We know every girl out there has dreamt of her D-day and what kind of wedding outfit she wants. However, once you step into the reality, it isn’t as easy as it may seem to get your dream wedding outfit. So, if you are a bride-to-be, then we know your agony and stress! ShaadiWish reached out to some real brides who recently got married and asked them for some tried and tested tips when it comes to picking your wedding outfit. These real brides have shared some very important tips and insights they gained from experiences while picking their wedding outfit.

Ladies, Take Some Tips From These Real Brides’ On What To Remember While Picking Your Wedding Outfit:

1.     Krishma Bhojwani Sood

Krishma shares her experience with us and tells us that – “Be true to your vibe and don’t listen to what anyone else thinks. Go with what your heart tells you. If the wedding outfit doesn’t make you feel like a Queen it’s not worth buying. Think about it like an investment! Look for ways of how you can restyle parts of it to wear it again. It should be versatile enough to be a key part of your trousseau. Consider the vibe you want, for example I was having sunset Pheras by the beach and wanted a whimsical regal vibe, for which my lehenga played a really key role. I knew it would be 30+ degrees so I ditched the idea of two dupattas and ended up wearing only one to be truly comfortable. Make a note that if you’re uncomfortable while trying it on, it’s likely you’ll be uncomfortable on the D-day too. The wedding is usually one of the last functions and you may be super tired so try to ensure you have some level of comfort in your outfit so you can truly enjoy your big day. Also consider the overall look, accessories that will work best with the necklines, sleeve lengths and hair style. Considering these aspects and envision your look before you make the wedding outfit purchase.”

#SWRealBrides: Tips To Remember While Picking Your Wedding Outfit

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2.     Priyal Lodaria

Priyal shares “plan your wedding outfit shopping 4 to 5 months in advance. This allows enough time for fittings and you can look around before you finalize. Try out multiple designers to see what fits your style and works for you. Choose the wedding outfit and its color based on the venue, weather & something that matches your personal style or wedding theme. Don’t forget to carry your heels when you go for the fittings so you can understand the length of the outfit.

Seventy by Two

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3.     Ishrat Sibia Sooch

Ishrat shares her experience of wedding outfit shopping and states that “I went shopping with my mother for my lehenga, visited a few places in Patiala and Delhi but then decided on the lehenga at the first glance at Ameeran Design. I’d say don’t go for wedding outfit shopping with a lot of people and don’t ask everyone for their opinion on your lehenga. Remember it’s your big day and you should be the one loving it and deciding it. Don’t follow trends, choose what you like. Don’t get too stressed about the trends and end up picking something just to make a different look. While giving the length of your lehenga, wear the heels you’ll be wearing on your wedding day.

#SWRealBrides: Tips To Remember While Picking Your Wedding Outfit

4.     Neshaleny Kanesen

Neshaleny shares her in-depth insights and tells us “Set a budget before starting to shop and be upfront with the bridal consultant about what you are willing to spend. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a wedding outfit that is out of your budget. Reflect on your style; instead of choosing a lehenga seeing its designer label, choose something that you truly love, that makes you look and feel wonderful. Create a Pinterest board of your dream wedding outfit as it is the easiest way to help your bridal consultant understand your vision. Match your wedding outfit to your wedding theme, style and venue. During the trial, take as many photos and videos of you in your bridal outfit sitting/ standing/ twirling. This is a great way to determine of the wedding outfit is for you. Get dressed and wear makeup to your bridal appointment. After all, it’s one of your first glimpses into what it truly feels like to be a bride, having makeup helps you envision your complete look for the big day. Wear or bring your heels to what you’ll be wearing with your wedding lehenga as it will give you a clear idea to adjust the height of your wedding lehenga accordingly.”

5.     Shreya Sadhan

Shreya lists down the things you must consider while picking your wedding outfit. She states “decide on the color you want reds, pinkies, pastels, whites etc. Decide the color based on the type of wedding you are having (whether it’s a day, sundowner or night wedding.) Consider coordinating based on your partner’s outfit. Check out the best designer stores for ideas even if you don’t end up buying from them. Try on a few outfits to see which styles you end up liking more. Keep in mind the kind of jewellery you want to wear and pick your outfit accordingly. Finalise and book your outfit in advance at-least 3 months as it takes time to custom make.

#SWRealBrides Tips To Remember While Picking Your Wedding Outfit

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6.     Mrignaini Chauhan

Mrignaini hit us with some strong words of advice, “It’s very important to keep in mind about the climatic conditions during your wedding when you buy the bridal outfit. If you are going to get married in winter, it’s ok to opt for heavy fabric and embellishments on it. But for a summer wedding, you should go for light fabric with light colours and designs. Keep a check of your budget. Be attentive towards the work on the outfit. Don’t pick something with embroidery or work that itches the skin as you have to wear it for long hours. Pick your wedding heels length before you give the measurement of the lehenga to avoid any last-minute length alterations. Book your wedding lehenga at least 3 to 4 months in advance. Some designers might take longer so start this process on time, also consider a few weeks’ time for alterations. Do your research on current trends and designers. Your last fitting should be around 15 days prior to the wedding as you get time to alter any last-minute inch-loss you incur with all the wedding stress! Lastly, finalise a lehenga that perfectly complements your body type & shape. After all its the most important day of your life and you want to feel good in what you wear!”

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7.     Soniya Dembla

Soniya, a director of wedding photographer team Camera Crew, shares her experience as a bride as well as a wedding photographer. She shares “As a wedding photographer I come across different locations and brides every day. I think the exposure itself makes it’s easier to understand my personal preferences better. And I was pretty clear with my choices. I always wanted a beach wedding and was sure of my palette. As for the outfit I knew I did not want red or something very traditional, so I short listed some designers based on the vibe I wanted to set. I always liked Monica’s designs and approach so when Jade launched their new collection I visited the store and fell in love with a lehenga not from their store but their recent shoot of the same collection. They got it arranged for me to see it in a couple weeks and I instantly fell in love with it. The three most important things to think of while short listing it would be – Mood, Palette and Convenience. You don’t want to get stuck up in trials and travelling to different city for your outfit.”

#SWRealBrides: Tips To Remember While Picking Your Wedding Outfit
Camera Crew

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8.     Aashka Abani Daga

Aashka tells us that, “As soon as my dates were finalised, I was following almost all wedding pages on Instagram. It had literally become my ‘Pinterest’ and I had different mood boards/folders for jewellery, outfits, decor, mehendi, hairstyles, makeup etc. One thing I learnt is, there is no such thing as too early for any process. Since I had a budget constrain for outfit, I did my outfits first then jewellery. I knew the kind of jewellery I wanted and planned to get my outfits accordingly. As I did majority of my shopping from Delhi, I made a list of which stores I would be visiting on which days to make the most of them all. Remember that there are multiple stores which require prior appointments. I didn’t rush my main outfit, tried each and every designer until, I was sure. Prior research on a few bridal websites was helpful to narrow down the designers according to price perspective. I attended a lot of exhibitions in Mumbai, as it was the wedding season. You get to meet upcoming new designers and such exhibitions were helpful to take care of small functions. I kept two outfits extra just in case more functions were added in the list. I made sure to keep at least a month gap for all outfit deliveries.”

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