Postponed your wedding and wondering how you will plan it after the COVID-19 outbreak? Well, don’t worry we have sorted this out for you and wrote down steps so that you can plan it easily. Coronavirus has literally affected us all in many ways we all really don’t know how and when this is going to end. We completely understand how disheartened you all might have been about the postponement of your wedding but don’t panic and start planning for the future.

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We advise to keep your wedding dates at the end of this year or the next year to be on a safer side. Also, don’t fix anything until lockdown is lifted and more clarity is there on the status of COVID-19 because you never know what might happen.Scroll down below to know and note down steps on how you can plan a wedding after the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 Outbreak

Read To Know This Ultimate Guide On How You Can Plan A Wedding After The COVID-19 Outbreak –

1. Wedding Dates

Obviously you are rescheduling your wedding and you must not rush about it. You must be really practical while fixing your wedding dates and be sure of the guidelines issued by the Government. Whether you will be allowed to have social gatherings or not, because we are really not sure when the whole lockdown will be uplifted. Keep in mind that currently there is no clarity on the lockdown, which is essential to curb the spread of COVID-19. Fix a date and book a venue only after things have settled more. 

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2. Plan Local Weddings Instead Of Destinations

You all know how it is not advisable to travel even after all this is over, so we think planning a local wedding would be better rather than having a destination one. All your guests would be travelling and it would be really unsafe for all of you. You never know when the flights and trains will resume and it will be very dangerous for all your guests to travel as soon as this ends.

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3. Host Intimate Weddings

If you think social distancing would not apply after this, you are highly mistaken. To protect yourself and your guests, consider hosting intimate weddings and we bet it will be as gorgeous as you have ever imagined it to be. It would be easier to plan also after all this and you can always keep it elegant and simple and not over do it.

You must also decide on the guest list and number of functions, if you are going to have an intimate wedding. You cannot have three or four functions if you are hosting an intimate wedding, it should be really simple and sober.

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4. Questions You Must Ask Your Vendors

You must have booked your wedding vendors too if your wedding was scheduled in the upcoming months. Now, when you have to postpone your wedding you must ask them the following questions –

A) How are they readjusting the advance payment?

B) Are they available on the rescheduled dates?

C) If not then how are they willing to refund the amount? 

You must be very clear of all these things to avoid confusion later on.

5. Go For DIY Or Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas

Well, we all know how the economy is suffering so why not consider DIY decor or eco-friendly decor ideas. This way you can have a great fun-filled time with your family and trust us you can save a lot from this. A simple and minimalistic decor can add so much elegance to your wedding that any OTT decor can do too. Use flowers, drapes and other items from your household that are no longer in use and trust us it will look beautiful as ever. You must support small and local businesses and opt for local and seasonal flowers, use tent houses to decorate your wedding venue.

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6. E-Invitations Instead Of Wedding Cards

So, if you think of distributing wedding cards to every guest, it will take hell a lot of time and then you will have to go to their place which would not be a safe option. So, you can easily have digital or e-invitations and you can send them out on whatsapp. Also, you can create a wedding website with ShaadiWish which is absolutely free and will act as your own wedding planner.

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7. How About A Wedding Getaway At Your Farmhouse?

Another thing we have on our mind while planning a wedding after the COVID-19 outbreak is that you can have a two days function at your guest house where you can ask your close family and friends to stay and celebrate your special day. Isn’t that a great idea?

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We think that these are the basic things that you must keep in mind while planning a wedding after the COVID-19 outbreak and you must strictly adhere to the safety rules then too. We must always be prepared as you never know how things might turn out. So, stop fussing over your postponed wedding and start planning for the other one soon. We hope all this ends really soon and all you beautiful couples out there get to celebrate your D-day very soon.

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