Got your wedding postponed or delayed due to coronavirus lockdown and having thoughts in this quarantine? Well, we know how frustrating it would be and we can relate to you!  Don’t worry, you just have to be patient and your D-day will come. Don’t you just want to get your fiance and run away and get married somewhere? Trust us after all this, you will feel more special once it arrives. Just hang in there.

Till then make the most of this time, care for yourself and plan for things that you had missed out during your wedding planning. Also, we think that it is a great time for you and your fiance to connect all over again and have that cute long distance relationship feels. Everything happens for a reason and you will get to know about it later.

Check Out On These Thoughts Brides-To-Be Might Be Having During Quarantine –

1. For All The Sabyasachi Brides, This One’s For You


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2. Well, This One Is Too Savage 


3. Coronavirus Is Literally Testing Your Patience, Right?

lockdown brides

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4. No Mehendi Only Sanitizer, Thoughts Of A Quarantined Bride-To-be

bridal thoughts during lockdown

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5. And When The Lockdown Is Over, This Is The First Thing You Will Be Doing


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6. Looks Like The Panditji Was Not Right About The Shubh Muhurat



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7. Just When You Thought April 14th Was The End Of It. HAHAHA


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It’s okay girlies, just keep hanging in there. We know it is really tough for you all but just look on the positive side that you have got time to do so much that you couldn’t while prepping for your wedding. Just keep yourself safe, healthy and fit and get in your wedding dress as soon as this is over. Could relate to these thoughts? Well, leave your answers in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to miss out on ShaadiWish’s COVID-19 page for full information.

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