Social media has numerous bridal makeup tips for brides for their D-day, but one tends to get confused on what to follow and what not. But, when experts are there to guide you, it becomes easy. Isn’t it?

Bridal Makeup Artists are magicians that work wonders on the wedding day for every bride- to -be. Therefore, choosing a bridal makeup artist is one of the most important decisions you will be making. Accordingly, we are sure that you would not want to make any mistakes with your bridal makeup look also because your wedding photographs last a lifetime. Therefore, we spoke to some of the leading makeup artists in the industry to get some amazing bridal makeup tips for brides that no one tells you about. Believe it or not, but these bridal makeup tips from famous bridal makeup artists will not only help you for your bridal makeup but for your post wedding looks as well.

So, let’s get started with some amazing bridal makeup tips for brides that no one tells you about (but, we will tell you!):

1. Healthy Skin Is The Best Foundation

The best and the most obvious bridal makeup tip that any bride-to-be will ever receive is that follow a proper skin care regime for healthy and glowing skin. It is highly advisable to follow a consistent and good day and night skincare routine at least 6 to 8 months before your wedding day. Most of the senior pro artists at Bobbi Brown advice that a good skincare regime “Will help with how makeup looks and stays onto the skin throughout the wedding day”.

Image Courtesy: Jasmeet Kapany

Most of the bridal makeup artists also advice, not to try out anything experimental close to the wedding day. In fact, leading bridal makeup artist Shagun Gupta, tells us that brides-to-be, “should not experiment with any fancy facials close to the wedding day”.

We have also found you the best Organic Skincare Brands and Products to check out for healthy skin and hair.

2. Grooming Tips

One thing every bride-to-be must keep in mind is, not to leave any grooming things for the last moment like threading and waxing as it can leave rashes or redness on the skin. So, it is best to get your grooming done at least a week prior to the wedding, to give your skin ample time to recover.

Image Courtesy: Jasmeet Kapany

Here are some tips to you must know before going for brazilian waxing.

3. Be The Best Version Of Yourself: Opt For Minimalistic & Natural Bridal Makeup

OTT and dramatic makeup is so passe. Unanimously, most bridal makeup artists recommend to go for simple, minimalistic and natural bridal makeup.  Ace celebrity makeup artist Ojas Rajani suggests that brides-to-be should keep their bridal look soft and real, by choosing a natural bridal look. This is the biggest bridal makeup trend which is being followed all over the world.

Image Courtesy: Ojas Rajani

Infact, Shagun Gupta, advises her brides that experimenting with loud eyeshadow or lip shades is not recommended at all, for the wedding day. The biggest bridal makeup trend, which is definitely here to stay, is keeping the look fresh just like most brides all over the world. According to her, “It’s the broad smile and confidence which makes everything fall in place. A bride need not wear red lips just because it is her wedding day, certainly not if she is not comfortable wearing bright red lips.”

Image Courtesy: Shagun Gupta

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4. Prep Your Skin Prior To The Application Of Bridal Makeup

Celebrity makeup artist, Puja Taluja, tells us “Before the application of bridal make up starts, apply a cooling refreshing pack or mask, which helps in brightening the skin, closing the pores and pumping up the face”. The fundamental key for a smooth application is to wash, cleanse and moisturise before the makeup starts.

Image Courtesy: Puja Taluja

5. Hire A Bridal Makeup Artist Who Understands You Well

Bridal makeup artist, Shagun Gupta, gives the most sound and relevant advice. She recommends that finding a bridal makeup artist that suits and understand a bride-to-be, is far more important than anything else. She says,  “Don’t hire someone because they’re lesser than your budget, or someone just because they’re famous. Hire someone whose work you like because your bridal makeup look is the most important aspect of your wedding day”.

Image Courtesy: Shagun Gupta

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6. Waterproof Mascara For Your Happy Tears

Wedding day is full of emotions, you will have a lot of happy tears in your eyes and for that you need a waterproof mascara which doesn’t spill over your face and spoil your wedding pictures. Here are some amazing mascara brands that you can trust on.

Image Courtesy:Ojas Rajani

7. Choosing Your Foundation

Bridal makeup artists all over the world reveal that the single most important bridal makeup tip for brides is choosing and finding the right shade of foundation and using the correct priming products.  Puja Taluja reveals that “As the climate in our country is very extreme and it can get super hot, it is important for summer brides to prep the skin with an anti-shine water resistant primer like Becca’s Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector and to use a lightweight mattifying foundation like the Chanel Velvet Foundation or Georgio Armani light foundation as it gives a flawless look to the skin without getting heavy or cakey and feels light on the skin too and doesn’t melt away in summers”.

Image Courtesy:Ojas Rajani

Bridal makeup artist Jasmeet Kapany recommends to use your own creams and primers for the wedding look, which will help smoothen your skin and makeup application.

8. Proper Conditioning For Your Hair

It’s not just the face that needs all the attention on the wedding day. Brides-to-be, make sure you are treating your hair well before the wedding. And, for that you must go for deep conditioning hair masks regularly before the wedding. For girls who have dry hair must go for DIY hair packs that can make your hair smooth, may be banana pack or egg pack. Its tried and tested, it works!

Image Courtesy:Ojas Rajani

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9. Bridal Makeup Tips For Fuller Lips

Thin lips? We understand no lipstick looks good when your lips are thin, but we have got your back. We know a way to make your lips fuller and you can do it by using a skin colored lip liner and extend your natural lip line make sure not to go overboard with it, stick to ‘less is more’. Use shimmer on the center of the lower lip which creates an illusion of fuller lips. Thank us later!

Image Courtesy: Jasmeet Kapany

10. Keep Up The Brow Game

Make sure your brows are just perfect and not overdone. Never fill your brows with black use brown to make them look natural. So, the best way is, to use eye shadow or pencil and make it even with the eyebrow brush.

Image Courtesy: Puja Taluja


We felt these are some makeup tips for brides that no one will tell except for the experts and hope we were able to convey it to you in the best way possible. As promised we will bring you more and more makeup tips for your D-day that will help you glow, in your wedding photos. Do let us know your reviews about these tips and anything more you want the world needs to know about makeup.

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