Wedding color schemes change with every season and this time around. With the new trends in wedding decor, we are sure you want to amp up your wedding in the best way possible. However, we have some evergreen wedding color schemes that work for every season. These are classics yet so chic that you can fit them in – no matter what’s trending and what season you are planning to get married. In fact, sit back and relax as ShaadiWish brings you a mood board for the same so that you can take some inspiration from!

Check Out These Wedding Color Schemes That Work Perfectly For Every Season:

1. Warm Bright Color Palette For Weddings Never Goes Out Of Style

Warm colors are those in the red, orange, and yellow families. They also branch out to gold, beige, creamy neutrals, brown, and tan. These work perfectly not only for spring or summer, but also add a much-needed pop on monsoons and winter season.

2. Hues of Green

Hues of green are yet another color palette that will never wrong you. No matter what season, the refreshing greenery can instantly bring in your wedding theme together. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether your venue is an indoor one or an outdoor one, hues of green work everywhere.

Top 8 Wedding Color Schemes That Go With Every Season

3. Saccharine Palette Of Blush Pinks

With 2024 wedding trends, blush pinks are certainly back in trend. But, let us tell you, this saccharine palette of blush has always been a trend-setter! The palette ranges from muted mauves, rich shades of burgundy, and hits slight coral hues too.

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4. Citrus, Seafoam, & Turquoise

Refreshing, unique, and oh-so-freaking-charming! A color palette with these three hues is nothing less than a splash of uniqueness and vivacious vibe. This vibrant palette of lemon, lime, seafoam, aqua, and turquoise (ranges of yellow, green, and blue) will have your guests a dreamy feel of a beachside vibe – no matter what season or weather.

Top 8 Wedding Color Schemes That Go With Every Season

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5. Palette Of Pastels

Pastels have been in trend for the longest time now and it’s safe to say – they are here to stay! Various hues of pastels are still chic, alive, and well, less fussy. The dreamy palette makes them appear chic and elegant even when kept minimal and less. Moreover, pastels are not just for spring and summer – but also work perfectly with cooler months too. And when merged together – they create PURE MAGIC!

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6. Basic To Basics – Primary Colors

Go back to basics with primary colors – red, yellow and blue. Make the most of these elementary color combinations. Rather than working only with the purest of red, yellow, and blue, employ their fun, pop-toned sister shades, and all their dark and light versions too. In fact, you can also mix in prints and textures to give the design layers to amp it up further.

Top 8 Wedding Color Schemes That Go With Every Season

7. Metallic Moments Are Perfect Wedding Color Schemes For All Season

Metallic palette consists of everything shiny and shimmery! From silver, gold, rose gold to bronze make this palette complete. We know, these hues are not only an off-beat choice for wedding color schemes, but trust us, they look extremely elegant and glamorous.

8. Technicolor – VIBGYOR Palette

Can’t decide on a collection of colors? Then go all out with the VIBGYOR palette. Work with every color and shade, prioritizing your favorites. You can in fact, also play with their shades as they will balance the soft to highlight element perfectly.

Top 8 Wedding Color Schemes That Go With Every Season

Also, sofa & blooms is a wedding decor that is sure to rule 2024!

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