What is the first thing that anyone notices while entering the wedding venue? Well, of course it has to be the wedding entrance decor. For this one time celebration your decor needs to be special, after all – it’s the first impression that matters. So, we picked out the most gorgeous decor for your wedding so you have one less thing to worry about!  

1. There are so many ways to use florals in the decor and our favorite way is by creating one large bouquet around the arc of the entrance.

Image Source: Dreamzkraftweddings on Instagram

2. We love how the simple genda hangings around the jhoomar and the pillars covered with florals are complementary to the festive splendour.

Image Source: Amaantradecor on Instagram

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3. Festoons of glass balls, floral ceiling and the decorated glass on the sides is decor for a dreamy wedding.

Image Source: Baqaawdc on Instagram

4. How to keep a wedding entrance decor simple yet rare? Masonry arch of bare trees and fairy lights around it.

Image Source: Dreamzkraftweddings on Instagram

5. Ever wondered how you could give your entrance decor a whimsical touch? By putting paper pinwheels and puppets.

Image Source: Ranipinklove on Instagram

6. Row of curtains with small flowers at the hem is a splendid idea for an aesthetic wedding entrance decor.

Image Source: Celebrationsdecor on Instagram

7. The crystal suspended ceiling and the floral vases with lanterns by the side is a perfect decor for an evening beach wedding.

Image Source: Eventfullyyoursdesigns on Instagram

8. Give your wedding entrance the royal touch with a central pink chandelier, gajras hangings and upside down glass jars.

Image Source: Abhinavbhagatevents on Instagram

9. A perfect idea to add more aesthetics to your simple wedding entrance is by irradiating them with halogen lights.

Image Source: Qeventsbygeetasamuel on Instagram

10. This grand entrance with the noble pink elephant against the classical paintings on the wall is for the grand theme.

Image Source: Abhinavbhagatevents on Instagram

11. Dazzle up your wedding entrance with illuminated ogee arch and pendant lights. A glorious idea for a night time wedding.

Image Courtesy: Bhumi & Simran Photography

12. Because there is no such thing as too much florals. Wrap your wedding entrance arch with nothing but flowers and leaves for that castle like feel.

Image Source: Amaahyaaj on Instagram

13. This visionary white floral entrance with genda suspended like the three centred arch and the intricate Radha-Krishna design on the wall will increase the sacred value of the wedding.

Image Source: Ranipinklove on Instagram

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