Couples these days are very enthusiastic about hosting a beach wedding. But, hosting a beach wedding at your desired location is not as easy as it seems. We understand mountains, hills, castles or valley; nothing is compared to a beautiful beach when it comes to choosing a destination for your wedding. The melodious sound of the waves and the white sand, provides the most scenic place for a destination wedding and especially when it comes to clicking good scenic wedding photos.
A beach destination wedding has so many perks, it is like a mini vacation not only for the couple, but for their wedding guests as well. Not only will your wedding pictures turn out to be absolutely beautiful, but your guests will get to enjoy a lot more. But, planning a beach wedding doesn’t seem easy. You need to take care of your guests, location that you opt for should be perfect keeping in mind the weather conditions and wedding outfits as well. So, we decided to make a list of everything you need to know about planning a beach wedding in India:

Starting with the best destinations to plan your beach wedding:

1. The Beachy Way Out- Goa

Goa is the first place that comes to the mind when it comes to beach weddings. And, it has some of the most famous beaches in India. It is not just a party place but a popular wedding destination as well. From a budget wedding to a lavish affair, Goa gives you an opportunity to plan your wedding according to your budget.

beach wedding, goa wedding                                                                           Image Courtesy: Aanchal & Rohit

2. The Picturesque – Kerala

God’s own country, Kerala is a heavenly place. With tranquil beaches and the Backwaters, this place is an ideal location for a peaceful and romantic wedding. When it comes to hosting a wedding, Kerala has so much to offer. You can get married by the beach or in a luxury hotel. You can host a houseboat wedding as well for a truly exclusive experience.

beach wedding, kerala weddingImage Courtesy:  Sibi & Vishnu

beach wedding, mandap decor

Image Courtesy:  Rachna & Nitin

3. Wedding In The Lap Of Nature- Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman is one of the most romantic places in India. This is the best place for hosting a destination wedding and to enjoy the honeymoon. If you and your partner are fond of cloudy skies and grey weather then Andaman and Nicobar is the perfect place for you.

Best Time To Host Your Wedding

  1. If you are planning to host your beach wedding in Goa or in Kerala, then end of October till the beginning of March can be the best months to pick your wedding date. These months observe pleasant and controlled humidity during the evening. You can easily plan some outdoor wedding ceremonies.beach wedding, goa wedding                                                                             Image Courtesy: Karisha & Paresh
    beach wedding, goa wedding                                                                                 Image Courtesy: Muskaan & Anirudh
  2. The weather can be a game changer if you are planning your wedding in Andamans. The temperature remains in the range of 22-32 degree celsius throughout the year. May to mid September are the months of heavy rainfall. So, if you are planning a wedding your wedding in Andaman, then November to April is the best time of the year.

Important Things to Keep In Mind While Planning A Beach Wedding

  1. Hire a Local Planner: You should start planning your beach wedding well in advance, as there can be some permits that may be required. Accordingly, we highly recommend you to hire a local wedding planner for your beach wedding, as you might not be aware about the Government policies of hosting a beach wedding. The local planners can help you overcome these planning hurdles with ease and can find you a better deal with hotels and resorts that have a private beach.

  2. Selecting the Perfect Beach: Before you book your resort for the beach wedding, please make sure to check that the resort has a private sandy beach. If the beach is not private, it may lead to chaos as you will not be able to restrict the audience. Avoid rocky beaches. While, booking you must also check whether the resort’s beach has a bar, will save you the hassle of creating one. Plus, sometimes procuring liquor licenses for beach weddings can be both time consuming and costly.
    beach wedding                                                                                           Image Courtesy: Shevan J
  3. For Those Beautiful Wedding Photographs: For all the beautiful beach wedding photo sessions, the photographers recommend that the wedding is planned during daylight hours to create the most beautiful weddings. And while you are thinking of that don’t forget to throw a sundowner party for your friends and family at the beach. Now, if you are confused on whether to book a local photographer or to take one from here. Then, we would recommend you to book a local photographer who knows about the best spots to get pictures clicked and how. To know some pros and cons click here and clear your confusion.
  4. For The Stunning Decor: Don’t overdo the wedding decor. A simple mandap with some floral decoration would look amazing for a beach wedding. Too much of decor would mess up things for you and your guests, the air might end up blowing away all the decoration. beach wedding mandap                                                                     Image Courtesy: Kismet Event Design
  5. Opting For The Right Makeup Artist: Don’t miss the most important person while planning your beach wedding, makeup artist. Yes! You read it right. Look for a makeup artist, discuss your look keeping in mind the humidity or the hot weather which might end up spoiling your bridal look.
  6. Informing Your Guests About The Wedding Ceremonies: Make sure you inform your guests about the wedding ceremonies and they are prepared with the apt clothes and footwear. We won’t recommend high heels for a beach wedding or flowy lehengas/outfits. When you know everything about your destination wedding plans, make sure your guests know it too. It will be easier for them to plan their wedding outfits.
                                                                      Image Courtesy: Edwin Tan Photography 
  7. Planning The Best Wedding Favors: Favors? Thinking of the best wedding favors for a beach wedding is slightly confusing, but how about cool colorful flip-flops? These will add some quirk to your beach wedding and your guests can wear it for some beach parties. 

    Beach weddings are one of a kind. Only the lucky ones get to take the vows with a majestic ocean in the background. We are sure that your wedding is going to be amazing. These places are going to make the most special day of your life truly magical.

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