Every time we see a gorgeous Indian bride sporting a fresh trend at her wedding, we just go gaga over it and share it with you right away to inspire you lovelies for your big day. Well, the trend that has caught our attention this time is the usage of flowers in Indian bridal hairstyles. Yes, this pretty trend is a hit among the brides these days and why wouldn’t it be? They look insanely gorgeous after all! So, if you are getting married anytime soon, check out these chic Indian bridal hairstyles with flowers in them to create a ‘hatke’ style statement at your wedding day!

1. Redefining Wedding Hair With A Floral Dupatta

Our beautiful bride, Drishti gave a refreshingly beautiful twist to wedding hair by tucking in a dupatta made of fresh flowers in her head and we are totally in love with it!
Paran Singh Photography, Indian bridal hairstyles

Image Courtesy: Paran Singh Photography

Let this stylish bride inspire you more with her stunning style at rest of her wedding functions. Check out the Wedding Album of Drishti and Sahil!

2. Shine Like Gold In Marigold!

Orange The Salon,bridal bun

Image Courtesy: Orange The Salon

Marigold (genda phool) is one of the most common and also the favourite flowers used in an Indian wedding’s décor. Imagine this bright and beautiful flower being a part of an Indian bridal hairstyle as well! Isn’t this bride inspiring you to ditch the mainstream jasmine gajras and try genda phool for a stunning bridal hairstyle?
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3. A Fresh Floral Bouquet For The Bridal Bun

bridal bun

Image Courtesy: Orange The Salon

We are drooling over this stunning wedding hair trend where the entire bun is covered with fresh roses and ivory hydrangea. Wouldn’t you want to flaunt this trend at your wedding?

4. Big Bold Flowers For A Big Bold Bridal Bun

floral bun

Image Courtesy: Beauteeinc

Go one step ahead of the previous one and you have yet another brilliant Indian bridal hairstyle. Pick big monochromatic flowers and put them on your big bun for a bold hairdo at your wedding!
anushka sharma bridal hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Gabriel Georgiou

The most popular Indian celebrity bride of the recent times, Anushka Sharma too had opted for this bridal hairstyle at her destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Doesn’t that give you all the more reasons to go for this hairstyle at your wedding?
Loved her looks at all the wedding functions? Here’s how you can emulate Anushka Sharma’s Bridal Looks At Your D-Day!

5. Let Your Bun Shine

The Cheesecake Project, Indian bridal hairstyles

Image Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project 

Not every bride might like the idea of covering her bun completely with flowers. If you are one of those, then this beautiful floral frame for your bun is all that you need for your wedding day. The way two different flowers have been used here for adding different textures and colours to an Indian bridal hairstyle is absolutely impressive. The bride hair opted for pink hydrangea and anise, you can change the flowers as per your preferences.

6. A Dainty String Of Flowers Adorning Bridal Hair

Open Bridal Hairstyles

Image Courtesy: Archana Rautela

If you are blessed with lovely long locks, then let them go loose and adorn them simply with a delicate and exquisite string of flowers. Isn’t that a pretty hairstyle for an engagement or a cocktail party?

7. A Pristine White Frame For Your Bun

Wedding Hair

Image Courtesy: Anita Dongre

Don’t want to use multiple colours in your hairstyle? No worries! Opt for a petite gajra in white to give a sophisticated outline to your bun and voila! You have a fabulous Indian bridal hairstyle to fetch you loads of compliments.
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8. The ‘Less Is More’ Hairstyle

Hairstyle by Reba Khan, Indian bridal hairstyles

Image Courtesy: Hairstyle by Reba Khan

Planning to sport a side bun at your wedding? Keep it simple and stylish with just two to three flowers on it!

9. The Twisted Tale

Sachi Anand Photography,bridal hairstyles

Image Courtesy: Sachi Anand Photography

Nida Rehman Photography, Indian bridal hairstyles

Image Courtesy: Nida Rehman Photography

If bun is not your thing, then a braid with cascading flowers certainly can be the right thing to style up your hair.  

10. A Floral Crown For The Princess

LightBucket Productions

Image Courtesy: LightBucket Productions

Now that’s an uber cool Indian bridal hairstyle that we have come across recently! The top bun and a floral crown enhancing its beauty is just the right hairdo for a bride to feel like a princess at her haldi ceremony, right?

11. Orange Is The New Black

Pixel Snap Studio, floral bun

Image Courtesy: Pixel Snap Studio

This floral bun filled with orange petals is definitely giving us some major bridal hairstyle goals, and how can we miss out on that delicate white frame of anise flowers? Isn’t that a gorgeous wedding hair trend?
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