Every bride-to-be’s struggle is real when it comes to looking for Indian wedding decoration ideas. As every bride-to-be knows that her fairytale wedding will be incomplete without the perfect wedding decor. Wedding decoration themes are important as they set the ambience and the tone for a big fat Indian wedding. Like every year, this year too a lot of focus is on unique, simple and outstanding wedding decoration ideas. And, as we see a lot of couples going the extra mile to create the wedding decoration of their dreams. But fret not, we have curated the best wedding decor ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

Here are our favorite Indian wedding decoration ideas you can steal this wedding season:

1) These Cute and Offbeat Floral Arrangements Are Fresh and Stunning.

Unique Wedding Decoration ideas Unique Wedding Decoration ideas Unique Wedding Decoration ideas

Image Source: Abhinav Bhagat Events

2) We Found The Best Wedding Decor For Tables!

Who Thought Corn Can Be Used As A Part Of Wedding Decor For Tables?

Wedding Decor For Tables

Image Source: Designed Affairez Weddings

And, Bunch Of Flowers Made Into One Big Flower Like This Is Better Than Any Other Table Top Decor Idea!

Wedding Decor For Tables

Image Source: Commesognover

3) Unique and Offbeat Wedding Decor Themes Should Be On Your Moodboard. Something Like This, A Carnival Theme? 

Unique and Offbeat Wedding Decor Themes

Image Source: Rani pink love

4) Dainty Teepee Arch With Fairy Lights Is The Perfect Decor Setting For A Cozy Wedding Ceremony

Indian wedding decorations

Image Source: Altair_decor

5) Rustic Sangeet Decor With Geometric Lanterns And Foliage Centerpieces On Wooden Benches Would Be A Hit In 2019.

Sangeet Decor

Image Source:  bling mushrooms

We have found stunning ways to incorporate foliage in your wedding celebration.

6) Gigantic Chandeliers Forming A Pyramid On The Ceiling Is Adding The Grandeur Effect To The Theme.

Chandeliers decor ideaa Chandeliers decor ideaa

Image Source: Tanvi and co

7) The Highlight And Focus Of Any Wedding Is the Bar. So Give Your Bar Decoration An Extravagant Twist.

Bar Decoration ideas

Image Source: Event by the wedding galore

Bar Decoration Ideas

Image Source: The elephant ride New Delhi

8) Do Not Just Create An Entrance But Create An Experience. These Larger Than Life Indian Wedding Decor Ideas Are Sure To Be Very Refreshing.

Indian Wedding Decor Ideas Indian Wedding Decor Ideas

Image Source: Tanvi and co

Check out more inspiring wedding entrance decor ideas for your wedding.

9) An Open Roof Asymmetric Mandap Wrapped In Flowers! How Many Votes For This One?

mandap decor ideas

Image Source: Tulipina design

Some more mandap decor ideas that you can look at.

10) All Things Happy and Shiney! The Combination Of Flamingos, Colourful Glass House  & Tassels Is Way Too Enticing.

Tassels decor ideas

Image Source: altair_decor

11) Vibrant Hues, Dream Catchers And A Sitting Arrangement Like This Will Be The Perfect Indian Wedding Decoration Idea To Steal.

dream catcher wedding decor ideas

Image Source: Big bash entertainment

Checkout Dreamcatcher Decor Ideas here.

12) This Forest Theme Decor For A Reception Has Taken Our Hearts Already. The Foliage Decor Is Certainly Going To Be A Choice For Many.

forest theme decor ideas

Image Source: Designer events inc

13) Inordinate Foliage Strings Falling From The Ceiling Is What Makes Us Say Nothing But, Wow!

Ceiling DecorImage Source: The a3 project

How Many Flowers Are Too Many Flowers For A Mehendi With A Spectacular Ceiling Decor Like This?

Ceiling DecorImage Source: Devika Narain and Company

Here are trending and showstopper ceiling decor ideas for 2019 weddings

14) A Decor Like This Solves The Dual Purpose- Part Of The Wedding Cake & Photobooth.

Wedding Cake decor ideas, photo booth ideas

Image Source: Event by the wedding galore

15) And, That’s How You Decorate The Brunch Setting For A Summer Wedding. Drapes And Foliage Are Never A Bad Combination.

Drapes And Foliage

Image Source: enjay events

16) Bringing In Some Out Of The Box Photobooth Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas For You.

Box Photo booth,Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Image Source: The wedding network Asia

Take a cue for photo booth ideas from here.

17)  A Beautiful Blend Of Origami Art, Flowers And Tassels Are So Surreal.

Origami Art, Flowers And Tassels

Image Source: The a3 project

18) Going All Minimal With Your Old Memories Like This Is So Cutesy!

Indian Wedding Decoration

Image Source: Dreamz kraft weddings

19) 2019 Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas Will Be All About The Details.

Indian Wedding Decor Ideas 2019

Image Source: Themogra collective

20) A Simple Wedding Decoration Like This For A Terrace Ceremony Will Be So Welcoming.Wedding Decoration

Image Source: Devika Narain and company

 21) Blending The Summer Colors For A Mehendi Ceremony Is What 2019 All About.

Summer Colors For A Mehendi Ceremony

Image Source: rani pink love

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