A bridal chooda is a set of bangles traditionally worn by a bride on her wedding day and for a few months after the wedding. A traditional chooda is generally available in red and white colour combination. However, brides nowadays are opting for customized chooda which matches the colour of their wedding outfit. And, while you may easily find beautiful chooda designs for your wedding in markets, you may not know about the latest bridal chooda covers trend. Yes, brides-to-be, get yours now because they are quite a thing now. And to guess so, they might be the biggest bridal trend of the year 2019!

What are bridal chooda covers?

Replacing the cliche handkerchiefs which were previously used to cover the chooda, a bridal chooda cover is a new bridal accessory in town.

A chooda ceremony is a traditional punjabi wedding ceremony where the bride’s maternal uncle gives her a set of choodiyan collectively known as a Chooda which she wears a day before the wedding or on her wedding day (morning time). The chooda is then covered as it is considered inauspicious for the bride to see it before the wedding. And, with brides going all fashion-conscious nowadays, they try and avoid the idea of carrying white handkerchiefs with their designer outfits. As a result, comes the trend of chooda covers which are now available in different colours to match the bride’s wedding outfit. 

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Where To Buy Bridal Chooda Covers

We found this awesome Instagram Store- Pirohi By NB who is currently selling these superb chooda covers.

ShaadiWish Tip: You can even get them stitched from your wedding outfit designer using the same fabrics, colour and embroidery. Or you can even choose a contrasting colour combination and rock your pre wedding photographs like a pro!

Price Of Bridal Chooda Covers?

Well, the price of chooda covers largely depend on the type of fabric and the amount of embroidery you choose!  

Crazy much, no?! Well, this is one of the prettiest bridal trends we have seen recently. What do you think?

Image Source: Pirohi By NB

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