Choosing the apt bridal hairstyle for the reception is one of the trickiest processes that a bride has to go through. Reception is the time that allows them to break the bun and be a little experimental with their hair. Right from a chic messy braids to wavy loose curls, the brides today do not shy away from trying unique bridal hairstyles for their wedding celebrations, especially, reception. Well, if you too are a bride to be looking for suitable hairstyle for your reception, you have just landed on the right page. Check out 20 stunning bridal hairstyles for your reception that we spotted on the beautiful Indian brides.

1. Soft and romantic low-bun

bridal hairstyles, reception, reception hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Ishita and Ashish’s Wedding Album

bridal hairstyles, reception, reception hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Makeup by Simran

bridal hairstyles, reception, reception hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Recall Pictures

We love how these brides smoothed it down and kept their hair neatly in place with a stylish bun. Those knots and tangles are anyways the rage this season. So, take a cue from the divas and let your bun shine all through your reception. Go for the absolutely impressive bridal hairstyle to show off your long neck and pretty shoulders. You may use flowers and big blooms for some texture, drama and colour.

2. Mermaid Waves

bridal hairstyles, reception, reception hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Nabeela and Mustakeem’s Wedding Album

Image Courtesy: Colorblind Production

Image Courtesy: Mehak Dawar Makeup

This easy peasy bridal hairstyle sure is going to be your favourite. See how these lovely brides stood tall and statuesque on their reception with classic and cascading curls. It’s appealing to see a simple hairstyle being transformed into something incredible. Poker straight look at the crown area and the waterfall curls at the back together are giving them a fairy like look.

3. Textured Loose Hair

bridal hairstyles, reception, reception hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Mehak Dawar Makeup

You will love to sport this carefree and careless avatar at your reception. And if you are blessed with long and luscious locks, you will want to flaunt it even more. So, let your hair down (metaphorically) and keep it unattended like these lovelies.

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4. Imperfect messy look

bridal hairstyles, reception, reception hairstyle

If ‘perfection’ signifies boring to you, breathe a sigh of relief with this twisted and ‘sloppy’ looking hairdo. Follow this bridal hairstyle trend that identifies a lot with being effortless, chic and casual. So, while you ditch that perfectly combed neat look for your reception, there’s simply one tool that you need- the accessories. Use a crystal crown, brooch, hair chain etc to give a refreshing and unique twist to your messy locks at the back. Thanks to the accessory that will make you look like a crowning glory on your special day. So, if the simple plain hairdo is not your thing, take the pain to flaunt this uber cool style to look like an edgy and happy-go-lucky princess.

5. Artful- All mixed up

Image Courtesy: Orange The Salon

Image Courtesy: Orange The Salon

You will be glad that we landed you on to this super-duper bridal hairstyle which features a mix of different trends and elements. For those who are obsessed with varieties and wish to get it all, this out-of-the-box hairdo will stand like a boon and saviour. You can just go crazy by having a bit of this and bit of that without compromising on your comfort. But make sure your stylist makes it easily achievable or else it will end up in a mess. Though this one is a perfect choice for quintessential brides, the fairy-like hairdo should not look like a nest. You can go far with as much variations you can- curls, twists, braids, fishtails, half-tied, accessorized and what not.

6. Pouf and curls

bridal hairstyles, reception, reception hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Kajol R Paswwan

That fab combination of pouf and curls is actually one of the simplest and most appealing bridal hairstyles you can create at your reception. See how this diva is kicking the style up a notch by leaving  her lovely loose locks on one side. So, if you are looking for a red-carpet ready look, look no further than this hairdo. The hairstyle is a smart one to add some volume if you have thin hair.

7. Royal and retro

bridal hairstyles, reception

Image Courtesy: Nazuk and Vaibhav’s Wedding Album

Image Courtesy: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

Looking polished, relaxed and royal is another haute trend among bridal hairstyles. The regal look is big on the style horizon that truly channels your inner princess on your special day. You can make this hair style a far more regal by adding a jewelled headband. It will give you a lot of attention and will go well with ethnic as well as your western couture. So, decode the royal look which mixes up with simplicity. Also, the headband will look pretty and at the same time keep your hair away from your face.

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8. Messy Over The Shoulder Look

bridal hairstyles, reception, reception hairstyle

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

Image Courtesy: Kshitiz Sharma Photography

The side swept lock longs is elite, urban, fashionable and perfect for your romantic reception. The big glamorous layers settling onto one side will look bouncy and beautiful. Take a cue from this bride and impress your partner with your flirty and easy-breezy style. Anyways, the long hair on the sides is an integral part of Indian hair-vaganza.

9. Flaunt the flowers

bridal hairstyle, reception, reception hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Bhumi and Simran Photography

Image Courtesy: Jasmeet Kapany

Image Courtesy: Pooja Joseph Photography

Call it classic, old, outdated and oh-so-common but flowers are surely here to stay and are always a part of Indian bridal hairstyle. Our new-age actresses seemed to be in age-old hairstyle. They are sporting the once-popular trend synonymous with elegance, charm and charisma with aplomb. You too can follow these glam girls’ hairstyle which is easy to decode and beautiful to look at. Be it bun, loose locks, pony tails or waves; just cover up your tresses with fresh roses or big monochromatic flowers and it will fetch you loads of compliments.

10. The bun makeover

Image Courtesy: The Styles by Sha Hair

Adding pretty flowers is a good and versatile solution for all kinds of hair. Even if you are running late for your own reception and still want to look fab just curl the bottom of hair into a bun and adorn it with the red roses. It will look as if you have spent hours to achieve this look. If you want to put a twist, you can go for braided bun or double fold bun.

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11. Rumpled wave

Image Courtesy: Shikha Mohan

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

Girls who wish to whip up the perfect waves must go for this rumpled and fuzzy style. It’s one of the most common and glam bridal hairstyles that will never go out of style. Perfect on its own and no accessories required; it’s so tempting. The perfectly done waves are so-yesterday. For an exquisite, easy and luxe look on your reception; rock-n-roll style is what you exactly need.

12. All dolled up

Image Courtesy: Dipak Studios

For you to be all glammed up at your reception, your hair too needs something extra so that it stands out. Well, what better option can there be than this messy braid teamed up with a heavy hair accessory. This bridal hairstyle is chic as well as glamorous, and is sure to grab you a lot of attention for all the right reasons.

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