Attending a wedding doesn’t mean to dress up well and dance through the night. Being a wedding guest comes with certain responsibilities and they are all about maintaining a balance and winning the appreciation of the bride and the groom and their families. While it doesn’t seem necessary, there are a few ways that state how good of a wedding guest one can be. Be it saving yourself from that drunken debauchery or being appreciative towards the wedding arrangements.

Here Are Some Ways To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest At Indian Weddings Without Causing Anyone Any Trouble:

1. Always RSVP As A Wedding Guest

While RSVP might seem like a western culture, it is very important to inculcate this habit when you are invited as a guest. Moreover, sending RSVP is a much easier task these days. Just with a click of a button, text, or an email you can connect with the invitee and inform them if you can make it to the wedding or not. This is important to do so that the couple can plan their guest-list and adjust their catering accordingly. Do let the hosts know beforehand that you are not available, if you are not available. Never promise and not turn up!

10 Ways To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest At Indian Weddings

2. Don’t Bring Extra Guests Without Checking First

As basic as it may sound, it is pretty much understandable to not invite your friends or extra family members on the couple’s behalf. If you want to bring your friend, a cousin who is visiting you, or your boyfriend/girlfriend, it is best to first check with the couple. While most Indian weddings are not that strict about numbers, that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.

3. Be A Good Gifter

While gifting during weddings is completely subjective, don’t give just about anything. Make sure what you give out of love is appreciated and liked. It’s never about the cost, more about the effort and the thought that’s put into it. You can start with a customized gift, or something the couple will truly enjoy and like.

10 Ways To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest At Indian Weddings

4. Know What To Wear

Weddings are for dressing up, we know! But before you step out the door, ask yourself a couple of questions. Are you wearing too much jewellery or wearing a bridal-ish lehenga? Remember, you are a wedding guest, so ensure you do not overpower the bride and the groom. It is their day and they need to be the center of attention! At the same time, don’t wear something that’s vulgar or show way too much skin. Also, as per some Indian traditions, wearing black or white is considered a bad omen, so make sure you do not offend the family and stick to wedding-y colors.

5. Never Come Intentionally Late For The Wedding

It is mostly a standard statement that Indian weddings never start on time. However, it is still your duty as a wedding guest to be on time. Some people make sure that they stick to the time and in such cases, you might end up missing the ceremony if you are late. Also, in case you are early or the wedding is running late, you can help out the bride or groom with some nitty gritty tasks or getting them ready.

10 Ways To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest At Indian Weddings

6. Talk About The Bride/Groom Without Embarrassing Her/ Him

Wedding days are all about how to make the day the most memorable one for the bride and groom. While there is room for nostalgia to see them grown up and getting married, it is best to avoid remembering old times where they did something embarrassing. Don’t bring up negative topics or share anecdotes that may make the bride or the groom uncomfortable in front of other guests.

7. Don’t Put Out Stuff On Social Media Without Checking

With the trend of clicking every little moment on your phone and posting it on social media, there has to be a line. Sometimes, couples plan on sharing their news – their way and you posting it before they do might seem insensitive. Also, sometimes some photo angles are highly unflattering, and the couple might not be ok with it and want only their best-looking pictures on the social media. Before you share everything on social media, ask the couple if they are ok.

10 Ways To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest At Indian Weddings

8. Be Selfie-Conscious

Taking selfies is a new trend that has caught up like a wildfire! However, if you wish to be a good wedding guest, it is best to respect your boundaries. Don’t overburden the bride and the groom with your selfie love. Getting into their dressing room, interrupting a ritual or getting into their personal space just for a selfie is not acceptable!

9. Do Drinking Well

Drunk guests can become a nuisance if they decide to have a gala time at the expense of others. Drink as much that you can manage. The couple getting married should be the center of attraction. Don’t cause a scene or indulge in any public fight, or harassment at the bar by over-drinking alcohol.

10 Ways To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest At Indian Weddings

10. Stop Being A Complainer

Don’t be that kind of a wedding guest who has a problem with everything! The food is blah, the lehenga is too gaudy, the decor is too simple – no! such statements are not welcomed at weddings. No matter what you think, it’s best to keep any negative statements to yourself and no one needs to hear it in loud tones right on the wedding day. Every wedding has its pros and cons, and it is best that you simply focus on the pros.

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