We seek inspiration from Bollywood celebrities for every little thing. From wedding trends to their wedding fashion, so why not poses for wedding photoshoots? Yes, you read that right! We have some of our all-time favorite celebrity wedding pictures that will have you swooning even now. So, ShaadiWish is here to recap some of these best ones that will help you to recreate celebrity inspired poses for wedding photoshoot that is sure to fetch tons of likes on the social media!

Bookmark These Celebrity Inspired Poses For Wedding Photoshoot To Get That Frame-Worthy Picture:

1. Shibani Dandekar & Farhan Akhtar – Not Letting Your Partner Go Pose

Even as Shibani’s gorgeous red veil takes centre stage, it still doesn’t take away the romantic essence of this picture. We love how Farhaan Akhtar is holding on to the Mrs! If you to recreate some similar celebrity inspired poses for wedding photoshoot, then this one seems to be a hassle-free one.

Swoon-Worthy Celebrity Inspired Poses For Wedding Photoshoot

Here are a few more Shibani & Farhaan Akhtar’s wedding pictures!

2. Kiara Advani & Sidharth Malhotra – Iconic Namaste Pose

We are all still awestruck with the iconic picture of Kiara and Sidharth folded hands in a namaste while looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. The duo has given us a simple but a stunning pose that can easily be recreated by you and your partner. In fact, even Kiara & Sidharth’s haldi pictures were spectacular!

Here are a few more Kiara & Sidharth Malhotra’s wedding pictures!

3. Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor – Sealing It With A Kiss Pose

If you and are okay with PDA, then this celebrity inspired pose is something you ought to try for your wedding photoshoot. Alia & Ranbir’s wedding pictures are something we simply cannot get enough of. From their perfect close-up shots to their sealing their love with a kiss, all the pictures are inspiration-worthy. The focus away from their faces gives the shot just the right kind of dreamy feel and shows off camaraderie, love, happiness in a beautiful expression of togetherness.

Swoon-Worthy Celebrity Inspired Poses For Wedding Photoshoot

Here are a few more Alia & Ranbir’s wedding pictures!

4. Katrina Kaif & Vicky Kaushal – Sunkissed Moment Photoshoot Pose

Katrina & Vicky proved the iconic dialogue right from How I Met Your Mother“The best part of any first-kiss is the lead-up to it, the moment right before the lips touch.” We absolutely loved how the sun played its part perfectly and added the perfect dash of light to make this picture so insta-worthy! So, if you are having a sunset wedding, then you need to add this to the list of celebrity inspired poses for wedding photoshoot.

Here are a few more Katrina & Vicky Kaushal’s wedding pictures!

5. Rajkumar Rao & Patralekha – ‘Warmth Of A Hug’ Pose

If you are looking for poses that portrays the love and warmth for your partner, then look no further than Rajkumar Rao and Patralekha’s adorable wedding photoshoot poses. This one exudes the perfect blend of playfulness, love, excitement, and delight.

Swoon-Worthy Celebrity Inspired Poses For Wedding Photoshoot

Here are a few more Rajkumar & Patralekha’s wedding pictures!

6. Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas – Regalness Dripping Wedding Photoshoot

When we think of everything related to grandeur and opulence we think of Priyanka and Nick’s wedding. The duo not only had some fabulous pictures from their white wedding, but the ones from their Hindu wedding is what we love more. This simple pose is perfect when you are confused what to do. Just stand and let the photographer work his magic!

Here are a few more Priyanka & Nick Jonas’s wedding pictures!

7. Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli – A Walk To Remember Wedding Pictures

We don’t think there were any celebrity wedding pictures that left us so dreamy as Anushka and Virat’s did! The couple’s destination wedding was so stunning that even this simple walking picture seems like such a striking one. When you don’t want to try the typical poses for wedding photoshoot, just hold your partner’s hand and take a stroll. It certainly worked for Anushka and Virat.

Swoon-Worthy Celebrity Inspired Poses For Wedding Photoshoot

Here are a few more Anushka & Virat Kohli’s wedding pictures!

8. Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh – Whispering Sweet Nothings

Straight out of a movie! Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding picture surely took the internet by storm. While there are numerous candid pictures from their wedding, we love this particular one more. Whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears while sitting in the mandap is simply so heart-warming. It’s a simply executed cute pose that speaks of a fun couple who are in on a joke only they know. Does that sound like you? If yes, then you might as well try it!

Here are a few more Deepika & Ranveer’s wedding pictures!

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9. Athiya Shetty & KL Rahul – ‘Aww’ Worthy Wedding Photoshoot

Athiya and KL Rahul had a magnificent sunset wedding at their farmhouse and we were blown away by their wedding pictures. While all the pictures made a sweet spot in our hearts, we love this one more for its raw essence that tugs on our heart-strings. This sweet gesture is something you can surely pull off easily while your photographer quickly clicks a candid.

Swoon-Worthy Celebrity Inspired Poses For Wedding Photoshoot

Here are a few more Athiya & KL Rahul’s wedding pictures!

10. Parineeti Chopra & Raghav Chadha – Caught In A Moment Pose

Parineeti Chopra’s engagement pictures were nothing less than a heart-warming feeling. The ivory-hued pictures surely were soothing to our eyes and we could simply feel the warmth and love through the pictures. This one is such a beautiful candid and easy to recreate too!

Here are a few more Parineeti & Raghav’s engagement pictures!

11. Sheetal Thakur & Vikrant Massey – Keep It Goofy During The Wedding Photoshoot

Keeping it light-hearted and goofy, Sheetal and Vikrant’s wedding pictures will surely be relatable to many. If you have known each other and love to tease your beau, then this one will get your right in the heart. Pulling the partner’s cheeks, sticking out your tongue or making faces might sound silly but they can make for adorable wedding portraits!

Swoon-Worthy Celebrity Inspired Poses For Wedding Photoshoot

Here are a few more Sheetal & Vikrant Massey’s wedding pictures!

12. Mouni Roy & Suraj Nambiar – The Finally Married Moment!

Remember, candid sometimes make the best portraits, and they certainly are the ones you hold onto for the longest! This one from Mouni and Suraj’s wedding oozes the feeling of happiness and the feeling of finally being content that you are married to the love of your life.

Here are a few more Mouni & Suraj Nambiar’s wedding pictures!

13. Alanna Panday & Ivor McCray – Locking The Eyes Pose

Taking the vows mean a lot, and so do capturing those moments of the rituals at the mandap. This simple yet so meaningful picture from Alanna and Ivor’s wedding is such a spectacular one. If you want celebrity inspired poses that are simple, then this one is surely for the books.

Swoon-Worthy Celebrity Inspired Poses For Wedding Photoshoot

Here are a few more Alanna Pandey & Ivor’s wedding pictures!

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