With wedding dates all fixed, you certainly have a long list of things to be taken care of. From bridal shopping to wedding invites, you literally have to explore different markets which is all tiresome. And, in between all this chaos, where is the time to go to a beauty consultant or to flip through a beauty magazine to learn about makeup tips, skills, purchases, recommendations, skin care or complexion? Well, no worries because we have curated some of the top Indian beauty vloggers and influencers who are all set to change the vision of beauty-world with their expert wedding makeup tutorials and tips.

Be it a genuine opinion on makeup products, latest eye makeup trends, homemade face masks or different beauty hacks, the most-sought-after YouTube makeup tutorials are just a click away. When you have these online makeup artists by your side, half the pre-bridal beauty-battle is already won.

Just browse through these popular YouTube channels for the best wedding makeup tutorials and get all sorted for small ceremonies without having to spend hours at makeup studios.

1. Beyourself by Parul Saxena

Be yourself is an amazing bridal makeover tutorial channel which will never disappoint you. The channel is run by Parul Saxena who is an Indian living in the Netherlands. Her love for Make-up and Arts led her to follow her passion. On her channel, you will find everything about beauty, makeup, skincare and DIYs. From a smokey eye to everyday makeup looks to Party and Fun looks, her makeup tutorials are easy to understand.
She named her Channel “BeYourself” as she believes that no matter you are White, Black or Brown, you are still beautiful in your own way. According to her, every skin tone is beautiful.

Subscribers- 3,89,012

2. Happytreasuress by Arshia Moorjani

Be it brushes, beauty blenders, foundations or other contouring products; Ashia Moorjani talks about each and every aspect of the make-up world in a professional manner. In fact, this YouTuber wants women across the world to celebrate their individuality with confidence, fitness and perfection. From well-defined eyes to glittery lips, from shimmery eyelids to corrective makeup; the channel focuses on the trends that rule the runway.

Subscribers- 2,83,845

3. Keepingupwithmona by Mona Sangha

Find anything related to beauty from makeup tutorials, reviews and DIY’s on keepingupwithmona’s channel. A freelance makeup artist and hair stylist, Mona Sangha’s makeup tutorials are extremely helpful as she shares some really easy to use makeup techniques, DIY tips for skincare and hair styling.

Subscribers- touching 1.5 Lakhs

4. Makemeup89 By Muni Sanchez

Phenomenal transformations is what Muni Sanchez’s YouTube channel is all about. Muni, the channel creator does not believe in taking the trends forward but in setting them. Brides-to-be who believe in being creative and are ready to experiment will appreciate the channel’s unique make-up ideas and tricks. There are daily tutorials, DIY’s, tips and product reviews to acquaint the fans with some amazing and fun make-up looks. Her bold chit-chat style will inspire you to be more adventurous with your make-up routine.  But she always comes back to her point of maintaining a healthy skin over a painted one. She always encourages her users to go for homemade masks and natural products over branded beauty products.

Subscribers- Touching 3 lakhs


5. Farahdhukai

Farah Dhukai’s YouTube channel is every bride-to-be’s favourite because there’s nothing Farah cannot teach. From makeup talks, contours, reviews and swatches, this lady does it all. The best thing about her is that she is brutally honest with her choice of natural products over synthetic. Infact, she likes to pick it up from “grannies kitchen”  and stay natural for that flawless skin and functional make-up. Her homemade beauty regimes, her real world experience and DIYs tutorials are fantastic and easy to understand. Farah is of African origin and currently based in Canada. Her videos are real, affordable and honest for regular skin and hair care regimen. So, dear brides-to-be, why not start pampering your skin while there is still much time left for your wedding!

