Makeup isn’t just an art, it’s that transformational art that can change your perception and help you unlock new horizons. There is so much potential within you that only a expert can help you see! 
From highlighting your features in the best way to giving you that extra kick of confidence, makeup can really help you accomplice that and more.
Even though there are multitude of tutorials online, learning how to get that winged eyeliner perfectly while you are practicing it, is just splendid.
You follow celebrity looks and trending styles without really knowing what would work better on you, but after understanding that with help from a professional, you can tweak it the way you like!
Need more reasons to go for a personal grooming class? Here are some!

1. What is the right way to hold your makeup brush?

Despite of 86% spending more than 15 minutes on doing makeup, only 11% of those know how the difference between the makeup brushes and own a variety of them for specific works. Now, wouldn’t you want to utilize that time well and use the correct brush and the product?

2. What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

We all spend loads on makeup products, only because we know they suit us or we are comfortable with that brand. More than 70% women are loyal to one brand and don’t care about switching! The truth is, unless you have the knowledge about the other brands that offer similar products, you’ll never have the right mix of things in your makeup bag. Besides, not everyone knows the difference between primers, BB creams, concealer or Foundation. Best time to learn!

3. What Suits Your Face?

Everyone is particular when it comes to buying products that suit their face. But do you know much about how to accentuate the features and conceal the flaws for your unique structure? Learning in a one on one environment will make you understand that better and use the correct product and method for your type!

4. Looking different every single day! (It’s possible)

By learning simple tweaks and methods to work with your makeup, you can get a different look every single day according to the occasion. Now, we know what a role model you are at work, at parties and while you are right up there giving a speech to an eminent audience. We want you to feel fearless and flawless!

5. What is “Natural” makeup?

The biggest mistake women make these days is doing makeup that isn’t appropriate for their skin nor the event. From understanding what a natural look means to a stylish party look, the different gradations can be learnt only with the help of a professional. You’ll be surprised how you can use all the products and still not look OTT.

6. Knowing your skin well is a healthy thing!

To know that removing makeup is vital and conditioning the skin before application of makeup, you’ll get to learn a lot more with expert advice. Using the right primers, creams, collagen activators etc will make your skin breathe through the day. Grasping what type of makeup products to use for healthy skin is the most important thing.

7. Learn to get that perfect pout and wink!

Are you not such a makeup fan? That’s alright. For the incidental makeup users, getting that eyeliner on point or even being able to contour well seems like a distant dream. At a personal grooming class, you’ll nail three different looks by practicing it yourself ensuring that you are able to repeat this look even in the future! (without any help!)

Almost 95% of the women in the world feel that wearing makeup makes them feel more confident and thus they don’t mind investing in it.
Isn’t it time to make sure you’re investing in the right products and the right looks then?
Vidya Tikari’s Studio offers a range of makeup courses for the novice and the intermediate aspirants. All you have to do is spare three days and get a makeover while learning something more! If you want to explore this option, follow this link, right here.
Of course if you are looking to make a career in this space, then there are tailor made courses that you need to get your hands on. You can check them out here.
*Statistics taken from LAB 42.

Image Source: Vidya TikariShutterstock

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