Why not make your dream wedding an eco-friendly wedding this season? Weddings bring a lot of joy, happiness, and hope. There’s good food, music, dancing, and the company of our friends and family. And, while we never fail to keep the enjoyment quotient high, we often tend to turn a blind eye towards the environment amidst those wedding shenanigans. Weddings are about spreading love and not causing harm to the environment.

So, check out these eco-friendly wedding ideas to incorporate in your wedding and do something good to the environment. We are sure, you would be proud of your wedding like this then!

1. Reduce the Number of Guests

Make your wedding celebration your personal affair by inviting your close friends and family only just like Shachi and Rikhil did on their wedding in Leh Ladakh.

eco-friendly wedding, day wedding, destination wedding, hills, leh ladakh,

Picture Courtesy: A Knotty Tale

Check out the complete guide on how you can reduce the number of guests at your wedding, here.

2. Eco-friendly Wedding Invitations and Intienery

Paper comes at the cost of cutting trees. How about ditching wedding cards completely and instead, go for quirky couple photoshoots with which you can declare getting hitched with all the necessary details. This way you would hit 2 targets with just a single bow- A wonderful pre-wedding shoot with wedding details.

prewedding shoot, unique pre-wedding shoot

Picture Courtesy: Little Big Weddings

Shaadiwish Tip: You can send electronic invites to your friends and family. This means no wastage at all. Just create your own wedding website and design your wedding invitations and itinerary on your own. You can then share it with, as many people as you like. You can also manage and accept the guest’s RSVPs, with ease. Well, the best part is this is all for free.

shaadiwish3. Organic Vegetarian Buffet

There is no hiding from the fact that eating vegetarian food is not only good for the sake of animals but for the environment as well. Organic farming is done without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. And so, you will help to reduce carbon footprint by a notable amount if you choose to serve organic vegetarian food to your guests. Opting for local and seasonal food is the best way to host an eco-friendly wedding.

eco-friendly wedding, organic vegetarian food, food buffet, wedding buffet, dessert, salad, green vegetables

eco-friendly wedding, organic vegetarian food, food buffet, wedding buffet, dessert, salad, green vegetables

Picture Courtesy: Herzlichst ANNA`s

4. Homegrown and Potted Flowers

It is difficult to imagine a wedding without beautiful flowers. And this eco-friendly wedding idea will be able to further reduce carbon footprint and hence, helping you go green at your wedding. By using homegrown and seasonal flowers, you can keep wastage at zero level. It is an amazing way to make your wedding colourful without making any mess.

Shaadiwish Tip: You can take one with yourself as a reminder of your beautiful day.

succulents, flower pots, potted flowers, eco-friendly wedding5. Use Solar Energy

Solar energy is a natural source of light that we all are familiar with. You can reduce the consumption of non-recyclable sources of energy by hosting a day wedding. There will be less usage of electricity and no requirement for a petrol-based generator which produces a lot of pollution. Also, natural light is good for the photographs.

eco-friendly wedding, day wedding, destination wedding, hills, leh ladakh, couple portrait

Picture Courtesy: A Knotty Tale

Shaadiwish Tip: Hosting a day wedding is a good idea in winters because you would not want to burn yourself with the scorching heat of the sun during summers. So, how about planning an eco-friendly wedding in the hills?!

6. Opt For Rented Decor

You can have a beautiful wedding without adding any burden on the environment. Instead of those non-biodegradable wedding decor items that can be used only once, you can rent wedding decor items by Devika Narain on Flyrobe. This will reduce the wastage due to decoration and will help you host an eco-friendly wedding.

devika narain, flyrobe, rental decor ideas, wedding rental decor, wedding decor on rent

devika narain, flyrobe, rental decor ideas, wedding rental decor, wedding decor on rent

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain

Read more about rented wedding decor items by Devika Narain here.

7. Mindful Disposable System

If you cannot reduce it then recycle it! At times it is difficult to switch from plastic and other non-biodegradable items to biodegradable ones. This situation can be tackled with minimum efforts. Install a proper disposal system. Ask your guests to dispose of non-biodegradable waste in recycling bins and food items in the other bin.

eco-friendly wedding, waste bins, recycling bins8. Special Wedding Favours

We learned an amazing lesson on gifting from Anushka and Virat’s wedding. They sent a little plant to their guests along with their invitation cards. This eco-friendly way of gifting is not just thoughtful but memorable as well. You can go for something similar. Give eco-friendly wedding favours to your guests.

Check out ideas for non-edible wedding favors for the guests here.

eco-friendly wedding, unique wedding favors, non-edible wedding favors

eco-friendly wedding, unique wedding favors, non-edible wedding favors

Picture Courtesy: Niana

9. Donate Leftover Food

There’s no denial to the fact that a lot of food gets wasted on weddings. The amount of food prepared at weddings is much more than it is consumed by the guests. Therefore, a lot of food gets wasted which go into the bins. While there is a lot of leftover food, consider donating it all to the NGOs. Do some good at your wedding and make it a successful green wedding of the year!

eco-friendly wedding, food donation

Picture Courtesy: The Atulyam Studios

10. Opt for Sustainable Venues

Your wedding location is actually the biggest factor in having an eco-friendly wedding. This doesn’t mean that you have to make arrangements in a farm or field to make it eco-friendly. Reducing the amount of energy and material used to bring the day together is all you need to do. Choose outdoor locations with scenic views requiring less decor.

eco-friendly wedding, beach wedding

Picture Courtesy: Julielivingstonphotography

Hosting a green wedding has become essential for the well being of everyone. You will feel a sense of relief when you know that your wedding has caused no harm. Organizing an eco-friendly wedding is easier than it sounds. Be conscious of your surroundings and have a great wedding!

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