Tree wedding decorations are the new decor trend for weddings 2020. Enough with the ceiling and entrance decor ideas, these tree decorations will woo you away. They look fascinating and won’t even cost you a fortune. You can also DIY tree decors and they look so pretty too.

Trees are present everywhere, and perfect for haldi, mehendi or a gala dinner, just hang fairy lights, tassels or some hangings to enhance any tree at the venue. They make for such pretty backdrops and photo booths too. You will fall in love with these tree decor ideas once you have a look at them.

These Tree Wedding Decorations Are Going To Be A Hit This Season –

1. Chandeliers On A Tree?

Yes, they hung chandeliers on a tree and it is way too classy. Such a beautiful setup for gala dinners or reception.

Tree Wedding Decorations

Image Source: Tanvi & Co.

2. Hang Lots Of Flower Strings From The Tree

These look so amazing and even make up for a beautiful backdrop.

tree decor ideas

3. Cover The Branches For Tree Wedding Decorations

How pretty does this setup look with kaleeras suspended from the tree and branches covered with ribbons?

Tree Wedding Decorations

Image Source: Altair

4. Isn’t This So Amazing?

Loving this tree decor with cane baskets, tassels and pom – pom strings all over it! Quirky much?

Tree Wedding Decorations

Image Source: Altair

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5. There is Nothing As Too Much Flower

Surely a dreamy tree decor that you can’t stop drooling over.

floral tree decor

Image – Innaz Communique

6. Creepers And Flowers On Trees.

This tree decor is perfect for brunches and dinners. Those orange and blue flowers add more charm to it, not to miss the chandelier.

Tree Wedding Decorations

Image Source: With Love Nilma

How about this creeper which looks so subtle and classy.

creeper decor

Image Source: Atisuto

7. LIT It Up With FairyLights.

Fairy lights on trees look so magical and a perfect backdrop for photos.

Tree Wedding Decorations

Image Source: Eventures

8. Make The Tree Your Quirky Photo Booth.

Go OTB like this couple who used bicycle wheels and marigold strings to decorate their tree and it worked as a perfect photo booth for them.

Tree Wedding Decorations

Image Source: Evolve Weddings

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9. Floral Hangings For Tree Decorations

We are totally drooling over these mogra flowers with marigold and this would look so pretty at a mehendi or haldi ceremony.

tree decor ideas

Image Source: Fireflies

10. DIY Tree Wedding Decorations.

You can decorate your tree at home just like this and that too all by yourself. Just pick up a bottle and fill it with flowers and hang them with a rope.

Tree Wedding Decorations

Image Source: With Love Noor

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11. Jewelry Pieces As Tree Decor.

Pop of colors with this decor where they used ghungroo bangles and it looks so pretty.

tree decor at weddings

Image Source: Vintage Nutters

12. Inverted Umbrellas Always Steal The Show.

Hang umbrellas from the tree, they look good always.

Tree Wedding Decorations

Image Source: Pictures On Point 8

13. Such A Boho – Chic Tree Decor

How uber cool is this bohemian tree decor and it is so unique.

Tree Wedding Decorations

Image Source: Purple Tree Events

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14. Origami & Marigolds Look So Stunning.

If you cannot think of anything, hang strings of marigold with origami and they just look so colorful and charming.

tree hangings

Image Source: Abhinav Bhagat Events

15. Hang Artificial Flowers From The Real.

A simple yet classic idea to hang artificial flowers with lights from trees, they look super classy.

Tree Wedding Decorations

Image Source: Abhinav Bhagat Events

We are loving the fact that trees can be put to good use for weddings too and they make your decor more eye-catchy and dreamy. Don’t you agree? These tree wedding decorations are giving major decor inspiration for your wedding.

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