A lot of couples end up focusing so much on their part of the wedding, that they forget that their guests are just as important. Wedding guests are a core part of your wedding. They not only are there to bless you, but also add a vibe to jazz up the occasion like nothing else! So, to make sure your guests are welcomed on the right note is very important. So, ShaadiWish brings you some fun and amazingly creative ways to welcome your wedding guests.

Note Down These Creative Ways To Welcome Your Wedding Guests To Make Them Feel Special:

1.     Set Up A Traditional Welcome So Your Wedding Guests Are Happy

There is nothing more amazing than welcoming your wedding guests in a traditional way. Ask your wedding planner to set up a station with fresh flower petals, or mogras. Add an ethnic touch by showering these flowers on them. Even sandalwood tika or sprinkling rose water is a great addition.

10 Creative & Special Ways to Welcome Your Wedding Guests

2.     Welcome Your Wedding Guests With Folk Performances

Just like the traditional welcome, most guests enjoy fold performances. If you are planning your wedding around a theme, say Rajasthani or Punjabi, the best way you can keep up with its essence with the customary folk performance. This will work wonders and your guests are sure to enjoy it.

3.     Serve Delectable Welcome Drinks

What better way to greet your wedding guests than with a refreshing drink? Set up a drink station at the entrance or get it served at the entrance to give your guests a pleasant welcome at your wedding.

10 Creative & Special Ways to Welcome Your Wedding Guests

4.     Set Up Live Music

There is nothing as desi as the dhol and nagadas at an Indian wedding! Ditch the DJ and get those desi dhol-walas on board for a dhamakedar welcome. Your guests can shake a leg too and will enjoy your wedding festivities from the moment the step the foot!

5.     Sign A Sweet Personal Note For Your Wedding Guests

When welcoming your wedding guests, thank you notes will be essential. Your guests will see throughout the day how much effort you’ve put into making sure they have a good time.  You could place thank you notes in their respective rooms or hand it to them at the entrance. Also, just as a reminder so that they don’t miss out on the ceremonies, give them a schedule of each ritual, along with time and theme if any.

6.     Wow Them With Welcome Goodies

Welcome bags and boxes have certainly gained popularity in recent years, and the concept isn’t going away any time soon. Plus, there are so many ways to pull this off to suit your wedding. It may not be as attainable for a larger wedding, but for a destination celebration or an intimate affair, it’s definitely doable. Put together a bag of local treats, a welcome note, so that the guests feel the warmth and feel settled in.

10 Creative & Special Ways to Welcome Your Wedding Guests

7.     Set Up A Quirky Entrance Photobooth

A good sign to know if you have impressed the guests? You will notice a bunch of them taking selfies and pictures after they enter. So why not put up a quirky and fun welcome photobooth where they can sit and pose for a fun picture.

8.     Visit All Your Wedding Guests

While the thank you notes might add a touch of warmth, there is nothing more heart-warming when you or your family members attend and welcome them personally. Even if you can’t be at the gate to welcome them, make sure you drop by their room later and greet them.

10 Creative & Special Ways to Welcome Your Wedding Guests

9.     Set Up A Place For Relaxation

At your wedding, a lot of your guests will dance, have fun and do a lot of things and in the middle, they may feel tired. This is why, you can fancy up a cozy corner or spruce up the lawn with some chairs, pillows, couches along with some refreshments for them to chill and relax amidst the fun chaos.

10 Creative & Special Ways to Welcome Your Wedding Guests

10.  Fun Guest Transportation

Arrange for your guests to be picked up by fun transport! Be it a tuktuk or a fun auto ride, the list goes on! They are bound to enjoy your wedding and reminisce it even after years with such offbeat and creative additions.

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