impact. The wedding guests are curious to know whether she will coming direct from sky or will make a bang on entry dancing. Bride entry has become an important part of the weddings, leaving behind the not so exciting baraats. So, here we have some amazing bride entry ideas for you that will make you feel special and give your guests something to be excited about:

1. Royal Bridal Entry on an Elephant

Elephants used to be the preferred mode of transportation of the kings and the queens. If you want to make a royal entry then getting on an elephant would be the right thing to do. If a groom can come on a horse then you can definitely ride an elephant to the mandap.

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride entry on elephant

Image Courtesy: Memorable Indian

2. Colorful Smoke Bomb Entry?

We have to say that smoke bombs are fun and using them for your bridal entry is even better. Get all the wonderful colors that you like and use the smoke to make a fun-filled bridal entry. Just like this bride, you can ask your pals to dance with you.

Image Courtesy: keerantheweddingplanner

3. Entering In A Vintage Car

Vintage cars look absolutely classy. While we have seen a lot of grooms coming in a vintage car, we hardly get to see brides doing the same. It’s time to turn things around. Vintage cars can be hired very easily. You will not only look stylish stepping out of a car but, it would be very comfortable as well. Enjoy your smooth ride to the wedding venue.

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride entry in vintage car

Image Courtesy: Flgroe Studios

4. A Modern Twist To The Traditional Phoolon ki Chaddar

Getting to the wedding venue under the beloved ‘phoolon ki chaddar’ is a traditional concept. However, you can give it a twist by making some editions. Instead of the conventional roses, you can use flowers that compliment your outfit. You can even use artificial candles to brighten up your journey that leads you to the love of your life.

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride entry under phoolon ki chaadar

Image Courtesy:  lilac wedding

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride entry under phoolon ki chaadarImage Courtesy: bestdayever.bydeepikashetty

5. Fulfill Your Fantasy Of Getting Married In Rain With Umbrella

Brides these days are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to experimenting with their entry. The new thing that’s in trend is umbrellas over phoolon ki chadar. And, umbrellas like these are quite quirky and even easy to handle. Or we should say the focus is only on the bride and nowhere else.

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride entry under umbrella

Image Courtesy: The Cheesecake projects

6. The Dancing Queen

Gone are the days when brides would come to the venue feeling all shy. This is your day and you have all the right in the world to live your moment. Just like these brides, dance your way to your groom because why should only your guests have all the fun?

Image Courtesy: triptiirastogi_mua
bridal entry, bride entry ideas, dancing bride entry

Image Courtesy: vivekkrishnanphotography

7. Stylish Bridal Entry With Dad

All through your life, your dad has been your main man and the one taking you everywhere. It is only fair that he is the one who walks you down the aisle. The only twist is that you would be making a stylish entry on a bike! Trust us, you will give everyone major father-daughter goals.


Image Courtesy: Nitinaroraphotography

8. Be Your Own Rider

Go green and use an electric scooter for your bridal entry. Not only would it look cool but you can also make a statement with it. You are a bold and independent woman who can make her own way. Just turn on your bridal swag and have an amazing time.

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride in auto

Image Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

9. Pataka On Wheels

If you are a fun-loving bride who is always on a lookout for something different then, we have a great idea for you. Leave out all the rest and get yourself a decorated rickshaw. You can ride it yourself or ask your brother or father to do it for you. Come with a dhol on the wheels like a Pataka kuddi that you are.

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride in rickshaw

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Studio

10. Make An Entry Like The Queen In A Palanquin

Who doesn’t want to enter like a queen in a traditional palanquin on her wedding day? But, make sure you go a little crazy and creative with its decor. It’s time you leave behind those simple and boring palanquins and add a quirk while you enter the wedding venue.

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride in palanquin

Image Courtesy: Busybee Studio

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride in palanquin

Image Courtesy: Camera Crew

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride in palanquin

Image Courtesy: Dipak Studios

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride in palanquin

Image Courtesy: Koro_films

11. Making It A Solo Ride In Boat/ Ship

One interesting way to enter the mandap is in a boat, just like this bride. No fuss of holding your heavy bridal lehenga. Just sit calmly on the boat/ship and let all the guests wait for you to make the grand entry. If you are planning a beach wedding or a destination wedding then, this can be a great bride entry idea to look out for.

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride in boat

Image Courtesy: 1plus1studios

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride in boat

Image Courtesy: PK Suri Worldwide Studios

12. Fun Bridal Entry On Trolley

Entry on a hotel trolley is one crazy way to enter the mandap with brothers. Just like this bride. She looks so excited to see her groom.

bridal entry, bride entry ideas, bride in trolleyImage Courtesy: Wedding Filmers

You will become a bride only once. Don’t miss your chance of having a grand entry. Live your moment and show all the future brides how it’s done. Enjoy the limelight on your D-day. These wonderful bride entry ideas will give some of the most amazing memories that you will cherish forever.

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