While you are busy paying attention to the larger aspects of the wedding decor, we wanted to help you beautify it in every way possible. We know how important it is for you to ensure that your guests have an unforgettable experience. You’d want them to take back memories in form of photographs and of course they’ll be slamming their social media with it. So in order to give them an idealistic backdrop, we’ve put together the freshest trending ideas. Whether it’s the Mehendi, Haldi, Wedding or the Reception, here are some gorgeous and fun backdrops to choose from!

Check out Best Backdrops and Photobooth Ideas for your Wedding Day:

1. Vibrant Indian motifs to instantly uplift the mood of your quintessential Indian shaadi. Of course paired with genda, it’s just more gratifying. Makes complete sense for the stage.

photobooth ideas

Source: Dkreate Photography

2. Enormous paper flowers paired with fabric cuttings for an ideal frame for that picture! Place this at a point where there is enough space to stand and pose. 

Photobooths, Backdrops

Source: Abbi Kirsten Collections

3. Suspended strings of flowers – from carnations to mogra, all you need is a line of flowers sweetly hanging behind you. Throw in some lanterns or lamps to give it that festive look along the walls, use as a divider too.


Source: Kristen Weaver Photography

4. We’re aware that greenery is on top of every wedding decorator’s list and for the right reasons. It’s refreshing and so earthy, imagine this against your reds and pinks. A corner will do. Perfect photobooth for your wedding day.

photobooth ideas

5. Just a plain simple shimmering background to add glitter to your celebrations. Choose peach, silver or rose gold, stay away from the other colors of the spectrum. Place it behind the stage.

photobooth ideas

Source: Mikkel Paige Photography

6. Sticking to a strictly Rajasthani theme, these colorful puppets sitting on the grid next to two-toned marigolds, just revolutionize your decor. Set it next to the entrance and see people thronging the area.

photobooth ideas

Source: Dilliwale Weddings

7. A gorgeous swing setting the romantic tunes so high, especially the pastels and white give it a whimsical twist. This could be your Mehendi seating area too.

photobooth ideas

8.Colorful Origami swans hanging not only add a beautiful ‘hand crafted’ vibe to your wedding, it’s also an excellent backdrop for photographs.

photobooth ideas

Source: She Wanders

9. Bright drapes just cannot wrong. Alternate colors of fabric sitting on a structure and some adorable elements can make a very cool background for the focus area.

photobooth ideas

10. Natural rustic wood along with strings of warm light bulbs can be enough sometimes, especially for an outdoor function.

photobooth ideas

11. Tassels in multi colors, tassels of fabrics, paper or anything else that you prefer make for an easy DIY project but look adorable.


Source: Wedding Include

12. Hanging photo frames for you to pop in your head and pose, choose colors from the theme of the event. A baroque for the Sangeet and neon ones for the day Mehendi.

photobooth ideas

Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

13. An Indian style wallpaper/painting highlighted with our most celebrated flower – genda to make a superb background for those couple photos.

photobooth ideas

Source: Ombre by Harsheen

14. How can we forget Kites. Vivid kites placed along with gold fringes are simple yet so much fun!

Photobooths, Backdrops,

Source: The Wedding Minions

15.Colorful printed Japanese fans work magically for not just the bridal seating or the ceiling, it can look amazing when planted at an area along with a decorative bicycle and some wood work.

Photobooths, Backdrops,

Source: The Wedding Diaries

16. A colloquial setup with Gujarati embroidered umbrellas and turbans, gota patti strings and of course flowers. This combined with dazzling sofas just complete the whole desi look.

Photobooths, Backdrops,

Source: Sandeep Gadhvi Photography

17. Going the western way, a chalkboard sitting behind you or as a part of a photobooth can give it a vintage touch, just what your sundowner party wants! 

Photobooths, Backdrops,

Source: Swati Chauhan Photography

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