As we know that many couples have been postponing their weddings due to the Coronavirus lockdown, bride-to-be, blogger Surbhi Sethi had to do the same. We understand how hard it is for couples to postpone their wedding after all the preparations they had done for their D-day. But guys, stay strong because this shall too pass and you are going to have your wedding, your way very soon.

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So, ShaadiWish asked Surbhi Sethi how she and her BAE, Yatin are  coping with the postponed wedding. And trust us, she is surely going to give you some inspiration.

Meet Blogger Surbhi Sethi Whose Wedding Got Postponed Due To Coronavirus Lockdown-

How Did You Guys Meet?

Surbhi and Yatin first met while traveling on a common flight from Delhi to Udaipur for a friend’s wedding. Surbhi was attending the wedding from the bride’s side whereas Yatin was from the groom’s side. And, guess what, it was the same wedding where their love story began!

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When Was Your Wedding Scheduled?

So, Yatin and Surbhi planned to get married in the last week of April but who knew God had planned something else for them.

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How Do You Feel About Your Postponed Wedding?

The couple tells us that they have been repeatedly telling themselves that whatever happens, happens for good and they are trying to take everything in a positive stride. At this point of time all that matters is that “we are healthy, happy, safe and there for each other” says Surbhi.


What Was The First Thought That Came To Your Mind After Knowing About The Coronavirus Lockdown?

The first thought that came to our mind when we first heard of the outbreak was that we need to work on our health right away, both mental and physical. We had made the decision to postpone the wedding in the first week of March itself. In fact, she says that they didn’t even meet on Yatin’s birthday which was on March 23rd.

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Are You Still Planning To Host The Wedding Exactly Like You Planned Before? Or Are You Now Looking Forward For Things To Get Better & Go For A Low Key Affair?   

“We have been trying to look at the whole wedding scenario with a fresh perspective as we had been engaged for over a year now and our priority at this point is to obviously ‘be together’ more than anything else. If given a choice, we would prefer to go with an intimate, low key affair sometime soon as opposed to waiting for another two years just so we can have a big fat wedding.”

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How Are Your Families Dealing With This Situation?

“Everyone is being extremely compassionate, kind and understanding towards each other right now, which is just what we need to get through difficult times. They are more connected than ever before, thanks to virtually bonding over everything from recipes to quarantine memes to online scrabble and ludo and even workout routines and meditation practices.”

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How You & Yatin Are Making The Most Of The Quarantine : Any tips for our couples in the time of social distancing?

As they rightly say – “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. Surbhi adds that “I mean we are obviously yearning to be together now more than ever, but because we are both so free-minded these days, we have been bonding immensely and getting to know each other even more. And we’ve been talking so much – from texts, to phone calls to video calls – and it just feels amazing because we definitely did not have the time for such in-depth conversations in the recent past. While we are both adopting new hobbies everyday – he is reading a lot, I’m growing my own veggies, even learning how to cook, in fact he is too. Also we keep motivating each other to workout, to stay healthy, to clean and organize our spaces from time to time and to even wake up before noon – wake up calls from your partner are so much better  than alarms”.

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Any Advice Or Tips For Brides-to-be Who Are Dealing With A Similar Situation?  

Blogger Surbhi Sethi says “Honestly, my biggest advice would be to stay positive and grateful and just nurture the bond that you have with your partner. This time is hopefully never coming back, so make the most of it. Use this time to rest, unwind and relax. I personally don’t like sitting idle as it only makes me overthink things, so I keep doing something or the other. If you miss planning the wedding and dreaming about how you want things to be, do it now! Build those pinterest boards. Don’t let go of your dreams and desires just because things are being postponed. Big or small, your wedding can and should still be a dreamy affair so don’t shy away gathering beautiful ideas and wanting to manifest them.”

Blogger Surbhi Sethi

Well, we hope Surbhi and Yatin get to celebrate their D-day very soon and we are sure that they are going to have a memorable one. So, all you brides-to-be out there, take some inspiration from the blogger Surbhi Sethi and stay positive. Just be patient and your big day is just round the corner.

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