Dear budget brides-to-be, we have got you some really pretty and amazing wedding decor ideas on budget. Incorporate these stunning wedding decor ideas that will make your wedding look like one in a million. If you think that wedding decor will look good only if it is expensive, then let us tell you that it is just a myth. A simple and minimalistic decor can add so much elegance to your wedding that any OTT decor can do too.

Now, save up and opt for these gorgeous decor ideas on budget that are surely not to be missed. You must have already spent so much on bridal jewellery, bridal wear and other things so if you can save up here, then why not? Trust us, these will not spoil your wedding decor at all.

Bookmark These Wedding Decor Ideas On Budget For Your Wedding Decorations –

1. Use Marigold And Roses

Floral decor has always been at the top of our list. However, you must opt for marigold or rose decor ideas as they are cheaper than carnations and orchids and well, the gorgeousness that they add to the decor is just wow.

Decor Ideas On Budget

Image Source: Devika Narain Company

floral decor

Image Source: Rani Pink Love

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2. Table Centerpieces 

Why do you really want to spend on table centerpieces when you can easily get all the stuff from your home like flower vases and pots. If you think that they won’t look good, then you are highly mistaken.

table decor ideas

Image Source: Altair Decor

table centerpieces

Image Source: Altair

3. Use Blackboard Sign Boards For Decor

Signboards at weddings are a new thing and we love how couples are being so experimental with them. Well, to save your bucks on it, why not use a blackboard as a signboard and write the information with chalk on it. We are sure it will give you all the rustic feels.

Decor Ideas On Budget

Image Source: Cocomelody

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4. Wedding Decor Ideas On Budget

Create your bridal seat or your photo booth with some colorful tassels and this way you can save a lot of money and these will have everyone’s attention too.

diy decor ideas

Image Source: Fireflies

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How about decorating your tree with ribbons, pom-poms and bridal kaleeras. We bet it will look so cool and OTB that everyone will want to incorporate it.

budget decor ideas

Image Source: Zohaib Ali Photography

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5. Use Old Bottles For Hanging Decor Or As Ceiling Decorations

We all have a number of old bottles that we usually throw away. So, we thought why not use them in the wedding decor. Don’t they look just gorgeous?

Decor Ideas On Budget

Image Source: With Love Noor

6. Add Fairy Lights To Your Tee-Pee Decor

Tee-pee decors have been in trend and we think they are kind of cool too. These look really good in mehendi or a pool party and with fairy lights they are surely giving us some dreamy decor ideas.

wedding decor ideas

Image Source: Fireflies

7. And These Decor Ideas For Summer Weddings

Aren’t these table centerpieces totally giving us the perfect tropical vibes? We think this is just the perfect decor idea for a beach wedding or a pool party.

summer wedding decor ideas

Image Source: the Wedding Designers

Another one that we cannot wait to have at our wedding. How cool is it to have stainless steel buckets for beers?

Decor Ideas On Budget

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

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We hope these wedding decor ideas on budget were able to convince you that you can still make your wedding look dreamy and gorgeous without spending too much on it. Get your creativity out and you will have the most amazing wedding decor. What are you waiting for now? Start prepping for your wedding already.

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