Airbrush makeup is a technique of applying makeup using an airbrush system. No brushes, beauty blenders or fingers are used in this technique. Makeup is almost spray painted on your face just like spray tan is applied. Today brides have make up options like  HD, mineral, nude, airbrush makeup and what not. The bride gets literally confused which one to pick. Especially which bridal makeup will suit her skin type? Every technique is unique and choosing the right one makes all the difference.

Most of you have heard about airbrush makeup but may not know much about the same. Airbrush makeup is a brilliant technique which has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The big question is whether it is the right one for you and will it last throughout through the evening? Well, here is all that you need to know about airbrush makeup before making an appointment for the special day:

Advantages of Airbrush

1. Maximum coverage

Airbrush makeup is buildable. You can have sheer coverage if you want but it is more famous for the maximum coverage. No other makeup technique or range can give the kind of coverage that airbrush does. It will hide all your blemishes, spot and dark circles.

2. Long Lasting

It may take a little while to set but that only makes it better. It stays in place for over 12 hours. You don’t even need to do any kind of touch-up. With just a little care, your wedding makeup can last the entire night without looking washed up.

bridal makeup, airbrush makeup

Image Courtesy: Meera Sakhrani

3. Suitable for all skin type

Choosing the right makeup for your skin type is imperative if you don’t want to end with dry patches or oil seeping through the foundation. One of the best things about airbrush makeup is that it suits every skin type. Since it creates a layer over the skin without actually interacting with it, it does not matter whether you have an oily, dry or combination skin.

4. Smudge-Proof

From your foundation to eyeshadow, everything will be applied using the airbrush technique. This means that you can stop worrying that your makeup will smudge. It is smudge-proof. Your eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, highlighter, and lipstick will not blend into each other.

5. Looks great in Photographs

It reflects just the right amount of light which is why photographers love it. It looks great on the screen. Whether you are getting hitched under the sun or the moon, your photos will turn out amazing. You will look like a model!

bridal makeup, airbrush makeup

Image Courtesy: Samaira Sandhu

6. You will find your perfect Shade

If you are someone who often complains about not finding the right foundation shade then you should go with airbrush makeup. This technique gives the artist the liberty to lighten or darken the foundation shades. This means that you will definitely find your perfect match with airbrush makeup.

bridal makeup, airbrush makeup

Image Courtesy: Makeup by Shagun

7. Works well on Lines and Wrinkles

Makeup can hide your spots but not wrinkles and fine lines. Airbrush makeup works as a temporary botox. It means that it will hide your wrinkles and lines with minimum effort. It will create a layer of makeup over them.

8. Waterproof

It is waterproof. It will not wash away or melt because of sweat or water. You can cry, laugh or get all wet but this makeup will not move until you swipe it with a tissue.

bridal makeup, airbrush makeup

Image Courtesy: Pooja Joseph Photography

Disadvantages of Airbrush Makeup

1. Can be wiped off easily

While airbrush makeup is waterproof, it comes off easily. If there is any kind of moisture on your face then you have to be extra careful. Just one harsh swipe and the game is over. Just blot on the moisture with a soft tissue. Never be harsh on airbrush makeup.

2. It can look Cakey

Airbrush makeup is a highly professional technique. One cannot do it right just by acquiring the right tools. Just a small mistake and it can look extremely cakey. So make sure that you go for a trial before you book your artist.

Image Courtesy: Heera Anthony

3. It is not Cheap

All good things come with a price tag and so does airbrush makeup. It is costlier than all the other makeup technique. So, be ready to write a big cheque for your makeup artist.

4. It can Crack

It can hide your lines and wrinkles very well but it can crack easily if you don’t give it enough time to set. Since it is a layer of makeup on your face, you have to let it set completely. As you can’t touch-up airbrush makeup without the help of a professional, you have to be extra careful once you are out of the salon.

5. It does not look Natural

It is not for those who are looking for a more natural looking makeup. This technique involves creating layers of makeup on the face. It is definitely not for those brides who don’t feel confident after applying makeup.

bridal makeup, airbrush makeup

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Just like any other thing, it has its own perks and parcels. The best way to comprehend whether it will work for you is by going for a trial. Talk to your MUA and find out if airbrush makeup is the right choice for you or not. We are certain that you will make a gorgeous bride.

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