Styling your hair is a huge task to master, especially when it’s your wedding day. But fret not, we’re back with some amazing bridal hairstyling tips for you. We’ll guide how to choose the right kind of accessories for your hairdo- whether floral or bejeweled. So that you can look your best and ace your wedding look like a pro! Floral hairstyle and eclectic jewelry both have been ruling the bridal hairdo and we’ll help you pick the best option according to your look. Whether you’re a minimalist bride or a maximalist bride, we’ve got something for all of you. Our job is to help you slay your wedding day look and we’re here to do just that. Let’s get started, shall we?

Save These Bridal Hairstyling Tips For Choosing The Best Kind Of Accessories-

1. Keep It Traditional

If you’re planning to keep your bridal look traditional, it’s better to pick some timeless accessories. Add an accessory that doesn’t contrast with your look. If your bridal look is traditional from head to toe, don’t opt for modern hair accessories as that could throw off the vibe. And a timeless piece of mogra would do wonders for your bridal hairstyle. The gorgeous white mogra is delicate and subtle, and will not overpower any element of your outfit or jewelry. Bonus: the sweet fragrance.mogra flower bun

Wedding Bells Photography

bridal bun

The Signature Designers

traditional mogra hair braid

Hair By Dablu

How to choose the right bridal hairstyle for your face?

2. Add A Pop of Color With Roses & Orchids

The classic touch of floral buns and braids do have their own charm. And you can make your hairstyle pop by choosing the right kind of flowers. You can pick roses or orchids but styling them minimally is the key. The gorgeous rose and orchid colors will stand out and your hairstyle will grab all the attention. Apply the ‘less is more’ rule and you’ll be good to go.

rose hair accesory

The Picture Patch India

bridal bun with roses

Reels & Frames

orchids in bridal hair

Orange The Salon

bridal hairstyling tips

Surya Singh Makeup

3. Go For A Striking Look With A Bejeweled Hairdo

We’ve seen a lot of gorgeous bridal hairstyles and all sorts of accessories. But if you’re looking to bedazzle everyone with your beautiful hairdo, pick jewelry. Simple but stunning hair jewelry can work wonders for your wedding look. Especially for a night event, bejeweled hair accessories look beautiful. Style your open hair with an embellished Jada and you’re gold. 

embellished jada

Akshaya Vaidyanathan

open hair accessories

Deep Joshi Gallery

jeweled hair accessories

Ritika Kadam

You can also add some stunning embellishments to your bun which will surely amplify your look. Bridal buns with gorgeous and delicate jeweled elements look marvelous. You can opt for chained strings or pearls to glorify your bun.

unique bridal bun accessories

Indian Fashion Hub

bejeweled bun

Aanal Savaliya

Get inspired by these voguish embellished hairstyles for your wedding.

4. Bridal Hairstyling Tips For Minimalist Brides 

To all our minimalist brides who love trends but hate going overboard, we’ve got you covered. You can either opt for little flowers such as baby breath buds and have them distributed in your hair. Or opt for a butterfly hair accessory that looks amazing without having to add anything else. Just remember to choose colors that compliment your outfit so that the look ties in well.

artificial floral accessories

The Wed Capture

minimalist hair styling

Sajni Laxmikant MUA

butterfly hair accessory

Deepak Sheshodiya

5. Opt For Gypsos For Buns ‘n’ Braids

We’ve spotted a lot of floral buns and braids featuring baby breath and gypsos. They’re one of the most popular floral hair accessories. Many brides, today, can be seen incorporating gypsos not only to their hairstyle but also to other elements like garlands. And the best part about them is that they’re tiny and can be styled any way you want. You can add a bunch of them to your floral bun and with different hues. Or place them in your braids along with the other flowers. And voila, you’ve got yourself a beautiful bridal hairstyle!

OTT floral bridal bun

Israni Photography

baby breath braid

Silhouette UK

floral braid hair

Sara Idrees

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6. Balance It Out By Keeping It Neutral & Floral

Another great way to balance your look with a floral hairstyle is to opt for a neutral-toned flower. White flowers are not very bright and do not attract a lot of attention. So if you’re looking to stylize your hair subtly, opt for white flowers. You can choose from lilies, daisies, chrysanthemums, or white roses. They will all look gorgeous but not steal the attention away from your outfit or jewelry. 

white flower bun

Palwashaa Minhas

white floral tiara

Sonam Babani

We’ve got more than 50 bridal hairstyle ideas for you to choose from.

Well, ladies, that’s all we had for you. But we’ll be back with more awesome bridal tips for you so that you can slay your wedding day. We hope these bridal hairstyling tips help you get your perfect hairdo. Now, go ahead and flaunt your tresses, and do share your pictures with us. Until, next time!

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