Go green this wedding season with these super amazing eco – friendly decor ideas that will make your wedding decor stand out from others. For those couples who are a little more conscious about their environment or genuinely care about their surroundings. Well, then this is your chance to prove it. And if you are scared that the decor won’t come out that pretty, you are absolutely wrong. Because eco – friendly decor have ample options that you can incorporate.

Eco – friendly decor ideas help you plan that dream wedding of yours and we assure you that after having a look at these images, you are surely going to opt for an eco -friendly wedding. We tried to pick some of the best eco- friendly decor ideas to show you that it’s really possible.

Bookmark these eco – friendly decor ideas for your ‘Go Green’ & ‘Environmental Friendly’ wedding –

1. Mandap Decor

Can you notice how beautifully they have used canes and bamboos for mandap decor and decorated it with flowers? Isn’t that great?

mandap decor ideas

Image Source: The Wedding Company

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2. Such A Simple And Easy Ceiling Decor

This gorgeous canopy of cane lamps is one of the best day decor ideas we have ever come across.

eco - friendly decor ideas

Image Source: Devika Narain & Co.

3. Eco – Friendly Wedding Favors

Isn’t this an amazing idea? How cool would it be to keep potted plants as wedding favors?

eco friendly favors

Image Source: Atisuto Events

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4. Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas That Make Your Weddings More Beautiful.

Glass bottles used as hanging decor are just too good.

eco - friendly decor ideas

Image Source: With Love Nilma

5. Well, Make Full Use Of Trees Just Like They Did.

We loved the fact that they decorated the whole tree with inverted cane baskets, tassels, and pom-poms.

eco - friendly decor ideas

Image Source: Altair Decor

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6. Eco-Friendly Ideas For Mehendi Setup.

This oh-so-pretty Mehendi decor setup with cane baskets, floral decor and beautiful bougainvillea on the floor is too perfect.

mehendi decor ideas

Image Source: With Love Nilma

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7. Yes, You Can Use Tyres Too.

Eco-friendly decor ideas are all about reusing products and making it look even prettier.

wedding tyres decor

Image Source: Castle & Coasters

8. Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas For Chair Backs.

This one left us stunned. We so love the fact they used jute for chair back designs and that baby breath is obviously a cherry on the cake.

eco - friendly decor ideas

Image Source: Butterfly Event Styling

9. Get Those Charpais Out Now.

Something like this seems so quirky and OTB. It is surely perfect for a small function at home.

eco - friendly decor ideas

Image Source: Vogue Luxury Weddings

10. Something For The Pretty Corners At Your Wedding.

This teepee-shaped eco-friendly decor with bamboo and rustic elements is giving super boho chic feels.

wedding decor ideas

Image Source: Aash Studio


Image Source: KV Decor Goa

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11. Inverted Umbrellas Always Steal The Show.

Something that will stay in vogue forever.

umbrella decor ideas

Image Source: Blue Petal

12. Yeah, We Have Eco-Friendly Bar Too.

We can’t stop gazing at this eco-friendly bar with floral drawers. This is just too good.

eco - friendly decor ideas

Image Source: Destination Wedding Planner

13. Eco-Friendly Chandeliers?

See, this is just Wow. Have you ever thought of these leafy chandeliers?

chandelier decor ideas

Image Source: Sepia Events

14. Beach Wedding Decors Are Always The Best.

Such a cool beachy eco-friendly decor, perfect for a welcome dinner.

decor ideas

Image Source: Beth Helmsetter

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15. A Dessert Table With Eco – Friendly Decor Ideas.

Loving the rustic cloth they used at the backdrop with potted plants.

eco - friendly decor ideas

Image Source: Vintage Nutters

16. Amazing Entrance Decor Ideas.

We are so drooling over this entrance decor with bamboos and such colorful flowers.

decor ideas

Image Source: Keeran Wedding Planner

17. How About Eco-Friendly Photobooths?

Rustic photo booths are in trend these days and they give amazing photographs too.

photo booth ideas

Image Source: Tanvi & Co.

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We hope you liked these eco-friendly decor ideas and would recommend everyone to opt for an eco-friendly wedding for a healthier and safer environment. Let’s take a step from our side and make the world a better place to live in. After all these decor ideas are giving tough competition to the other decor themes.

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