You’ve picked a wonderful destination to take your vows, along with getting married, it’s vacation time too. A picturesque setting and a celebration with all your favorites in a far away land. It’s bound to be filled with memories that have a very special meaning for you and thus the photographs captured need to paid special attention too. Being able to combine the essence of the wedding along with the holiday mode everyone is in, you’ll need a storyteller for this task. So, how do you go about selecting your destination wedding photographer? Here are a few valid pointers that’ll make it easier for you to choose between a local one or a hometown photographer!

Check out this guide on finding the right destination wedding photographer for your big day:
Destination Wedding, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography

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Hiring A Local Photographer –

1. They’ll definitely know all the secret spots for you get some ah-mazing pictures!
2. Costs are way lesser since you don’t have to pay for boarding or travel, which means you can also ensure that there is a large team of photographers they have on board at no extra cost.
3. They have all the information about about the random weather changes, rules and regulations around permissions to shoot in a certain area and they can even help you add that native touch to your wedding! Basically, they are much more aware about the logistics.
1. The photographer might not be fluent with your wedding traditions and thus may miss out on tiny but important moments.
2. Language could be a barrier too incase you are travelling to a different country.
3. The local photographers may not match your taste when it comes to the picture you had in mind about your wedding photography!

Destination Wedding, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography

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Flying In A Photographer From Your Hometown –

1. They are fully aware about the wedding traditions and will capture it the way you like it.
2. You’ve seen their previous work in a similar setting and that makes it easier for you to trust them since you’ll also get to spend more time with them before the functions.
3. The best is if they have shot a wedding at the same destination before, you’ll get a combination of scenic backgrounds and traditional ceremonies blended in together.
1. Budget might be a constraint since taking along someone from your hometown could mean added costs since a sizeable team of 10-12 means tickets, lodging and fees for them needs to be taken care by you.
2. They may not be so in sync with the destination and thus miss out on some beautiful locations and as a result not capture the ‘holiday’ mode completely.
3. You may not be able to squeeze in a pre-wedding or post-wedding shoot with the hometown photographer because logistics could become an issue.
Destination Wedding, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography

Image Courtesy: Picture Art Company

Are you still confused? Don’t worry there isn’t a right or wrong. It’s as per your tastes and preferences.
If you are a couple who likes to know the photographer well before the wedding takes place or you already have someone ideal in your mind, then choose a photographer from your hometown.
And if you’ve found a local photographer who matches your criteria and has covered many weddings similar to yours in the destination and of course the budget is also a constraint, then you know the choice you’ll be making!!

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