Looking for trending and offbeat mehndi decor ideas? Your search ends here. The fanciful and whimsical dream catchers have made their way to Indian wedding decor.  The small hoops containing horsehair in mesh or made with strings, beads and feathers have taken over mehendi decor.  Not just that, many couples have started incorporating the versatile dream catchers in their mehendi design and wedding favors. 

And, as we talk about dream catchers being versatile, we totally adore the way decorators are working hard on giving them an uber and unique touch for every mehndi decor. Dream catchers are a source of positivity that add an aura of serenity and peace to the environment. These are so eye catchy and soothing to the eyes that it pumps up everyone’s mood for the ceremony. 

Mehndi being one of the most entertaining and enjoyable ceremonies in Indian wedding needs the best decor ideas. So, why not incorporate these charming dream catchers which solves numerous purposes. First being the best photo booth, second being the best mehendi decor idea, last but not the least making the vibe all positive and we assure you it will be nothing less than a dream come true.

Here are some super cute and offbeat dream catchers for your mehndi decor ideas so, start saving for your big day:

1) Color Pop Tassels In Your Dream catchers Can Be The Best Mehndi Decor Idea That You Will Never Regret.

Color Pop Tassels,mehndi decor ideas Color Pop Tassels,mehndi decor Color Pop Tassels

Image Source: Abhinav Bhagat Events

Color Pop Tassels

Image Source: Weddings by Knotty Days

2) You Can Never Doubt The Power Of Chic Looking White Dream catchers For Your Mehendi Decor.

mehendi decor ideas couple portrait

Image Source: Atisuto Events

White Dreamcatchers ForMehendi Decor White Dreamcatchers ForMehendi Decor

Image Source: The Wedding House India

3) How Many Dream catchers Are Too Many For Your Mehendi Decor?

dream catcher mehendi decor

Image Source: Pink Palki

4) How About A DIY Mehndi Decor Like This One? With Cute Little Bulbs And Your Favorite Dream catchers?

DIY Mehndi Decor

Image Source: Aash Studio

5) A Mehndi Setup Like This That Speaks For Itself Is Our Kinda Favorite.

dream catcher mehndi decorImage Source: Big Bash Entertainment

6) Dream catchers With Chinese Motifs And Long Ribbons Like These Can Be Your Mehndi Decor Idea. What Do You Think?

dream catcher mehendi decor ideas

Image Source: Decor by Dinaz

7) The Evergreen Feather Dream catchers Are Never Too Much

Feather Dream catchers

Image Source: Wedding Nama

Feather Dream catchers

Image Source: TWD India

Feather Dream catchers

Image Source:  Weddings by Knotty Days

8) Let The Colorful Dream catchers Be The Spirit For Your Mehendi.

Colorful Dream catchers

Image Source: Dreamz krraft weddings

Colorful Dream catchers

Image Source: Innaz Communique

Here are some fun games you can include in your mehendi ceremony.

9) Aren’t These Mogra Dream catchers Perfect For Your Mehendi Setup?

Mogra Dream catchers

Image Source: Pinterest

10) These Wheel Dream catchers With Gotta Patti And Colorful Pom Poms Are Pure Love.

Wheel Dream catchers With Gotta Patti

Image Source: Vintage Nutters

11) Creating Handmade Dream catchers With Tassels Like These Are A Vibe Of Their Own.

Handmade Dream catchers With Tassels

Image Source: Aash Studio

Here are some more mehendi decor ideas that you can look for.

Dream catchers have carved their way beautifully to Indian wedding decor amongst the evergreen marigolds, flowers, drapes and tassels. And, surprisingly, they have become the first choice for any kind of wedding ceremony. The beauty of these dreamcatchers is, you can turn them into any theme, be it playful for haldi or chic and uber for your cocktail or bohemian for your mehendi decor, dreamcatchers will never disappoint you. So, don’t forget to share your idea of decor with these beautiful dream catchers with us.

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