When it comes to planning weddings, outfits are a crucial part of it that needs maximum attention. And this factor is not just for the bride and groom. Planning a wedding wardrobe is also equally important for bridesmaids, groomsmen, along with other wedding guests. So, amidst the ever-emerging new wedding trends, is something called a – wedding wardrobe planner for guests. This is something that not only promises the to-be-wed couple amazing pictures, but also makes sure your wedding guests fit in your wedding theme and vibe.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About A Wedding Wardrobe Planner For Guests:

What Is A Wedding Wardrobe Planner?

Wedding wardrobe planner is a document or an itinerary for clothes that is sent or printed out for the guests. Ideally it is a wedding stationary (can also be digital) that should be a part of your invitation. A wedding wardrobe planner for guests is basically a style guide to inform your guests or even family members of the wedding theme. Sending out this essential piece of wedding stationary ensures that your guests choose appropriate and well-coordinated outfits for the various events associated with the wedding celebration.

The planner typically includes details and considerations related to clothing choices, accessories, and overall style. From the color to the style, your wardrobe planner conveys the necessary information to your wedding guests. This helps them plan their outfits easily while being a part of the coordinated group of guests.

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What Should A Wedding Wardrobe Planner For Guests Ideally Include?

To ensure your guests make thoughtful and appropriate choices regarding what to wear, you need to include a few key factors in the stationary. This helps them in taking into consideration factors such as the dress code, season, venue, and any specific events associated with the wedding. While there is no standard format for a wedding wardrobe planner, it typically includes the following elements:

Know What Is A Wedding Wardrobe Planner For Guests & Why You Need One
  • Event Details: Information about the wedding events, including the date, time, and location. This helps guests understand the overall schedule and plan their outfits accordingly.
  • Dress Code Guidelines: Clear instructions on the dress code for each event. This could include terms like formal, semi-formal, casual, black-tie, or specific themes. The wedding wardrobe planner can also include a few descriptions or clipart drawings to guide guests in choosing appropriate attire.
  • Weather Considerations: Guidance on the expected weather conditions for the wedding date and location. This helps guests choose outfits that are suitable for the climate, whether it’s hot, cold, or variable.
  • Multiple Outfits: If the wedding involves multiple events (e.g., mehendi, haldi, cocktail or sangeet, reception), the planner should include different outfit suggestions for each occasion. It helps guests plan a diverse wardrobe that aligns with the level of formality for each event.
  • Accessories: Recommendations for accessories such as footwear (e.g. For sangeet – wear comfy shoes to shake a leg), or jewellery, and handbags that complement the chosen outfits or theme.
  • Cultural or Religious Considerations: If applicable, the planner may provide information about any cultural or religious considerations that should influence clothing choices. This helps guests respect the traditions of the couple and the wedding ceremony.
Know What Is A Wedding Wardrobe Planner For Guests & Why You Need One

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Why Do You Need A Wedding Wardrobe Planner? 

While it’s not a common practice for couples to provide guests with a formal wedding wardrobe planner, there are some reasons why they might consider incorporating such guidance:

1. Wardrobe Planner Ensures An Easy Outfit Planning For Wedding Guests

If you are having a destination wedding or have multiple wedding ceremonies, then a wardrobe planner can help guests plan and pack accordingly. It offers guidance on different dress codes for various occasions, making it easier for guests to plan their wardrobe for the entire celebration.

Know What Is A Wedding Wardrobe Planner For Guests & Why You Need One

2. Facilitates Comfort And Saves Time!

A wardrobe planner can assist guests in preparing for different events associated with the wedding, considering factors like weather and venue. This helps guests feel more comfortable and appropriately dressed, contributing to a positive experience. Also, it saves time and the hassle of deciding what to wear for your wedding. 

Know What Is A Wedding Wardrobe Planner For Guests & Why You Need One

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3. Effortlessly Beautiful Wedding Pictures

With the wedding trend of having insta-worthy wedding pictures, wedding wardrobe planners can truly be a boon. It assures you mesmerizing wedding pictures where the theme and mood of the wedding is maintained and looks like a well-coordinated occasion. You can coordinate it with your decor and make everything look either monotone or contrasted.

4. No Risk Of Wedding Guests Outshining The Bride and Groom

A wedding wardrobe planner saves the bride and groom from the wedding guests stealing their thunder. If you let them know in advance about the dress code, there are no chances of the wedding guests outshining you.

Know What Is A Wedding Wardrobe Planner For Guests & Why You Need One

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