While we all know how every bride is excited to wear bridal chooda at her wedding, these brides reveal how they are dealing with chooda after the wedding. It is the bridal chura that gives the proper feeling and essence of it is unimaginable. Though it is a beautiful accessory, it can be a bit tedious to handle, especially during the humid weather. Since time immemorial we have seen brides rocking their traditional red choodas, so we reached out to some of our real brides as to how they are coping with the accessory after the wedding.

Know How These Real Brides Are Dealing With Bridal Chooda After Wedding –

1. Meherr Sawhney

Meher shares her experience with us and tells us that “it’s been close to 5 months post marriage and now I plan on wearing it till our first anniversary. But we’ll see how long this plan of mine lasts especially during the upcoming hot and humid summer days of Mumbai. The constant “chan-chan” of the chooda is a tad bit annoying, whether it is while writing on the board (since i teach) or while trying to sleep. My husband has termed it as ‘WALKING RATTLE’ because his nephew is so fascinated with the chooda and its constant noise. On a lighter note though, accidentally hitting your husband with it is probably the most fun thing to come out of it apart from people instantly recognising you as newly wed”.

Chooda After Wedding

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2. Kashish Jain

Kashish is a Jain bride and her experience of bridal chooda will surely make you want to have a wedding right away. She tells us “I absolutely loved the idea of wearing choodas. I am a Jain, and in our culture, brides do not wear a chooda at the wedding. But I was getting married in a Punjabi family and so I was very excited to wear choodas at my wedding as they look so beautiful and add a lovely bridal touch to the entire look.There were days when I would hit myself in the night while turning from one side to the other. And once I moved back to Toronto after the wedding, it became very difficult to layer up and wear heavy jackets on top of the bridal chudas. But I guess going through several new experiences during and post-wedding makes you feel extremely happy and wearing choodas only adds to that feeling, which gets reflected on your face”.

bridal chura after wedding

3. Harman Kaur Shares Her Experience Of Dealing With Chooda After Wedding

Harman shares “ I wore my bridal chooda every single day. I had my mother in law shorten (waadaa) my chooda about 2 months after my wedding when I went to Hawaii because I did not want the salt water and sun to fade the color of my chooda. That also allowed me to shorten or extend my chooda as I pleased until it was officially taken off. It is one of the best parts of being a bride and definitely miss that period of my life. I would recommend any bride to wear their chooda for at least one year to fully get the feeling of being a newly wed bride”.

bridal wedding accessories

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4. Akanksha Sethi Bohara

Akanksha Sethi, founder of Ala Mode By Akanksha also shares her experience and tells us “ I wouldn’t say it’s been easy. My in-laws are super chill with it and told me I could remove it as per my wish. Wearing it for my mom dad’s sake, being from a full fledged Punjabi household. Wearing it through the honeymoon with all holiday clothes, really wasn’t easy. However mom says it’s set to bring a ton of luck for the newlyweds. So all worth it I guess”.

Chooda After Wedding

5. Twinkle Vasu Dhingra

Twinkle shares her experience with chura and tells us “I was always very skeptical of how girls wear the chooda day in and day out without taking it off at all. But once I had my chooda on, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and beautiful it was (only a little uncomfortable while I would sleep). My husband absolutely loved seeing me wearing the red chooda and was in absolute awe of it (small one though as I did not want a very chunky look). Apart from “looking married” it got us some great deals wherever we went during our honeymoon as people abroad absolutely loved seeing an Indian Bride. It’s a different feel altogether and only a newly-wed bride who has worn it understands this beautiful experience”.

bridal chura

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So, you see everyone has their own views and thoughts about this particular and classic bridal accessory. We would advise all our brides-to-be to never miss a chance of wearing a bridal chooda since it is only once in a lifetime and you surely don’t want to regret it later on.

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