A bridal nath, or nose ring, is a traditional piece of jewellery that many brides opt for on D-day. While it certainly adds an elegant touch to the bridal ensemble, it can also be quite uncomfortable to wear it for longer hours. Especially, for those not accustomed to nose jewellery. However, ShaadiWish is here with some tips that will allow you to wear your bridal nath comfortably and confidently throughout your special day.

Want To Channel Your Inner Maharani With A Bridal Nath? Here’s How You Can Wear The Massive Nath With Utmost Comfort:

1. Choose The Right Nath Matters For Comfort

  • Size And Weight: Opt for a nath that is lightweight and of a comfortable size. Large, heavy naths can cause discomfort and even pain if worn for an extended period.
  • Design: Select a design that complements your facial structure and is easy to wear. Some designs have a chain that hooks into the hair for additional support, distributing the weight more evenly.
Bridal Nath 101 - All About Wearing Maharani Nath Comfortably
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Also, check these 20+ best nath designs for brides of 2024.

2. Get the Right Fit Of Bridal Nath For Maharani Look

  • Pierced vs. Non-Pierced: If your nose is not pierced, opt for a clip-on nath. Make sure it has a comfortable clip mechanism that does not pinch too hard.
  • Adjustable Options: Look for a nath with adjustable chains or hooks. This flexibility can make a significant difference in comfort.
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3. Make Sure You Have A Trial Run With Your Maharani Nath

  • Practice Wearing: Wear your nath a few times before the wedding day to get used to the sensation. This will help you adjust to any discomfort and find the perfect fit.
  • Test With Makeup: Try wearing the nath with your makeup on. This ensures that the nath sits well on your face without disturbing your makeup or causing irritation.
  • Numbing Cream: This method is highly effective for alleviating pain caused by a heavy bridal nath. Simply apply some medical-grade numbing cream before wearing your nath. Be sure to check that you are not allergic to the ingredients beforehand.
Bridal Nath 101 - All About Wearing Maharani Nath Comfortably
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And, see these incredible Maharashtrian nath designs we are pinning right away.

4. Secure The Nath Properly

  • Support Chain: If your nath has a support chain, secure it firmly into your hair with a bobby pin or small hook. This helps to alleviate pressure on the nose.
  • Balanced Placement: Ensure that the nath is balanced and not pulling to one side. An unevenly balanced nath can cause discomfort and look asymmetrical.
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5. Use Cushioning To Make Sure You Wear The Bridal Nath Comfortably

  • Soft Padding: Apply a small piece of moleskin or cotton where the nath touches the skin. This can prevent irritation and cushion the contact point. You can also use silicon pad that not only prevents skin irritation, but also provides additional grip to prevent the nath from slipping off during the festivities.
  • Hypoallergenic Options: If you have sensitive skin, choose naths made from hypoallergenic materials to avoid any allergic reactions.
Bridal Nath 101 - All About Wearing Maharani Nath Comfortably
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And, here are exquisite vintage nath designs for eye-catching bridal looks.

6. Consult A Professional Or An Expert

If you are unsure about how to wear your nath comfortably, consult a professional jewellery consultant or your makeup artist. They can provide personalized advice and assist with the proper placement and securing of the nath.

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7. Emergency Kit That Will Keep Your Nath On Comfortably

Keep an emergency kit handy with items like extra pins, cushion padding, and a small mirror to make quick adjustments if needed.

Bridal Nath 101 - All About Wearing Maharani Nath Comfortably
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So, these bridal naths ideas are super unique and perfect for modern brides!

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