Weddings in India change with seasons and trends. The concept of ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ have made a niche path in our lives and we find it difficult to dust-off. However, there is a new concept of ‘micro weddings’ that has taken over the wedding industry and has left us intrigued. In an era where intimate moments and personal connections are cherished, micro weddings have emerged as a delightful alternative to the grandeur of traditional ceremonies. Let’s delve into the enchanting world of micro weddings and find out more about it!

ShaadiWish Is Here To Tell You All About Trending ‘Micro Weddings’ Along With Their Pros & Cons:

What Are Micro Weddings?

Just as the name suggests, micro weddings are small and intimate weddings where love takes center stage in an intimately curated setting. Micro weddings are scaled-down celebrations that focus on a more personalized and meaningful experience for the couple and their close circle of family and friends. In contrast to traditional large-scale wedding, micro wedding typically involves a smaller guest list, often limited to 20-50 people, creating a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Micro weddings prioritize quality over quantity, allowing couples to allocate their resources towards creating a truly special and memorable experience. These intimate celebrations, characterized by their smaller guest lists and focus on meaningful details, are redefining the landscape of matrimony. With a reduced guest count, couples can choose unique venues, indulge in gourmet dining experiences, and pay attention to intricate details that might be overlooked in larger gatherings.

Moreover, these intimate weddings also offer the advantage of flexibility, enabling couples to explore non-traditional venues and experiment with creative themes that might be challenging to execute on a grander scale.

Pros Of Having Micro Weddings

Micro weddings have a lot to offer. And we have listed a few amazing pros that come with micro weddings:

1. Micro Weddings Save A LOT Of Money

The key factor of micro wedding is the limited guests. This automatically cuts down on the expenditures like larger venues, elaborate catering, manpower, and even accommodation (for destination weddings). Thus, allowing the couple to save a lot of penny and channel it towards crafting an experience for the guests with a personal touch. Moreover, this saved up money can also be directed towards a honeymoon or as an investment to your new abode post the wedding. Thus, making micro weddings a cost-effective way of getting married and a smart choice for budget-conscious couples.

2. Micro Weddings Allow Flexibility

Micro weddings = flexibility!

These intimate weddings allow planning flexibility as fewer people are involved. This gives the couple freedom to explore multiple new things and manage it all at their convenience. In fact, it reduces stress and the couple can be themselves and cherish their wedding as much as others.

Trending What Are ‘Micro Weddings’ And Their Pros & Cons

3. Lesser People; Lesser Chaos

There is a significant difference in managing a wedding with merely 50 guests and a 250-guest wedding. Micro weddings with 50-guests makes the process a lot less chaotic and hassle-free. This also means that the couple would rather celebrate their significant day with handful of close friends and family who truly matter.

4. Micro Weddings Help Create A Customized Experience

Think of simpler weddings packed with tons of fun! This is what a micro wedding promises you. The couple gets the freedom to unleash their creative side, while making their wedding an experiential vibe for their guests. From relaxed atmosphere, to fun game nights, couples can customize their wedding as per their choice.

Trending What Are ‘Micro Weddings’ And Their Pros & Cons

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5. Personal Attention To Guests At Micro Weddings

Mostly, big fat wedding with a long guest list have rushed greetings and handshakes to thank their guests for attending the wedding. However, micro weddings give you an opportunity to interact with guests and give them your personal wishes. Rather than merely clicking pictures with the guests to mark their attendance, an intimate wedding allows the couple to chat with guests and enjoy their big day in a relaxed manner.

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Cons Of Having Micro Weddings

Just like everything has an up-side and a downside, it’s the same with micro weddings. After the pros, here are some cons of having micro weddings:

1. The Massive Task Of Convincing The Parents For Micro Wedding

As much as you want to celebrate your wedding intimately with fewer guests, your parents might not happily jump on this bandwagon. They might have their expectations and wishes to have a massive ceremony for you. So, this is the first step that you need to consider.

2. Choosing The Invitees & Cutting Short The Guest List

The most apparent drawback is the restricted number of guests. If you have a large extended family or a wide circle of friends, you may have to make difficult decisions about who to include. Since the number of guests is to be limited to 50, it becomes difficult to choose the invitees, as you don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.

Trending What Are ‘Micro Weddings’ And Their Pros & Cons
The Wedding Story

3. Reduced Energy And The Struggle To Keep The Party Going

With larger guestlist, comes the pompous energetic liveliness and bustling atmosphere. This is where a smaller guestlist comes short of. Micro weddings might lack the same level of energy, which could impact the overall feel of the celebration. In fact, it would require a proper plan which might involve activities to keep the guests engaged and essentially keeping the party alive.

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4. Fewer Options for Venues, Vendors & Logistical Challenges

Micro weddings often require less space, which can limit your options for venues. Similarly, not all vendors may offer services tailored for smaller weddings, potentially limiting your choices. Moreover, when it comes to logistics, coordinating a micro wedding doesn’t necessarily mean fewer logistical challenges. In fact, with fewer guests, each person’s absence or any unforeseen issue may be more noticeable, and any hiccups in the schedule could be more pronounced.

Trending What Are ‘Micro Weddings’ And Their Pros & Cons

5. The Whole Wedding ‘Drama’ & Gossip!

Let’s be honest, the drama and gossips at any desi wedding is unbeatable! But, with a limited number of guests, there is a good chance that some of your friends and family members might get upset if they don’t make it to your wedding guests list. In fact, there might even be some gossip about your decision for an intimate wedding ceremony.

Trending What Are ‘Micro Weddings’ And Their Pros & Cons

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