Even if you are not a makeup fanatic, your bridal look has to have that hallowed effect on you on the big day. Needless to say, it’s important to find a makeup artist who knows how to highlight your best features and add that glow that you deserve on this day.
Though, you may have shortlisted a few MUA already. Don’t forget to ask them these important questions before you’re ready to sign the contract and finalise your fairy godmother.

Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist These Questions:

1. Can I See Your Work Somewhere?

Given this time and age, a website or a social media handle that showcases the portfolio is almost a mandate. Make sure to see the work and find something that suits your ideal makeup style. Read testimonials, reviews and see the makeup, not just professional camera shots, also regular pictures.

2. What Makeup Products & Brands Do You Use?

This is especially important if you are hiring the Bridal Makeup Artist for more than one function. Different times and locations require different types of makeup. So ensure that your Makeup Artist is comfortable using brands that suit your skin type, to avoid any breakouts.
Bridal Makeup Products

3. What Is The Method Of Payment?

It’s imperative to understand the mode and terms of payment because on a general basis you will be dealing with one individual and the contracts can differ. Keep in mind to understand the cancellation fees, advance payments etc so you can you organize the money before hand. Also, in case of out of station travelling, the fees of the MUA are different, so make sure to mention that.

4. What All Is Included In The Package?

After getting to know the details of the payments, understand what all is part of the package. Hair styling? How many functions? Nail art, Draping etc. It’s best to get a clarity on this right away so you are not in for a shock later.
Bridal Makeup Artist

5. Will You Be Travelling To The Location Or I Need To Come To You?

In case, the MUA is located in the same city or town, it’s still important to know if you’d be going to her/his studio or she/he would be coming to the location to get you ready. Both are equally doable, so it totally depends on your comfort level.

6. How Do We Go About The Makeup Trial?

Getting a makeup trial is almost a compulsory task. To understand if the makeup products are suiting you and you are able to get the look that you desire, it’s crucial to get one done. There are two or three different looks you want to get for the different events, it’s crucial that you get along with the MUA.  Don’t forget to take a camera and get some pictures to see how the makeup reflects in photographs.
Bridal Makeup Artist

7. Will You Be Able To Duplicate A Look That I Have Saved In My Inspiration Board?

In today’s times, when Bollywood stars are giving us major style goals and inspiration. It’s almost likely to find a look that we are in love with and want something similar to that on one of the wedding functions. Sometimes the MUA are hesitant on working with this guideline, so understand.

8. What All Do I Need To Bring Along With Me On The Day?

From tiny items like a bindi, flowers for the hair, nail paint and a moisturizer, you need to know what all to carry, so you don’t miss out on the essential things. Generally, if they are helping with the drapes and hair style too, they’ll be fully equipped. Best to know in advance.

9. What Kind Of A Look Will Suit Me?

This is the best way to understand if you are able to communicate with the MUA easily. It’s your big day and everyone’s eyes are going to be on you. You want to make sure that you are comfortable and looking your lovely best. This answer will ease you a little too as you’ll know if you are on the same wavelength about what you want!

10. What About The Bridesmaids/Bridal Party?

Find out details on how much it would cost to also get makeup done for the bridesmaids, the sister and mother. Sometimes, the MUA has a team that may be able to get this organized and in turn make it more cost effective and more in sync too.

11. By When Can I Confirm With You?

While you may also be taking trials will other MUA, make sure to work as per their schedules and timings. Sometimes in a haste we make mistakes, but sometimes overthinking also makes you lose focus and the first choice of Bridal Makeup Artist may not be available then.

12. Ask Any YOU Specific Questions!

“My skin is extra sensitive”, “My eyes are super watery”, “I sweat a lot”.  Feel relaxed about asking this questions, after all the MUA would be able to work better with you when she understands what works for you.

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