Being a bridesmaid is more difficult than being a bride. Along with taking care of the bride, you have to take care of everything and everyone else. A bridesmaid is always prepared for any kind of emergency. It is hard to snatch some ‘me-time’ amidst all the hustle and bustle but you have to look your best at your favorite person’s wedding. When you were busy taking care of others, we were busy finding you some easy hairstyles that you can make in a few minutes. Don’t worry girl, you may have a thousand problems but your hair won’t be one of that.

Check these amazing hairstyles by Ogle school and get photo-ready in 2 minutes. Whether you are feeling a bit lazy or surrounded by too much work, these quick hairstyles will make you look gorgeous.

1. Pixie Sparkle

This cute wedding hairstyle is for the ones with short hair. If you thought that you can do absolutely nothing with short hair then you are wrong. You can make your short hair ready for the wedding by adding just a few accessories to them. With the help of some glitter or a headband, you will be ready to stand by the bride’s side at the altar.

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2. Twisted Bun

You can never go wrong with a simple bun. Just use a little bit of hairspray and divide your hair into two section. Tie them in a knot and pin the loose ends in a circular motion. This kind of wedding hairstyle looks good on every face cut.

bridesmaid hairstyle, hairstyle, wedding hairstyle

3. Bohemian Braid

We know how hectic weddings can be. So, if you haven’t got the time to wash your hair, this bohemian braid will be your savior. Brush your hair and make French braids on both the sides of your hair. Let them come together in a waterfall. Your unwashed hair is great for the look.

bridesmaid hairstyle, hairstyle, wedding hairstyle

4. Sleek and Polished

Straight hair is a blessing. When you can’t think of anything else, go for straight hair. Use your hair straightener or a blow dryer to do the work. Sleek hair is in fashion this year. From Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma, all the ladies swear by it.

bridesmaid hairstyle, hairstyle, wedding hairstyle

5. Curls and Flowers

If you want your raw and natural spirit to reflect in the way you carry yourself then, this quick hairstyle will be perfect for you. Twist the hair of your crown area and secure them using bobby pins or tie them in a Dutch knot. Use a curling road for the rest of your hair. You can add some flowers to this hairstyle to be wedding-ready. This is the easiest wedding hairstyle for girls with long hair.

bridesmaid hairstyle, hairstyle, wedding hairstyle

6. Easy up-do

If you are really short on time, this easy up-do could be your best friend. It takes less than two minutes to make this hairstyle. This works on hair of every length. You don’t even need a hairspray for it. Just a few rubber bands and bobby pins will work just fine. Roll your hair with your fingers and use bobby pins to keep them in place.

bridesmaid hairstyle, hairstyle, wedding hairstyle

7. Vintage Side Swept

There are some hairstyles that can never go out of style. They have been here for ages and are still everyone’s favorite. This hairstyle is one of them. This vintage side swept was actress Blake Lively’s signature hairstyle. You can use a blow dryer to curl your hair and then bring them to one side. Use a pretty hair clip to complete the look.

bridesmaid hairstyle, hairstyle, wedding hairstyle

8. Romantic Twist

If you do not have any accessory or a styling iron, this is the hairstyle that you should consider. Divide your hair into three parts and use a volumizer or do back-comb to add some volume to your hair. Twist your hair lightly and use bobby pins to put them in place.   

bridesmaid hairstyle, hairstyle, wedding hairstyle

Ogle School’s tricks are blessing in disguise. You can make these hairstyles quickly and without anyone’s help. We all know that a bad hairstyle can ruin a perfectly good dress and stunning making. We don’t want that at all. So, give these simple hairstyle tricks from Ogle School a try and we are sure that you will never have a bad hair situation again in your life.

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