While the current Coronavirus situation is already causing havoc in our lives, we can understand how hard it is for a bride-to-be who had to postpone or cancel her wedding. 

And, while it may seem like an end of the world to you, you got to believe that this shall pass too..Also, if you are looking for that little dose of inspiration, ShaadiWish has got you covered!

Meet our bride-to-be Prachi Sinha who is all positive about her cancelled wedding plans and how!

Well our couple Prachi and Bharat were all set to get married on April 15th, which was just yesterday. And, thanks to the lockdown, the couple couldn’t take their wedding vows as planned.

How Did They Met?

The couple has been dating since college. Being together for almost 7 years since then, the couple has witnessed everything together – graduation, first paychecks, promotions, making their journey a beautiful one. 

cancelled wedding plans, pre wedding shoot

It was in September 2018, when Bharat was about to leave for Europe to pursue his Masters degree. Before actually making their relationship a long distance one, Bharat made a point to officially propose to Prachi after seeking permission from her parents, with a ring, right at the spot where he had asked her out 7 years ago – at the rooftop of India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 

wedding proposal

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Prachi and Bharat’s Wedding Planning

“Once his master’s program was over and he started his job in Amsterdam, we started the wedding planning which was supposed to be a reality yesterday. April 15th was etched in my mind since almost half a year now; each arrangement, every single detail mapped out for. The date, we had later realised after finalizing the wedding date even coincided with my first ever ceremony in the family as a baby. This has to be this day- I remember telling Bharat” shares Prachi. 

However, it was precisely 8:15 PM on March 24th, when the lockdown news broke in the entire nation breaking the dreams of many couples who were supposed to get married in the summer. Well, for Prachi, it wasn’t really her bad luck but indeed a lucky one. Wondering how?

Well, Bharat was then in Europe when Coronavirus was outlying in the entire world. It was just the night before all incoming international flights were suspended that Bharat was able to make it back home safely which is all that matters for our bride-to-be and we couldn’t agree with her any more.

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How The Couple Is Coping With The Situation

“Needless to say it was extremely tough for both of us and our families to realise that the wedding won’t happen because of the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown, when just a couple of weeks ago, we were all bustling with excitement and happiness. But we’re trying to remain grateful that at least Bharat was able to get out of Europe just in the nick of time, and he’s here safely” says Prachi. 

cancelled wedding plans, pre wedding shoot

Even though it’s been a month that Bharat is home, the couple didn’t get a chance to physically meet because of the lockdown.

The bride-to-be shares “It is important to remain positive at this time, because no matter how tragic her situation may seem to her, she is fully aware that the world at large is going through a terrible time. Everyone’s fighting their own fight, and so we got to remain strong through it all. 

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What Does She Do In Quarantine?

“I try to consciously find little things in my day to be grateful for. Like, technology. I am so grateful that we’re living in a time where distances can seem a little less intimidating due to video calling and instant messaging. Bharat and I do skype calls where we can share a meal together, from different sides of the screens. I have also finally given into his requests of learning online gaming and even started beating him in Call Of Duty. We compete in Ludo with my parents which goes on for hours. So, these little things at the end of the day are really the big things. It keeps one grounded, and from losing their minds”.

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A Message Prachi Has For All The Engaged Couples Out There With Cancelled Wedding Plans!

“Hold on to your faith and don’t lose heart. Weddings mean so much to an individual and everyone plans it in their unique ways, so just hold on to your visions – this too shall pass and your forever will begin soon…”.

 Well, Wedding or no wedding, we still believe that Prachi and Bharat make a great story! Loads of love to them!

P.S. We are in love with their simple yet beautiful pre wedding shoot!

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