Subscribers- Crosses 2.1 Million

6. Kaushal Beauty

Kaushal Beauty is one of the best recognizable names on YouTube in Indian beauty industry. She is a London-based British-born Indian mentor of beauty trends who has built an impressive social following with her exceptional work. Her host of tips and beauty hacks includes celeb-inspired make-up trends straight from the red-carpet. ‘Kylie Jenner Inspired Make-Up Look’ (more than 10 million views) is one of the most subscribed video of Kaushal beauty. Infact this YouTube channel showcases the content and trends which are making waves in the showbiz. From a festive-based traditional make-up to subtle avatar and a glam girl look; Kaushal’s videos and tutorials are just fab. Kaushal beauty offers expert and innovative tips on well-defined make-up for eyes, hair, skin and lips. Brides-to-be! Just sit up and take notes.

Subscribers- More than 2.1 million

7. Corallista by Ankita

Ankita is no less than a star when it comes to the best YouTube channels for wedding makeup tutorials. Her frequent feeds and posts consist of creativity, inventiveness and a unique vision in the world of make-up. Ankita’s art-attacking and vlogging started in January 2011 and her lessons expand far beyond just make-up and beauty. Her funky style, personality, detailed tutorials and quirky updates are fun to watch and manageable to follow. This Japan-based Indian beauty vlogger can prove to be your most trusted source for the best bridal make-up tutorials. Her’s is a perfect YouTube channel where you can find skincare, make-up, beauty and fashion tips in abundance. With a certain energy and charisma, she draws a lot of audience who are looking for festive, traditional, party and college make-up tutorials. She has also documented product recommendations, swatches, product reviews, hair-do’s etc.

Subsribers- More than 4 lakhs followers

8. Shruti Arjun Anand

Shruti’s easy and simple DIYs, tips, tutorials, recommendations and crazy antics makes her one of the top beauty vloggers on YouTube. Her YouTube channel is no less than magic that will help you turn into much more prettier bride than you have ever imagined.  In addition to beauty hacks and easy pocket-friendly suggestions; her focus on South Asian skin helps her make name on social media. She also adds content on fitness, henna, lifestyle and DIY’s to her fans. Outspoken and talented YouTuber, Shruti has been making videos since 2010. Just subscribe her channel and get those inside secrets for perfect bridal looks for smaller ceremonies all by yourself.

Subscribers- 2.5 Million

9. Zahrah Aliyah

This is one of the best and most amazing beauty channels where the content is exclusively about the make-up tips as per your skin type. The channel also allows the beauty lovers to decode different twists to the regular make-up. Created by partly Indian and partly Fijian-Indian Zahrah Aliya, the channel displays a variety of make-up tips, looks and tutorials. Based in Australia, 24-year-old girl enthralls her Indian audience and fans with modern and experimental make-up looks. The channel has loads of hacks and information centred around the dusky and dark complexion. A lot of beauty techniques are featured depending upon the occasion, skin type and need. So, no matter what type of skin colour you have, this YouTube channel got you covered with the best wedding makeup tutorials for you to take inspiration from.

Subscribers-  64000 K


10. Sjlovesjewelery by Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain began her social media stint with jewellery but today she is better known as a beauty vlogger as she has switched to make-up and fashion in August 2010. Her followers are hungry to be introduced to various quirky beauty tips and techniques. The pro-makeup artist and Delhi-based student shares product demos, how-to videos, reviews and natural beauty tips on hair, face, eyes and nails. Fashionista in her 20’s is all about unconventional, creative yet easy tips on eye-makeup, hair-do’s, routine and party make-up etc.

Subscribers- Touching 5 lakhs (437,897)

11. Debasree Banerjee

A Biotechnology student from Assam introduces you to the world of beauty and make-up in a quintessential way. She likes to feature tutorials, comments, reviews and beauty hauls for skin, lips, hair, lips and eyes. The bong beauty created her channel in 2009 and today she has everything for a beginner, college student, professionals, brides and the married woman. Debasree also plays around seasonal themes and different avatars. This Mumbai based fashion & beauty vlogger should be on every bride-to-be list who looks forward to some easy to do wedding makeup tutorials for different looks.

Subscribers- 2 Lakhs

Warm, friendly and contagious, these videos and tutorials are sure to make your journey of beauty smooth and hassle-free. No sooner you subscribe and watch these informative and amazing beauty channels, you will realize why these are a hit among their fans. So, get ready to rock different wedding looks like a pro!

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