From food to wedding decor to even the seating arrangement, everything needs special attention at a wedding. While each and every aspect of a wedding is equally important, there is still one thing that trumps all. It is the place where you take the wedding vows. Yes, we are talking about the mandap. A wedding mandap is the true sacred place where two people unite and promise to be by each other’s side till the end of the time. It is only fair that special attention is given to make it as beautiful as possible.Not only this, it is one place where a lot of wedding photographs are taken.  We have the latest mandap décor ideas right here that will make your saat pheras extra special:

1. Becoming One With Nature

Couples are taking ‘back to the roots’ quite literally these days. Recreate a magnificent forest for you mandap and take vows under the guidance of nature. These mandap decors are raw, rustic and unique. Nature theme is on the boom right now and was even featured in the movie Veere Di Wedding.

Image Courtesy: Beginnings_for_you

Image Courtesy: Romesh Dhamija

Image Courtesy: Bling Mushrooms

2. Magnificent Twirls of Pink

Pink has been one of the most dominant and classic colours when it comes to wedding decoration. Earlier, wedding decorators would use a few varieties of pink flowers to give the venue that much-needed blush, but things have changed now. The pink is rendered to these mandaps not only with the help of flowers but also with lights, drapes and paper cut-outs. These beautiful pink mandap decoration are not even close to ordinary.

Image Courtesy: Elegant Affairs

Image Courtesy: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Image Courtesy: Lin & Jirsa Photography

3. Wedding Bells held by Roses

The concept of using temple bells for decorating the mandap is rather new and we are digging it. The dull golden colour of the bells and the vibrant red of the roses create a very captivating contrast. This mandap is both meaningful and spiritual.

Image Courtesy: Ātisuto

4. Straight From A Fairytale

There are just a few things that never go out of style. They just keep on getting better and better with time. These mandaps belong to that privileged category. The simple canopy design looks wonderful when accompanied by beautiful flowers and vines. Pastel coloured canopies are big this season. No matter whether you are having a day wedding or a night wedding, these canopies can brighten up everything.

Image Courtesy: Prashe DecorImage Courtesy: Color Blind Productions

Image Courtesy: The Lightsmiths

5. A Gentle Shower of the Flowers

True, you cannot bring stars to the Earth but we do have something equally amazing, that is, flowers. Irrespective of the occasion, the appearance of flowers is imperative in Indian culture. They stand for happiness, blessings, love and fertility. When something is this powerful, it is given that it enjoys a special place. These wedding mandaps are blessed with flowers in a never seen before manner. This flower shower is better than any meteor shower.

Image Courtesy: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Image Courtesy: Art Foto Studios

Image Courtesy: Lovers Films

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Designers

Image Courtesy: Recall Pictures

6. No Mandap Wedding Decor

Some couples find beauty in simplicity. These mandap designs are perfect for such couples. The minimalistic approach of decorating the place where you will take the wedding vows is exactly what the millennials want. Just like this couple, you can use a few things to create your own mandap.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Nama

These wedding mandap decors are goals. Make your big day special with these dreamy mandaps. The place where you say ‘I Do’ has to be special and we are sure that these trending Indian decor designs will help you a lot in your journey of building up a beautiful wedding.

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