Yes, you read it just right it’s time you should switch to Whatsapp Wedding invitations, ditching the traditional printed wedding invites. With increasing global warming and the threat of climate change looming so large, we should stop wasting our natural resources and switch to alternative eco-friendly ways to minimize the effect. And, as they say, charity begins at home, we see no better way than weddings, to begin with. People nowadays are already spending less on lavish wedding decor by using DIY decor hacks, which is a smart way to utilize and reuse things. 

Another thing which can help you make a big difference is by going paperless as you switch to online wedding invitations or e-invites. Not only they are eco-friendly but are super trendy and convenient, as well. And, we know the fact that you are already all sorted with your wedding planning with the ShaadiWish App by your side. So, why not digitize your wedding invites as well?

We can’t deny the excitement we undergo when we see printed wedding invitations with our favorite Mithai Ka Dabba, the latest WhatsApp wedding invitations are stealing all the attention for all the right reasons. And, while our dadis and mummies are already enjoying the PJs they receive on their WhatsApp groups, why not surprise them with WhatsApp wedding invites? What do you say?

Not sure how to proceed with WhatsApp invitations? Fret not!

Check out an ultimate WhatsApp wedding invitation guide and set up a trend for people to follow your footprints!

Different Formats Of WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

1. Text Wedding Invites

Okay, so this is the easiest and shortest way out to invite your guests to your wedding. All you need to decide is whether you want your invitation to be formal or informal. 

You can stick to the usual text invitations if you want to keep it formal and simple. Something like this would be all for you:

With great pleasure,
invite you to join them
at the celebration of their marriage
together with their friends and family!


Or bring that unique element in your text invites which will grab instant attention of your guests and they won’t help but attend your wedding. After all, that’s what you intended on doing!

Wedding Calling!
DIA & RAHUL are getting hitched 
And you shouldn’t keep your calm!
For you to survive these 2 days, we have put together a little list!


Work up a crazy appetite for a crazy fun time, music and food.

Use the hashtag #Rahdia

Let your hair down and party all night

For any assistance call the 24X7 helpline


Don’t forget to eat because we have quite a spread!

Let your mobiles die and miss capturing beautiful moments.

Miss wedding

Don’t leave our guest book empty

2. Scanned Copies Of Your Printed Wedding Invites

Remember DeepVeer’s wedding invite which the couple shared on their Instagram handles? Yes, you can do it too and send them out on your WhatsApp groups!

deep veer wedding invite

3. E-Cards

Be it your phone’s App store or internet, today you will find plenty of free apps and websites which lets you design your Save The Date cards or invitation leaflets in various themes and designs. Or you can even hire a graphic designer to do this job for you. 

e-invites for weddings

Apart from digital or e-cards, you can even send out illustrated wedding invitations which are super fun as they are animated and cartoon versions of the general graphic images. Sounds quirky, right? Well, your guests do deserve some treat to eyes!

Image Source: TwoMadGirlss

Want To DIY? Check out these free websites to design your E-card


4. Video Invitations

How about sharing this good news with little storytelling? Your guests will surely love this combination of using music, photos, and information together in the form of a video! 

You can maybe decide a theme of your story-telling or just prepare a slideshow of your and your partner’s pictures or can even recreate your love story with a romantic song to leave your guests enchanted!

You can again ask a professional to do this for you. If not, use the free video editing software and apps available online and prepare some small and easy videos yourself!

Check out these free video editing websites to design your WhatsApp wedding invitation:


5. Create Your Free Wedding Website And Share It With Your Guests On WhatsApp

The coming up of wedding websites have surely opened the gates to eco-friendly wedding planning. Not only do they keep the guests informed about the wedding schedule, destination and other important details like transportation but also features couple’s love story, photos, and their wedding itinerary, all in one place. So, create one now with ShaadiWish because it’s all super-easy and free and share it with your friends and family over WhatsApp!

wedding website

Also, Check out These Wedding Website Tips And Tricks Every Couple Should Know.

6. Chat-Based Wedding Invites

Hold your breath because this will blow your mind like seriously! We bet you haven’t heard of it before. The cherry on the cake, you don’t have the big task of replying to everyone’s messages because helloo you are too busy planning your wedding!

This chat-based invite is highly engaging and interesting as the BOT will take over chats with your guests. 

WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

Image Source: Tars Invitations

So, now that we have shared an ultimate guide to WhatsApp wedding invitations, get started and save your time and environment at the same time!

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