They say behind every successful man, there is a woman. Have you heard the latest  version of this statement?
Behind every successful bride, is her bridesmaid (bridesmaids for some!).
You’d say that we’re making a tall statement when we say the above. But haven’t you all noticed that since we adopted this western nomenclature in modern India, it has been established that the bride’s closest companions are her friends, sisters or cousins throughout the wedding celebrations!
The word “bridesmaid” has been around for years, it has slowly made it’s way into our Hindu heritage and now has a significant place here at the weddings.
As history states, in Europe & China, the bridesmaids would dress up in similar clothes as the bride, to confuse anyone who is trying to kidnap the bride and also to save her from any evil spirits surrounding her during this auspicious day. Thus you find the bridesmaids standing so close to the bride at the altar.
Bridesmaids, though maybe a borrowed concept, is extremely relevant in present times and for the lack of a better word to define the role, we’ll just stick to calling this VIP a Bridesmaid!  It’s almost a full time job, we’ve listed a few of her stunt acts that she undertakes as part of her duty.

1. She Is Your White Knight!

Though your Prince Charming is going to save the night, you bridesmaid will hold fort until then. She’ll take good care of you & protect you from evil and just be around so you feel safe and sound. Let’s not forget, the filtering of people who enter your boudoir while you’re getting ready!
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Image Credits: Aman Gera Photography

2. She Is Your Darzee & An Expert At Sorting Last Minute Hiccups!

From setting your dupatta right to fixing the backless blouse, she does magic with her nifty hands. She’ll pack an emergency kit of things ready in case something goes wrong. She’ll keep a close check on you to see if everything is in place while your photos are been taken and avoid any awkwardness!

3.  She Is Your Pacifier & Your Confidante!

The bride really needs one at this histrionic moment. A friend who knows what to say when the bride is turning into a bridezilla. Someone who has the right advice to give. She’ll calm you down when you’re all jittery and she’ll give you a hug when you need one.
Bridesmaid photoshoot, Indian bride

Image Credits: Dipak Studio

4. She Is Your Lipstick Carrier!

While you’re busy accepting lifafas, presents and greeting guests, you’ll find her standing close to you, making sure you are looking your radiant best. And of,course after all those ladoos that people feed you, you’ll definitely need a quick fix for the lipstick.

5. She’s Like The Dance Marshal!

Even if there is a professional choreographer teaching the dance steps, she’s always going to be around. Following every song, every step and every person. She’ll add in her bit of zing to the whole sangeet performance, she’s been waiting for this forever after all!
Bridesmaid photoshoot, mehendi ideas, Indian bride

Image Credits: Deepika’s Deep Clicks

6. She’ll Make Your Wedding Pictures Look Better!

From striking a pose that makes you stand out in group photographs to the crazy dance performance that’ll stun the audience, she’s definitely going to add a lot of happiness and brilliant smiles in those pictures.

7. She Is Your Bathroom Accompanier!

Going to the washroom in that heavy lehenga can be a pain. She’ll hold it for you when you need to go. She’ll also tell you “You’re gorgeous!” every time you look nervously in the mirror. It’s also the best time to gossip, if you know what we mean!
Bridesmaid photoshoot ideas, indian bride, mehendi ideas

Image Credits: Aman Gera Photography

8. She’s Your Personal Assistant – 24/7!

When it comes to packing for your honeymoon, when you need a driver to take you to the parlor, when you need to be reminded that you have to return a call! She’s there to give you a cue. She’s always there.

9. She’s The Official Organizer For The Bachelorette, Bridal Shower & The Youngsters Party!

She knows how to make your wedding special, and thus does the whole planning for these smaller events. She’s got the fun stuff, the naughty stuff and the boring stuff all in place with the help of some other friends!
Bridesmaid photoshoot ideas, coordinated bridesmaid outfits, mehendi ideas, indian bride

Image Credits: Dipak Studios

10. She Is Your Ideal Shopping Partner!

She’ll help you pick the right lingerie and hot dresses for the honeymoon. She wants you to divert from your usual style, and try something new. She knows your limits and inhibitions and thus makes for the best shopping companion!

11. She Makes The World Know That You’re Getting Married!

Her enthusiasm on social media is unparalleled. From Snapchatting the events to creating your official hashtag and posting pictures from the times that are not captured by the photographer, she’s not going to let you miss any event when you look back.
Bridesmaid photoshoot ideas, Indian bride, bridal lehenga

Image Credits: Gautam Khullar Photography

12. She’s Got You Ready For The Paparazzi!

While making sure that your entourage is in order and dressed for the official entry of the bride. She’s going to ensure that the photographers, the music and the guests are all ready to receive you in style!

13. She Is Also Your Health Monitor!

While everyone is trying to spoil you and pamper you with lots of sweets, she’ll assure that you eat healthy, take time out to work out, drink optimally and also let  you have cheat days. She knows how hard you’re working to be the best version of you at the wedding!
Bridesmaid photoshoot ideas, Indian weddings

Image Credits: Da Momento Studio

This isn’t an easy task, now is it? You can call her your shadow, a friend, a stunt woman or a bridesmaid. Either way, You definitely need her.

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